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I am very excited about this "royalty program". I've always wanted to be a prince. Maybe if you don't spend enough you only get to be a duke or something.
That's not true... Merchants aren't responsible. If they don't switch to pin and chip transactions by I believe it's October 2015 then they will be responsible but they are not right now.
I have no problem using the 6 one handed. I have decent sized hands but not huge. I cradle the phone placing my pinky on the underside DNS my ring and middle fingers grip the edge. I use reachability for the upper corner of the screen but everything else I can reach without. This is actually the same way I gripped my iPhone 5. The "death grip" hold never felt comfortable. I looked at my 5 the other day and the screen felt so small I don't think I could ever go back down...
I could be wrong but I find it hard to imagine that they would abandon the true tone flash after one year
They may use similar technologies but they aren't related or the same. VoLTE requires an LTE chip that allows VoLTE. It cannot be implemented by a software update. So my iPhone 5s will be able to use wifi calling but not VoLTE.
It's not related to VoLTE. It's using a wifi network to make phone calls. The two have nothing to do with each other. I believe Sprint also has the same feature.
 I agree about the colors. Still can't believe they didn't come out with a project RED 5c. Seems like it would be a natural, and the true red would be a much more masculine color than pastal blue or green.
I've never quite understood the need for an app to watch TV if I already have a cable/satelite subscription. Since Apple TV and similar offerings such as ROKU are used by a large number of chord cutters, this doesn't seem to add much value. I count myself in those ranks. At least I have HULU Plus so I can already watch all the ABC stuff anyway and CBS I use Airplay from my Macbook Air since it is not included on Hulu.
 I think the BioLite camp stove is a much more innovative idea that already exists. You dodn't need any external fuel to carry and you don't need to have boiling water. The advantage to the stove/heat idea over solar is that you can charge your phone or device at night while cooking dinner on a hike. Solar limits charging efforts to sunlight hours.
This is definitely a step in the right direction. I switched to T-Mobile because I liked the fact that they were more clear and upfront about costs and treated the phone and calling plan seperately. I am saving over $150/month compared to my old Verizon bill for 4 iPhones on a family plan. Plus My wife and I have unlimited data now.
New Posts  All Forums: