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  Who is the margin compression not a good sign for, other than AAPL investors?
  Understood, but I can think of many situations where I would not want to carry an 8" phone around with me. Business people are not always at work. Imagine taking a jog with a Note 8. Perhaps I could switch out the SIM card to a dumbphone or another smartphone, but now you're adding complications.   I admit that this is just my preference, though I'd like to hear from people who used the old 7" Galaxy Tab that doubled as a phone if they got sick of it.
  You still need to carry the tablet around with you. Some people don't care about this, but I briefly owned the Note 2 and learned to resent it, and that's just 5.5". I can't imagine carrying around a 7-8" tablet-phone.
  You're probably right that it's (at least partly) reason 2, but in that case I think that's a marketing mistake. Tech savvy Android users complain that iOS is feature-poor in comparison to their mobile OS of choice. Just wait till they see WP8. Beautiful exterior (for many) but gimped functionality.
  No, there is an explanation, a reason, a motive. The news media need narratives to pull in ratings -- or, in today's parlance, page views. It's either about building someone up or tearing them down. Straight news reporting is not clickbait.   At least for the tech blogs I follow, the real "disaster story" now seems to be Windows 8. It's a good narrative, too: the king of enterprise tries to copy Apple's success in the consumer space (particularly mobile) and falls flat....
Samsung released the Galaxy Tab 7" in 2011 and the Tab 2 7" last year. Now, after the release of the iPad mini, they're going back to a larger display. The fact that they had a 7.7" screen tablet (which they made in 2011) before doesn't mean the Galaxy Note 8 is not inspired by the release of the smaller iPad. As others have noted, Apple was not the first to release a smaller tablet but they have increased its mindshare. (This is not to knock the success of the Nexus...
That's some full-on Randian Objectivism there, Apple ][.
Ars Technica is a great blog and Jacquie Cheng has been the Apple person over there for a long time. She may be wrong, but I wouldn't dismiss her so lightly.
  Others pointed out that MS Office is far more feature-rich, but also consider broken formatting for complex documents. This plagues all MS Office alternatives, and Office is the standard in business.   I use iWork for pretty much everything (I do a lot of page layout stuff and Pages is nice to use), but I have a copy of Office just in case I'm worried about compatibility when sharing files.
  I don't think slander is the proper word here. First, it would be libel (for something written or broadcast). Second, slander and libel are about defamation of a entity's image or reputation. This would be more like... I have no idea, stock manipulation? What Gazoobee said.
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