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What do they mean by engage? Do you have to visit the app that sent the notification?    I rarely get notifications. If I'm traveling I have it set so that I receive notifications from United about gate changes or flight delays. I read these on the lock screen then ignore them. The same goes for most other notifications I get. I rarely swipe to visit the app that sent them. How would they measure that as engagement?
I've asked this question many times of business people but never got a clear answer. To my way of thinking a corporation is a contractual agreement. It has a board and it has shareholders. If it gets down to the point that there is only one shareholder then it has gone private.   So if Apple keeps buying back shares and I am the only one who doesn't sell then eventually I would own Apple. It would disappear from the markets as there would be no shares...
I'll echo what the others are saying. These numbers are very odd. It's not that I've seen only a few, I haven't seen even one. Where are they? Maybe Google has tens of thousands of them running as bots in a large building in Silicon Valley.
This is probably a useful study for somebody in the business, but it is only a partial look at the market. It doesn't include net usage by apps which is growing quite a bit.
This material is so different from other engineering materials that it is difficult to predict with precision what Apple will do. The whole field of material science is huge. For demanding applications you need to consider many factors when using a material. Think of the aluminum can. To make that the right alloy is chosen, the material is thinned and even the crystal structure is altered. Too many parallel grains and the metal will crack when stretched into the shape of a...
We'll find out in a few months, but I agree with your argument. Apple had a free ride with the iPhone for well over a year. It looks like the iPad will face a faster response. In this short time competitors won't be able to come up with a sophisticated operating system or interesting applications. However, they can add a USB port, front and rear camera, more memory, higher resolution screen, etc. It's possible that Apple may feel the need to preemptively respond to these...
You say this like it is a bad thing. This looks like a mind map. These look a little chaotic but they are an interesting way to capture complex ideas. Instead of a linear outline stretching out over many pages you have one diagram that captures the relationships among different aspects of a topic.
Possibly it is not the 3G signal but the back end internet connection that is the problem. Two different things. It's like having a wireless router in your house. You may have a great connection to the wireless router but if that has a poor internet connection you'll won't see high speeds.
It's really hard for companies to set this priority. Again and again you see cases where the CEO gives nice speeches about how important customers are and we give customers top priorities and similar platitudes. Behind the scenes though all the incentives are setup for saving the company money. Factories are rewarded with bonuses for reducing inventory, not for shipping on time. Factories like to maintain a healthy backlog rather than ship quickly to the customer. If...
Advertising can work even without the viewer clicking. There is value in name recognition alone. Also, I suspect that the developer may not be able to select which ads run in the app. They just offer space to the ad agency. The ad displayed probably changes from time to time.
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