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UGGH....I'm now starting my dowload for the third time. Get about half way done and suddenly get and error while downloading message and have to start over. If everyone could stop overloading the Apple servers until after my download is complete it would be greatly appreciated
 What are you talking about? I have been mirroring Amazon Prime for a long time. It is how I watch Under the Dome on my Apple TV. Mirroring doesn't require permission, it simply mirrors whatever is on your screen.
I pre-ordered the green 5c for my daughter. She is counting down the days until Friday. She has been using my old iPhone 4 for the past year but the home button was starting to fail and the battery wasn't holding its charge for as long. For her in particular, I am happy to have the plastic case and the bright colors. I think my biggest surprise is that they aren't offereing a project RED iPhone 5c
This is pretty impressive when you consider the S4 and the HTC One were both introduced in this quarter.
 I take it to mean the newest flagship deivce. I think they are being ambiguous since the naming isn't official at this point. The article/ad does specifically state the latest flagship device so I doubt it would be a 5 or 5c.
 Well since a recent study found that close to 50% of developers were planning on updating apps to require iOS 7 they may rethink that in the near future.
The Nexus 7 should be able to be a tablet that is almost a year old; however, specs are not everything.  I for one think the form factor of the Nexus 7 is horrendous.  the 16x10 ratio is great for watching a video, but not a good experience for web browsing or many apps.  I like the 16x9 for the phone because it is primarily a one handed device so taller and skinnier makes sense, but a tablet isn't a one handed device and the same form factor doesn't make sense.  The iPad...
How can you guarantee anything?? Only Tim Cook can guarantee what Apple is planning and I don't think he posts in this forum.
Didn't case makers make a bunch of cases for a larger iPhone before the 4s came out? Don't put much stock in them...
Yes... Go to a "news" site and not an Apple rumor site
New Posts  All Forums: