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  Pebble was a Kickstarter project - a massively successful one at that. But it is still a small operation. If Apple comes out with an iWatch, they will bury Pebble.   I like Apple for the most part, especially OSX. I switched my mobile stuff to iOS mainly for the integration with OSX, and I'm no hater of Android (other than their horrible tablets). But seriously, the only company I would trust to do a smartwatch right is Apple. I'll buy it if the price is right.
  No, AFAIK only Apple releases sales figures.   By the way, were they Nook tablets or just Nook e-readers?   I have seen exactly one larger (> 7") non-iPad tablet in the wild, and only a handful of Kindle Fires and Nook HDs or whatever they call them now. I don't believe for a moment that iPad's market share is as low as reports suggest.
I owned the first Kindle Fire (this was when I liked OSX but really didn't care about iOS devices). It was a terrible device with a terrible UI, and since it didn't have any of Google's apps it was missing the best thing about Android.   Anyone who can spend $300 on a media consumption device can spend $500, not to mention that the $500 device can do a hell of a lot more. Still, a lot of people will buy Kindle Fires just to save $200, but they will come to regret...
  I agree with you, except the way the exec says "We could get sued" seems suggestive. But yes, this ad by itself could not be aimed at Apple. If it doesn't even mention them, then they're depending way too much on viewer knowledge, which would be foolish, to say the least.
I think it's possible that the ad is referring to Apple, but if so, they sure chose a roundabout way of doing it. On the face of it, it's just making fun of NFL's litigiousness, which many or most Americans watching the Superbowl are aware of. No mention of Apple at all. Who knows, however - maybe the full ad will reveal more.
        Does the author understand the difference between storage and RAM? I think probably yes, but statements like the above, especially the second one, make me scratch my head.
New Posts  All Forums: