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seriously can't wait to get my hands on mine. let the whiners hate. looking right at you macrumors users.
The whiners are hitting it hard these days.    Burberry has a very clear artistic direction. I've listened to the music they promote on their shows and their Youtube channel for years and they always showcase very good indie/ less well known British band. There's no reason to get up in arms about it. There's more content and curation which is exactly what Apple wants for Apple music users.    Reading some of these comments and the ones on Macrumors makes me realise...
These kind of trashy books should be distributed where it belongs, trash can. "touch a never"? Yeah right the only thing it's gonna touch is her bank account due to an impending law suit from Tim Cook and Apple.
Don't hold your breath. I believe you will be proved wrong. 
what about iWallet, or iMoney, or iShop, or iPurchase?
Can't wait to see what Apple can bring to the table. NFC has never really taken off and its current adoption has been a mess, despite what the Android apologists want us to believe.
FYI I've never bought anything from GAP, Walmart, Amazon, Ford etc. All my entertainment devices are from Apple. And as for clothes I bought them from Asos and they do give me discounts and lots of perks. 
Well I didn't give Samsung money for 1 macbook pro, 1 ipad mini 1st gen, 1 iphone 5, 1 macbook air and 2 ipad mini retina.
For a company that has that much money Apple surely is a cheap bastard.
can't wait to see their implementations.
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