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Redwood? That's Redwood City.   Or have you all been listening to "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young too much lately?
Midtown only. Not helpful. Well, not helpful to me. Being able to get those Num Pang five spice pork belly sandwiches delivered would have been dangerous.   The other NYC food delivery announcement from yesterday, the Momofuku-backed Maple app, only delivers below Chambers St. Also not helpful to me.   Oh well, there's always Seamless. And actually walking outside.
 And yet Apple is getting pilloried on these forums for taking a step towards achieving this very thing?
 Campaign contributions.
The fountain is one of my least favorite Ruth Asawa works, though I don't think it should be pitched in the garbage or anything like that. I prefer her series of airy, hanging metal sculptures that are on display at the DeYoung Museum.    I doubt Apple will demolish the old store at Stockton and Market, but they will no doubt completely gut the space before moving out, glass stairs and all.   Bugs are not too big of a worry in San Francisco, as the climate is fairly...
Not only was the iMac "hockey puck" mouse bad, but the mini USB keyboard that came with it was a big step down in quality from Apple's ADB keyboards. I remember actually holding off on buying a new PowerMac G4 until Apple rectified those shortcomings, and they finally did with the Pro Keyboard and Pro Mouse that shipped with the PowerMac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) and the G4 Cube in 2000.    The only good thing about their original USB keyboard is that it was narrow enough to...
PRO: At least it doesn't look like an Apple Store clone.   CON: It looks more like a trade show booth than anything.   Like everything else Google does besides search and advertising, it'll be a loss leader / branding exercise and not a way to actually turn a profit.
Yes, I too programmed in LightSpeed / Think C.   Personally, I always coveted the SE/30. It took me long enough to save up my pennies that I was able to buy a IIci on closeout in early 1993 when Apple replaced it with the IIvx, a machine I was infinitely glad to not have bought instead.   The IIci was a fantastic machine for me, but still… there was just something special about those early compact Macs.
 "Spook" is also slang for a spy / CIA operative. But yes, it has another, derogatory meaning.
Yeah, I'd really want my audio equipment to be tuned by the man who brought "Metal Machine Music" into the world. [/sarc]
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