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  Swype was pretty laggy, but on my Note 2 gesture typing was fantastic. It's not a make or break thing, but I'd love to see it on iPhone.
  Can you explain what you mean by "problems similar to Vista"? I haven't heard any complaints about performance, where it seems to be better than Windows 7. (That said, I'm still not going to update my Windows 7 laptop.)
Wow, this is going to cause a serious disruption in my daily news reading habit. I hope a decent alternative shows up soon, but I'm not too hopeful.       I agree that it's probably not just the falling numbers but the need to sell ads that is driving Google's decision here. It's sad that Google would drop any service they can't directly monetize through advertising, rather than allowing it to be another service that keeps people in their ecosystem.
  When I owned the Note 2 this eventually happened daily. Drop phone - back pops off - battery comes flying out.
  First, there are tons of ways to design a wallet icon of this type.   Second, listening to The Mobile Verge podcast, they saw a demo of S Wallet at MWC (I think), and there are more similarities to Passbook than just the icon. They lifted a lot of the design and implementation straight from Apple. And the people at The Verge are by no means Apple fanboys except for Josh Topolsky.
  Samsung phones look and feel like garbage, but the Nokia Lumia 920's polycarbonate is pretty amazing.     EDIT:   I have to scratch my head at the naysayers of plastic vs. aluminum. Yes, plastic is better able to absorb impacts, but what about that drop test where the iPhone 5 fared so much better than the GS3? Clearly there is more to this than simple materials choice.
  I think a lot of the people here have next to no experience with (EDIT: recent) non-Apple mobile devices, and as you say, their comments apply to Android of 2010, not today. Android is a mature and capable OS now if it's not on crap hardware. I do think there's some tech-lust (NFC? no thanks) and feature-lust (multitasking? um...) in play here, however, but different strokes and all. But I just switched from a high-end Android to iPhone and I don't see the need for a...
I can't tell if you're just riffing off my comment to take a shot at Google or if you... Ah I'd rather not get banned just yet.
  Where does this talk of "jumping" come from? It's not in the article. There is no mention of conscious control of the scrolling.   Most of the negative comments here are pure FUD. You know nothing about the technology involved (neither do I, by the way) or even about the way eyes move. Let's just wait and see, shall we?   However... that said...   I have little doubt this feature, if real, will be awful, because it is being made by Samsung, which can't write decent...
With this one, I would say that not only is Samsung copying, but they are giving the middle finger to Apple. Basically, they are daring Apple to sue them over this. (I am talking about visual design of the app, not the concept of a digital wallet.)
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