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The benefit for sales people of a self driving car is not direct to consumer sales but direct to business sales. There are thousands if not millions of people who sell relatively pricey items (about $25,000 and up) to business. There are all sorts of machines and processes and software and chemicals and materials that get sold this way. Yes, people can buy things online, but face-to-face is still a powerful way to sell and if your competitor only sells online then most...
From the lengthy list of bug reports, even the Surface Pro doesn't run a full OS. ; )
Hold that thought till the iPad Pro goes on sale. I've read those comments as well. I believe that there are some people who truly hold this view. My guess is that they are in the minority and that the iPad Pro will be a hit.  There are always a small number of very talented people who aspire to have fantastic hardware. Do you recall the kerfuffle raised when Apple started reducing the number of PCI slots in Macs? There were a lot of comments about that but it turned out...
Correct. Linked text boxes still missing.
All those improvements and still they didn't bring back linked text boxes to Pages, still no layers or time line for Keynote. I love my Apple gear but sometimes they really frustrate me.
Regarding Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt having a coffee together. I recall that event. This happened at a sidewalk cafe in Palo Alto on University Avenue. Someone was walking by and caught a snippet of the conversation:   Schmidt: Now, a clever man would put the poison into his own drink...
I'm just being cranky. The iWork team reports to Eddy Cue (so I've heard). I see him as the road block to us getting improved productivity software.
Instead of sight seeing in NY it would be nice if Eddy Cue would get to work and fix iWork. We need text flowing between text boxes in Pages, a time line like Garage Band's in Keynote, layers in Keynote, a light table like Aperture's in Keynote, better charting in Numbers, and more.
I can't wait. This will be great for work. I deal with a lot of scientific imaging which benefits from having more real estate. I suspect that in addition to a larger screen and better digitizer this will come with the A9X which is supposed to be much faster and may even have 2GB of memory.   I addition, a larger screen makes it easier to VPN back to the home Mac.
Apple's stock price has always been an anomaly. High volume investors seem to have an aversion to a risky story. Google, Amazon, Netflix and others have great "stories". This means they have a compelling argument for why they have, or will have, a quasi-monopoly that keeps people coming back. Apple has a story but doesn't promote itself that way. Instead the Street's perception is that Apple is a one hit wonder. Yes, they did well this quarter but next quarter people will...
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