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That would suck to wake up that early. I recently visited an Apple Store and spoke to a genius bar person. I asked them if they were doing the 6pm launch again and he said they are. I dont know if he was supposed to tell me, because when someone overheard him talking they were saying that he is only aloud to say, "its not on the website yet," or something along the lines. Either way, I hope I just get one.
I saw a commercial for the a new LG phone for AT&T. It looked like it had video conferencing on it. I judge that by the end of the commercial where a guy is looking into his phone and a girl is looking at her phone with his face, and he says, "I'm here." So I pretty much think this phone had Vid Conferencing. With little evidence of it for the iPhone, do you think apple is keeping this one a secret? The only thing that has me thinking differently is the fact that it...
NO this sucks!!! This is ridiculous. AppleTv got an update and so did iPhone all for free! Dont give me licensing crap. If im paying 20 bucks for google maps, which I can only access in a Wi-Fi area thats bull. I love this company, but this was a stupid move. This is totally not even the way they operate. Is this the same company who gave customers 100 dollars back for the price drop of the iPhone? Its really unfortunate, I'm not running to update it. Not to mention when...
What are some good instant messaging clients for the iPod touch. I use beehive but is there anymore that work?
I freakin love the touch iPod. I was flipping out. The only downside to that was the 16gb harddrive that is aweful. I looked at my iTunes library and I have over 16gb. So, Im about to clean that thing up, and delete stuff I just never listen to. What are your thoughts, other than the capacity, this thing is GOLD!
no I totally agree on a new iPod, I'm just not sold on the fact of a new Nano. Like I said I hope I am wrong, I just brought up a topic of discussion. But I cant see them bringing new Nanos out while the old ones are still for sale.
There will not be any new nanos. This is not official whatsoever and I hope I am wrong. The reason I think this is because that the current iPod nanos will still be around till September 16, because this is when the "Buy a Mac get an iPod" deal is over for back to school. The only way we would see a new Nano is if they ship it at a later date, which doesnt seem like something they would do. What are your thoughts? Also My dream iPod. -Touchscreen -Voice...
"Jobs added that some of the Mac systems coming out over the next year will be "off the charts." He similarly hinted that the company was working on next-generation iPods that, like iPhone, would run an embedded version of the Mac OS X operating system." Thats what gets me...an embedded version of Mac OS X.
well the next iPod will be touch screen and like the iPhone, just not a phone. The internet is a big deal to me, and if it will be on the new iPod, I will seriously be upset, because then the iPhone is a waste, unless you use it as an iPod. Personally 4-8 doesnt do it for me. Dont get me wrong I love the iPhone I spent alot of time with it today flipping out about it, im just saying if the 6G iPod has internet I will be upset. I just hope its unlikely.
This is something that is scaring me. What are the odds that the new iPod will have internet on it? I will seriously be upset if I buy the iPhone, and then have to buy a new 30gb 6 generation iPod that does the exact same thing, it just isnt a phone. Im kinda worried. Someone shine some light on the subject.
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