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Trust me even in the developed worlds nobody uses any messaging app by Google. 
OMG so freaking excited ! But 2 more months
Damn why are these good deals never available in Australia !
The sooner Apple drops Samsung the better.
I love my ipad mini. Own a nexus 7 as well and it's been collecting dust since I got my mini.
I've always thought it's great that companies utilized wasted rural land for business. Gotta make use of those abandoned resources.
I bet you have not tried many of the current touch screen laptops. The touchscreens are laughable. IMO touchscreen is a feeble attempt by PC makers to make up for their pathetic trackpads, by using an equally pathetic touchscreen. 
Look ! Apple's latest commercial.
that is if they have more than a handful of the nexus 4 and 7 in stock. As for the nexus 10 and this one, they are/will be a flop.
Contemplating getting this one or the ipad4. I have a nexus 7 at the moment and while it sucks I don't really wanna get another small size tablet. But the mini looks and feels so goooood !! And then there are rumors of the redesigns and retina display addition. Decision decision decision...
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