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Thx for another reply :)   Tried his way but nothing happen, its just a cmd promp pop out and shows   S_Lookinf for Iphone USBMuxListenerCreate : No error My phone is currently off, and i cant on it at all. tried charging my phone ( no charging screen, a battery picture) it is like an off iphone. :(  
Thanks for the reply :)    I've tried using different cable / USB port  I used my ipod touch to connect and it works perfectly.   My iphone home button is broken, that is why i am struggling because i cant use power + home button method.   I've tried connect to another computer and it is still the same :( Neither of the computer can detect my iphone even the photo folder of my iphone ( doesnt have the USB connected sound at all) wondering to bring it to...
Iphone 3GS, (with spoiled home button / not jailbroken) I tried to downgrade my iphone from IOS6.0.1 to IOS 5.1.1 While i manually enter my phone to DFU by using the redsnow way, but i failed to downgrade my phone because i dont have the shsh bolbs file.  So i canceled and tried to restore my phone, at first error 1600 appears and i tried to restore the second time. however, error 1601 occurs and phone is dead now. i cant turn it on, cant connect to itunes, black...
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