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 I agree about the colors. Still can't believe they didn't come out with a project RED 5c. Seems like it would be a natural, and the true red would be a much more masculine color than pastal blue or green.
I've never quite understood the need for an app to watch TV if I already have a cable/satelite subscription. Since Apple TV and similar offerings such as ROKU are used by a large number of chord cutters, this doesn't seem to add much value. I count myself in those ranks. At least I have HULU Plus so I can already watch all the ABC stuff anyway and CBS I use Airplay from my Macbook Air since it is not included on Hulu.
 I think the BioLite camp stove is a much more innovative idea that already exists. You dodn't need any external fuel to carry and you don't need to have boiling water. The advantage to the stove/heat idea over solar is that you can charge your phone or device at night while cooking dinner on a hike. Solar limits charging efforts to sunlight hours.
This is definitely a step in the right direction. I switched to T-Mobile because I liked the fact that they were more clear and upfront about costs and treated the phone and calling plan seperately. I am saving over $150/month compared to my old Verizon bill for 4 iPhones on a family plan. Plus My wife and I have unlimited data now.
 This will be my last post on this topic. You have been very amusing. Probably more so because I think you are very serious. I appreciate you correcting me and letting me know what I would and would not find offensive. It is a good thing for me to be aware of and I appreciate you telling me what my beliefs and feelings are. I truly hope you are able to find some peace because you appear to be very troubled. This severe of a reaction over free Christmas music is...
 I wouild dowload different songs. I don't care anything about any of the songs they are giving away free. But I don't find it insulting in the least. Neither would I find it insulting if they gave away Muslim songs around an Islam holiday, or Jewish songs around one of their holidays.I just think if you find this offensive and insulting, then your skin is a little too thin and you are WAY too easily offended and insulted.To imply that they are giving out the wrong free...
 No I don't, but then again, I don't get completely bent out of shape because a company is giving away something I don't want for free....
 LMAO...Thank you for continuing to post on here and giving me my comic relief for the day. I never knew the point of communion in church (where many churches use grape juice and not wine BTW) was to get me liquored up to be more reseptive to brain washing. Thanks for the valuable insight. Next time I will wear my tin foil hat to protect me...
 Wow....take some prozac or zoloft or some other happy pill....the vast majority of the world celebrates the Christmas holiday. Even those that aren't Christian. In fact I barely think it qualifies as a religious holiday at all it has become so commercialized. Besides, many of the songs listed aren't religious at all...If you don't want the songs then don't download them. That is your choice. Just like it's Apple's choice to give these particular songs away for free.
 I sometimes am fearful for the future of our society. I have managed to raise four kids who all behave very well in restaurants and have never given them my iPhone or iPad in a restaurant. Its called parenting. I do allow my kids to use these devices at appropriate times, but the dinner table, whether at a restaurant or at home, is not the appropriate time or place for tablet/phone useage.
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