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Yes, I too programmed in LightSpeed / Think C.   Personally, I always coveted the SE/30. It took me long enough to save up my pennies that I was able to buy a IIci on closeout in early 1993 when Apple replaced it with the IIvx, a machine I was infinitely glad to not have bought instead.   The IIci was a fantastic machine for me, but still… there was just something special about those early compact Macs.
 "Spook" is also slang for a spy / CIA operative. But yes, it has another, derogatory meaning.
Yeah, I'd really want my audio equipment to be tuned by the man who brought "Metal Machine Music" into the world. [/sarc]
Samsung couldn't even come up with an original World Cup ad campaign. It's a total rip-off of Nike's famous spot from the mid-90s.   No one can touch King Eric!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdhvp-iYR3s
 Wow. You signed up for an account here just to post that? Hope that $10 you're getting from Samsung Marketing for this was worth the effort.
 Corporations are people, right? Therefore, they should be subject to the same penalties for breaking the law as regular people, including prison. Hey, it's only fair. $30 million is such a nothing penalty. The regulators in the US are a total joke. With such piddling fines, no wonder companies like Google and Samsung continually break the law — there is no incentive for them not to.
Went to the SFGate site and looked at the revised renderings. They are a big improvement over the original design. The vertical window / skylight on the Stockton Street side is a very clever solution to breaking up the blank monotony of that facade — it draws in the eye in a good way. The inset of the glass wall inside the metal frame on the front of the building makes it feel much less like a big box. The whole design has a much lighter, airier feeling to it. The plaza...
  No, people were concerned about the displacement of the fountain because it was an important work from a well-known local artist. Sadly, the artist, Ruth Asawa, passed away within the past couple of weeks. Her signature gauzy hanging metal mobiles would actually look right at home in a typical Apple Store.   Cities should not be so eager to pave over their own history, but not so enslaved to the past as to become a virtual museum. Good planning is a delicate balancing...
  Ah, the conservative flavor of the week. Better get your last licks in before the whole Boston "false flag" thing takes all the oxygen out of the room.   The surest way to create more Gosnells is by restricting access to legal, safe abortions even more. His despicable kind was commonplace before Roe v Wade.
  I'm sure they're proud of their education system, consistently ranked best in the world.   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/27/best-education-in-the-wor_n_2199795.html
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