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Yes I've tried it and yes she does it on messages. First time was when I was sending a message to my sisters about my dad having cancer surgery so it was aggravating to say the least. I tried it the way I always do. Also tried to add the send message to (blank) SAY... Like I used to have to do in iOS 5. Also tried to do send message to... And wait for Siri to ask what I wanted to say... Got a smart assed reply from her each time. It's also happened a few other times recently.
This is very irritating to me because she does this when I am trying to send messages to people.  The messages are sometimes long, but I need to say what I am saying.  I use Siri a lot while I am driving and this new little quirk pisses me off.
No. I'd say its a feature that is put on the phone just for the sake of having another feature on the spec sheet but doesn't add any real value to the customer. Such as waving your hand over a screen to scroll through pictures or pausing a video if you look away from the screen. I hear in many reviews that doesn't work well and even if it did it sounds annoying to me. I don't necessarily want a video to pause just because I look away. I can still listen. If I want it...
I think the reason the 3G had more problems than the 4 is because there was a much bigger difference in the capabilites of the 3G to the 4 than from the 4 onward.  The power and capabilities advanced at a far faster rate in the early generations of the iPhone and other smartphones.  I think they've leveled off somewhat now.  I like the bigger screen  on the iPhone 5 but the real reason I upgraded was for the LTE.  Other than that I would have been perfectly happy with my...
While I agree with some of what you said about Android, I would also disagree with many of your Apple comments.  I agree the app selection is pretty similar.  Its still true that many apps start on iOS, but most established apps are on both systems.  I also wouldn't miss iMessage at all since I'm not even aware I'm using it on my phone most of the time.  It is nice to be able to pick up a conversation on my iPad but I probalby wouldn't miss it too much if it was gone. I...
This is complete BS. I've had an iPhone since the original model and never had any of the problems you mention. I've never had an app fail to update and have to delete and reinstall it. Not saying that has never happened to anyone but to imply that it happens all the time is just a lie. Also, if I had any apps that crashed every time I used them, I would probably delete the app. How can you use it anyway if it crashes every time?? And to imply that you've never had an...
That is scientifically not true.  Weight has no bearing on the rate at which an object falls.  One could argue that outside of a vacuum if two objects weighed the same on one was substantially larger that wind resistance could play a small factor into rate of acceleration; however, weight in and of itself has absolutely no influence on how fast an object falls.
I don't mind freemium titles if you can actually play or use the app for free.  I play Clash of Clans and have never spent a penny on it.  I enjoy messing around with it and it is a decent time waster.  The same for Real Racing 3.  The apps that require you to buy things to continue playing irritate me however.
Apple acutally does do this.  I received two notices about my iTunes match renewing.  The problem is that you weren't being billed by Apple, but the app.  The charge of course gets routed through your iTunes account but Apple wouldn't have known that you had auto renew on your account with another company.
I just don't see how this could work.  Even at 5 inches, I don't think the screen is big enough that my eyes would noticeably move while reading the screen.  Whats next, will they add software that will read lips for people that read aloud and scroll automatically for you?????
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