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 LMAO...Thank you for continuing to post on here and giving me my comic relief for the day. I never knew the point of communion in church (where many churches use grape juice and not wine BTW) was to get me liquored up to be more reseptive to brain washing. Thanks for the valuable insight. Next time I will wear my tin foil hat to protect me...
 Wow....take some prozac or zoloft or some other happy pill....the vast majority of the world celebrates the Christmas holiday. Even those that aren't Christian. In fact I barely think it qualifies as a religious holiday at all it has become so commercialized. Besides, many of the songs listed aren't religious at all...If you don't want the songs then don't download them. That is your choice. Just like it's Apple's choice to give these particular songs away for free.
 I sometimes am fearful for the future of our society. I have managed to raise four kids who all behave very well in restaurants and have never given them my iPhone or iPad in a restaurant. Its called parenting. I do allow my kids to use these devices at appropriate times, but the dinner table, whether at a restaurant or at home, is not the appropriate time or place for tablet/phone useage.
I recently switched my family plan over to T-Mobile from Verizon. I did this because I will be saving over $150 per month on the service. My iPhone 5s from Verizon works flawlessly on the T-Mobile network. I am able to get LTE, 4G, Edge, and voice coverage depending upon the area I'm in. Where I work happens to be in a dead spot for T-Mobile. I was OK with this because I have phones at work and the coverage map shows that there should be partner coverage at my work. I...
Why would anyone want this on an iPad or iPhone? If I wanted a subscription I would use the iOS version already on my phone and not have to worry about Google creeping on my reading habits.
About time!! This was one of the most hideous looking apps. The faux leather was ridiculous and unnecessary. I use this app a lot to keep track of my kids and was eagerly awaiting this update.
I would like for keychain to work in apps.
 By what measure is the 5c a disaster??? and how are you privy to what Tim Cook's calculations regarding demand were pre-release? Are you on the Apple board? By all accounts the 5s is selling better than the 5 and the 5c is selling better than the 4s last year. I think that is exactly what Apple had in mind. I would be more concerned if the 5c was selling at a higher percentage because it could indicate poor demand for the flagship 5s. I think people that think the 5c...
I don't understand people complaining about iOS 7. Yes the icons look different, and yes some people don't like them. That is personal preference. I happen to think the icons are fine. I also thought the old ones were fine. They are ICONS. The useability of iOS is much improved over iOS 6 or older. Yes some things are different. News flash....you cannot change UI and still keep things the same. Yes it took a little getting used to in order to understand how to use...
I am not seeing these on my 5s. I don't have garage band, but I do have iPhoto since it was free with the new phone. When I go to iCloud settings and manage storage I still see the old icon.
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