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 By what measure is the 5c a disaster??? and how are you privy to what Tim Cook's calculations regarding demand were pre-release? Are you on the Apple board? By all accounts the 5s is selling better than the 5 and the 5c is selling better than the 4s last year. I think that is exactly what Apple had in mind. I would be more concerned if the 5c was selling at a higher percentage because it could indicate poor demand for the flagship 5s. I think people that think the 5c...
I don't understand people complaining about iOS 7. Yes the icons look different, and yes some people don't like them. That is personal preference. I happen to think the icons are fine. I also thought the old ones were fine. They are ICONS. The useability of iOS is much improved over iOS 6 or older. Yes some things are different. News flash....you cannot change UI and still keep things the same. Yes it took a little getting used to in order to understand how to use...
I am not seeing these on my 5s. I don't have garage band, but I do have iPhoto since it was free with the new phone. When I go to iCloud settings and manage storage I still see the old icon.
You do realize that Touch ID on the iPhone 5s works in any direction right? Why wouldn't it work the same on the iPad?
 But he said he expects them to ship 1.2 million iPad 5 units in the 3rd quarter.  Again the 3rd quarter just ended for calendar and it ended in June for Apples fiscal calendar.  So my question stands....how can Apple ship 1.2 million units of an unreleased product in a quarter that is already finished??? 
Ummm didn't quarter 3 (fiscal quarter 4 for Apple) just end. How is Apple supposed to ship 1.2 million units of an unreleased product in a quarter that's already over??
 They are the worlds most valuable company who have donated $65 million from this one gesture alone. This is not the only charitable giving that Apple does I am sure. Either way, Bono seemed impressed with their "token gesture"
 I totally agree! I asked a sales person at the local Apple store and he said he was surprised they didn't have a product RED 5c. That was probably my biggest surprise
God I hope not...
Well it took 3 tries but the update is installing now....... iOS 7 here I come
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