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  wow. You're one of those. Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
Quick Apple trade mark Galaxy S and Nexus !!!
The only thing I can buy is the iPadmini. If Apple releases a new iphone and if it's a major upgrade I'll try to sell my 5 to buy it. Other than that Aint nobody got money for new stuff ! :P
Gimme a break. That article was a like flame to the legions of Android/Google/Samsung moths who search the web for everything proGoogle and Samsung and anti Apple. It doesnt matter how Apple does it will never change their opinions. The best way to deal with those is to do more of what they hate. Apple should spend more $$$ on marketing their products evreywhere to really rub it in their faces.
Actually at the moment Apple is only in courts with Samsung. Cook has pretty much stopped the whole litigation thing. The whole predicament of Apple has NOTHING to do with the thermonuclear. Apple haters just use it as an excuse to legitimize their irrational hatred for Apple.
I wish Apple would just spent a few billion dollars in marketing to counter the plethora of BS ads by Samsung. The latter's ads are an assault to my senses.
what blog is Apple-friendly nowadays? Gimme a break even Macrumors is filled with Android fanatics.
I hope when Samsung/ HTC/ LG release their next update to fix the lags/ the hardware issues, users will be "excited" too !
Agree. And I hope you're not going to Macrumors, where people who defend Apple get banned and warnings, whereas people who pop up in EVERY post to declare the doom of Apple are free to troll every day. Great world we have become. 
Samsung, please stop making ads. You're torturing the population at large. Only Apple haters and Samsung/ Android fan boys/girls/puppies find your ads funny.
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