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  You're right, it's just an assumption I've seen and that I assume is widely held.
  Skydrive is very good, similar to Dropbox, except with 7 gb of free storage, and you can open MS Office files stored in Skydrive in Office Web Apps. But I currently have 50 gb of free storage on Dropbox and use iCloud as well for iWork storage, so I don't use it.
  He could not possibly have said that. I hope. Has anyone watched the whole video? The only thing that could be interpreted as being true is "more scalable," but that is exactly what makes Android scaled up "tablet apps" so awful.
  I thought that was strange, too, but obviously this comes down to personal preference. After all, Google made the Nexus 7 to avoid competing directly with the iPad. That doesn't mean Schmidt has to like that screen size.
  I know, I hate all that first world nonsense (you know, because functioning democracies all have appeals processes). Give me some failed state justice!   /s     On another note, even the $1 billion judgment would never have been enough. We need product bans for this kind of behavior. That's the only way IP enforcement will ever have any teeth.
  Okay, fair enough. Those were indeed awful phones, software-wise.
  Blackberry (formerly RIM) is a Canadian company....   And they did not make crap. They just very famously failed to change in response to the iPhone revolution, so to speak.
[EDIT: Nah.]
  Perhaps Apple thinks that if iOS has widgets, a lot of people will start using them and not make the connection between that and the worse battery life they get from their phone. Then they'd complain how the iPhone has such terrible battery life.   As it is, I still have to charge my iPhone pretty much every day, just like I've had to do with all the smartphones I've owned. When I can go 5 days without charging, then maybe I'll start considering widgets again. I stopped...
  Swype is a perpetually-in-beta-not-in-the-Play-Store keyboard app that does "gesture typing," i.e. you touch the screen and move from letter to letter to form words. The Note 2 stock keyboard had gesture typing like Swype, but it worked much better (in my experience).
New Posts  All Forums: