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That last statement oozes irony
I can't imagine this happening. The MBA is an ultra portable laptop. A 15 inch design is by its nature not ultra portable. I've been wrong before but don't think we will see a 15 in MBA.
How did the iPhone 5 have an 8% lead over the SIII in October 2012???
All these carriers better think about dropping subsidies. No subsidies means no contract. Then they would have to compete for business based on price and service.
The title of this article is ridiculous. These people aren't "insiders" they are merely analysts. Actually insiders work for the company and don't have to make wild guesses as to what it is doing.
This isn't the same. Obviously in a car it matters a great deal because I'm paying for the gas. I can honestly tell you that I wouldn't care if my car actually got better gas mileage or if it somehow magically made more gas while I was driving. I could go longer between fill ups and it wouldn't cost me any more. This is a ridiculous but more accurate comparison.
You're playing semantics. The end result is the same. If I can go longer without actually having to plug in my device to charge it, I don't care if its technically increased battery performance or not. What I care about is that my device has increased performance and is more useful.
I could see some use in this. If it allowed even a moderate improvement in battery life it would be great. I imagine right now it would be somewhat cost prohibitive, but it wouldn't red to power the entire device. Imagine if you were able to get 25-30% better battery performance on your devices because they could draw some charge throughout the day. Could be a way to stretch battery life or use a smaller lighter battery for the same device. I think it would be more useful...
I think you are by far the exception and not the rule. I have cable internet at home and usually get about 22 Mbps; however, my iPhone 5 will routinely get 30 + Mbps and has gotten as high as 48 Mbps according to speedtest.  Most public wifi is horrible and many people still have DSL at home with speeds ranging around 6-9 Mbps.  If you live in an area with good LTE reception, you are very likely to get much better speeds than on most wifi networks.
Maybe this is true, but I don't know.... My dad switched from an iPhone to Android and my messages switched seemlessly to SMS with him.  I doubt he turned iMessage off because he isn't that into stuff like that.  He got the 3G for free a couple of years ago and when his contract was up got the Galaxy S2 for free.  Didn't care about either phone just wanted something free.  So I don't think he would be the type to think of going in and switching iMessage off.
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