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talk about arrogance, ignorance and incompetence. Someone who does not understand how the stock market works yet tries to explain what happens to Apple stock. 
nice !
DoCoMo and China Mobile too ! 
To be honest as much as Apple being a grand brand for liberal consumers, their executive team cannot be more conservative looking. All middle aged white men. No Asian no black no Latino no female (and possible no gay?). 
Apple needs to spend more money on advertising in other countries. In Australia for example Apple has let Samsung leapfrog them. Samsung spent a lot of money on advertising their s3 and note 2 to make people aware of them. Apple needs to make people realize that iphone 5 is not the same as iphone 4 and 4s. 
Yawn. Samsung makes good hardwares, but failed at UI, OS and design. Forever a good a supplier. 
  Honestly I'm bewildered as to how you can cite American laws regarding an issue in AUSTRALIA. Yes both are common law countries but regarding corporations/ business laws one should not expect both jurisdictions to have the same legislation.    "In a show of political bipartisanship in the House of Representatives today, both Labor and the Coalition joined forces to express their frustration with the refusal by global IT companies to voluntarily give public evidence as...
Interesting. Never thought of Israel as a capital of technological advances. 
Apple don't need a 5 inch phone. As someone has said, give the phone capacity to the iPad mini and Apple will be future proof. After all Android manufacturers and in particularly shamesung is going to increase the screen size of their phones this year anyway. 
why would this make Apple look bad? Industry poaching is a common thing and normally are not poplularly reported. Eric S worked on the Apple's board in the past before he joined Google. It was only known because he allegedly stole Apple's iphone concept for Google. 
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