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I hope you jump ship and buy this phone to see how "awesome" that ppi will be for you, battery wise. Remember this is HTC with Sense UI on a quadcore phone with that ppi, and guess what, a 2300mAh battery. Nice. 
Apparently your son and his fellow users havent done enough to help Sony. 
Good news!
Yes gotta patent that beautiful design before the PC makers copy.
But Samsung does have their inhouse designed OS, which they are rumoured to release this year. 
Man everything is super cheaper in the US. So not fair -.-
Hm almost everyone I know thinks the macbook pro was too heavy. And it's the trend now for manufacturers to make non upgradable laptops. Let's see how long you can hold off. 
wow this is fascinating indeed. I think Apple is the prime example of a company that has taken extensive advantage of globalization to maximize their efficiency and profit.
These big companies don't give a sh*t about "new ideas" if you're not working for them. Like others have stated the best way for them to pay attention to you is to start your own business using your ideas. If they're good/ profitable enough they'll probably buy your businesses. 
Good news. An Apple a day keep the Android away :D
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