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This is pretty impressive when you consider the S4 and the HTC One were both introduced in this quarter.
 I take it to mean the newest flagship deivce. I think they are being ambiguous since the naming isn't official at this point. The article/ad does specifically state the latest flagship device so I doubt it would be a 5 or 5c.
 Well since a recent study found that close to 50% of developers were planning on updating apps to require iOS 7 they may rethink that in the near future.
The Nexus 7 should be able to be a tablet that is almost a year old; however, specs are not everything.  I for one think the form factor of the Nexus 7 is horrendous.  the 16x10 ratio is great for watching a video, but not a good experience for web browsing or many apps.  I like the 16x9 for the phone because it is primarily a one handed device so taller and skinnier makes sense, but a tablet isn't a one handed device and the same form factor doesn't make sense.  The iPad...
How can you guarantee anything?? Only Tim Cook can guarantee what Apple is planning and I don't think he posts in this forum.
Didn't case makers make a bunch of cases for a larger iPhone before the 4s came out? Don't put much stock in them...
Yes... Go to a "news" site and not an Apple rumor site
Nope... Can do this on my iPhone 5 with iOS 6
So why is it Americans views are narrow and uninformed....maybe its all the people in Asia that you are seeing that have a narrow and uninformed point of view.
The fact that you have your computer OR iPad with you is a reason in favor of the cloud. It is the most efficient way to work on multiple devices.
New Posts  All Forums: