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considering how Apple rarely drops their prices this is indeed a fire sale.
I think the best way for us iOS and OS X users to react to that attitude boycott them. I've stopped using most Google apps and services minus some very basic and non-personal ones. 
Wow this sucks so much for BB. I mean these companies had all this time to ditch them but they did not do it, just to wait till BB just released new phones and new OS to do so. WTF?
Lame jokes are still lame. 
Not happening for me. iOS 6.1 makes my phone snappier and the battery seems to be better. 
The 4s and 5 have "crappier" battery life than the 4 because the formers are more powerful than the latter, thus consume more battery. iPhone 4s and 5 have much much much better battery compared to other high-end Android devices. 
Why doesnt Apple just buy out these companies :D
More people use iPhones  An Apple a day keep the Android out the Windows ;)
In many markets, for example Australia, only the iphone5 is available in stock for contracts. You can only buy 16GB iphone 4 and 4s at the Apple store. 
I hope it stays the same because it's rightly so. So sick of the so called ipad killers. I have a nexus 7 and it freaking sucks. I have a video on my youtube channel showing how laggy it is just to scroll between the apps. Saving and waiting for the ipad mini retina display.
New Posts  All Forums: