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I don't see how this can happen.  My phone will switch from iMessage to SMS if the other phone turns off iMessage or even if they are in a bad reception area and iMessage can't go through.  I have many conversations where I will have a few SMS messages innner mixed with my iMessages
The industries loss doesn't add to the companies gain, but it does mean the percentage of profits is greater.  Again if all other companies lose $1 Billion and Apple makes $10 Billion.  The industry as a whole has profits of $9 Billion.  Thus Apple has abuot 112% of industry profits. Simple but confusing math.
Found this to be and interesting read on the way Wall Street is treating Apple stock....   http://finance.yahoo.com/news/apple-slaying-tech-hero-190310561.html
So what you are saying is that Apple sold more high end smartphones in one quarter than Samsung did in half a year?
I'm not sure what the one point is.  I for one prefer the mini.  We just recently purchased our first iPad and went with the bigger screen because it was what my wife wanted.  I prefer the greater portability and lighter form of the mini and don't mind the screen resolution.  My wife will be using it for some classes she is taking though and she preferred the larger screen.  We got the wifi only because I realized we always have our iPhone 5's with us and can just use the...
I don't think that is necessarily true.  If you buy a cheap $100 Android phone, it is going to run like crap and not be able to run most of the newer apps available.  Your user experience will be horrible and you might want to try something new when you can afford it.  Alos I find it ridiculously ironic that the same morons that gripe about margins seem to think it would be good for Apple to sell a sub $200 phone.  What do they think would happen to margins then????
No it suggests that some minis were sold. If a majority were minis you would expect the drop to be closer to 85. This isn't alarming or surprising. The mini was a fresh new product. The regular was a small upgrade that added a faster processor and the lightning connector.
If you are going to play the MOE game you have to also note that Apples lead could be much larger. Especially after seeing Verizon's real numbers.
I personally don't see this as a huge threat.  The production costs of the 4 and 4s should be much lower now.  They have been producing this style of phone for over 2 years now.  Also the component cost for the older components should be coming down to compensate for the lower cost of the phone.
That's not the way I read it. I think they are specifically calling it smartphone OS to indicate it doesn't include tablets. The article is speaking of cell phone activations and upgrades specifically. Just my interpretation though.
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