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 Well since a recent study found that close to 50% of developers were planning on updating apps to require iOS 7 they may rethink that in the near future.
The Nexus 7 should be able to be a tablet that is almost a year old; however, specs are not everything.  I for one think the form factor of the Nexus 7 is horrendous.  the 16x10 ratio is great for watching a video, but not a good experience for web browsing or many apps.  I like the 16x9 for the phone because it is primarily a one handed device so taller and skinnier makes sense, but a tablet isn't a one handed device and the same form factor doesn't make sense.  The iPad...
How can you guarantee anything?? Only Tim Cook can guarantee what Apple is planning and I don't think he posts in this forum.
Didn't case makers make a bunch of cases for a larger iPhone before the 4s came out? Don't put much stock in them...
Yes... Go to a "news" site and not an Apple rumor site
Nope... Can do this on my iPhone 5 with iOS 6
So why is it Americans views are narrow and uninformed....maybe its all the people in Asia that you are seeing that have a narrow and uninformed point of view.
The fact that you have your computer OR iPad with you is a reason in favor of the cloud. It is the most efficient way to work on multiple devices.
I agree with this completely. With an early upgrade option, I can get a new phone at 20 months and stay with my same carrier. If I want to change carriers I am forced to wait four more months. With the new policy it makes it much easier for me to jump ship. Especially since I can port my number to the new carrier.I think this is an example of not seeing the Forest for the trees
 The percentage is the same for Siri, turn by turn, and flyover...its everyone using a 4s or a 5. Thats still a much higher percentage than the Android users on Jelly Bean
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