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Agree. And I hope you're not going to Macrumors, where people who defend Apple get banned and warnings, whereas people who pop up in EVERY post to declare the doom of Apple are free to troll every day. Great world we have become. 
Samsung, please stop making ads. You're torturing the population at large. Only Apple haters and Samsung/ Android fan boys/girls/puppies find your ads funny.
Google is attacking? :O
Hurry up Apple !! I'm sick of the Nexus 7 and I want to buy the iPad mini before I spend all of my savings -.-
Apple make an iphone that has solar charging. Sick of charging it at least 2 times a day. (iphone5's battery is great compared to other Android top phones but still not enough for a heavy user like me. And no Note 2 and its pathetic dimly lit SAMOLED screen)
where's my ipad mini w retina display !
There's nothing questionable here. The MAJORITY of Android phones are cheap laggy shitty sub $100 phones (no contract) that are excruciatingly slow. They can never be used to surf the web or download any app. 
Shamesung is at it again. 
it's a crime against consumers. 
This is definitely true in Australia, where Vodafone, Optus and Telstra heavily promote Samsung devices EVERYWHERE. And yet the iphone5 was still one of the most popular devices :D   When I think of Samsung I only think of shame, fanboys, bullies and copycats. 
New Posts  All Forums: