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If you are going to play the MOE game you have to also note that Apples lead could be much larger. Especially after seeing Verizon's real numbers.
I personally don't see this as a huge threat.  The production costs of the 4 and 4s should be much lower now.  They have been producing this style of phone for over 2 years now.  Also the component cost for the older components should be coming down to compensate for the lower cost of the phone.
That's not the way I read it. I think they are specifically calling it smartphone OS to indicate it doesn't include tablets. The article is speaking of cell phone activations and upgrades specifically. Just my interpretation though.
There is some integration with this already.  Walgreens for example has their loyalty card on Passbook.  I'll agree the rollout hasn't been as fast as I would like, but I still like the potetional of passbook
Just like they "needed" LTE on the 4s.  Apple will include it when they think the technology will enhance the product.  They waited for LTE until the chips were around to have good batery life and LTE had rolled out to enough of the country (at least on Verizon) to make it meaningful to most.  NFC right now is like LTE a year or two ago.  A neat idea that isn't realized yet.  Also I believe I read that the aluminum in the iPhone 5 and presumably the 5s makes an NFC chip...
I have a friend who just got one for his wife and had to go to three stores to find a white one. I got mine mid December and had to check multiple stores for availability so I don't think your Alaskan story is representative of everywhere.
Is "wonky" the official technical term for what may be wrong??? /s
Maybe they will make a hybrid....a 4S Lightning.  This is the only logical idea I've read on why Apple may make a different phone.  They are hugely invested in the idea of promoting the Lightning connector.
The difference is the iPad mini is not a cheap tablet.  They did not do what the analyst and so called experts expected and release a $199-$249 price point cheap tablet to compete with Kindle Fire and Nexus on price.  Plus the form factor is completely different than other small tablets.  They found a way to make a premium small tablet.  It fits the Apple brand perfectly.  A cheap iPhone to try to compete in emerging markets does not match the Apple way of doing things at...
While I agree with your point in theory, I do find it necessary to point out that there were many cars before Ford.  Ford revolutionized the industry by creating the assembly line and allowing mass production at low cost.  He did not in any way invent the car.
New Posts  All Forums: