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 Hey "Bob", looks like you forgot which one of your accounts you were in....the origianl post you are talking about was made under a different account. No way you are a troll...
WTF????  How is this jump made???  So because one strategy is proving very popular and cost efficient for Apple they will most likely adopt a completely different strategy going forward? 
Never had this problem on my MBA or iMac.  I actually had a lighting strike blow out my modem, router, and the ehternet port on my iMac so I have to use WIFI only on it and have never once had to click on the WIFI icon to join after waking it.
In this case you are completely wrong. Early LTE phones required such a huge battery that the screen size had to increase. There was no pent up demand for larger phones. People did want LTE speeds though
That is true, but the fact remains that Apple customers are subjectively more satisfied than other companies customers.
I completely agree. I was a bit disappointed.
I for one enjoy the interface of the app and think its a great way to manage email.  I can quickly and easily delete junk emails.  Emails that don't need my attention right away can be set to reappear at a more appropriate time.  Also emails that I don't want to delete but need to save can be easily put into lists to organize them.  This keeps me from having to search through a giant inbox for a particular email.  The best part of mailbox is that all this is done with...
LOL....only you would catch that
Thank God for Rand Paul....there is some common sense in Washington
Longer battery life?  I have never had the slightest complaint about battery life on my iPad 4.  Or my mini for that matter.
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