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iMovie isn't $4.99 it is free with any new iOS device purchase which you would have to purchase a new device to have 3D Touch
I think we will see a design with no physician home button soon and an edge to edge screen. Giving us either larger screen with same physical size or same screen size but smaller phone. I think this is where 3D Touch will eventually lead us.
Won't work. With iOS 9.1 Siri learns your voice and "hey Siri" will only work when you say it
That's a helpful link...Except for the part where that is a completely different movie...
They are completely different services. HBO gives you original content plus movies primarily. Hulu gives you next day access to current TV shows
I am very excited about this "royalty program". I've always wanted to be a prince. Maybe if you don't spend enough you only get to be a duke or something.
That's not true... Merchants aren't responsible. If they don't switch to pin and chip transactions by I believe it's October 2015 then they will be responsible but they are not right now.
I have no problem using the 6 one handed. I have decent sized hands but not huge. I cradle the phone placing my pinky on the underside DNS my ring and middle fingers grip the edge. I use reachability for the upper corner of the screen but everything else I can reach without. This is actually the same way I gripped my iPhone 5. The "death grip" hold never felt comfortable. I looked at my 5 the other day and the screen felt so small I don't think I could ever go back down...
I could be wrong but I find it hard to imagine that they would abandon the true tone flash after one year
They may use similar technologies but they aren't related or the same. VoLTE requires an LTE chip that allows VoLTE. It cannot be implemented by a software update. So my iPhone 5s will be able to use wifi calling but not VoLTE.
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