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It could easily be a hardware issue or a licensing issue with Microsoft. Who knows? One way to find out would be to boot up with an external drive or USB stick, reformat the Mac Pro hard drive and see if you can install Windows 7 in a separate partition. My guess is the PCIe flash memory is not compatible. 
I have been updating my own website all weekend. You make a change, upload it, look at it, and say, "Wow, I really screwed up that picture or that link", and you try again. I'm guessing the same thing happened here.
I have a real problem with an analyst predicting income on a product that has not been announced. Apple has not even confirmed that they are making an iWatch. My prediction: Apple will create a flying starship in 2015 that will sell for $199 and create $83.69 million of profit in the 1st week. You heard it here first.
According to my secret sources that work in the Apple Development Black Projects Lab which is located in the basement, level 3A section of the main building, the iPhone 6 is will be a flip phone that folds in half, then in half again. This allows for a nine inch screen with a real QWERTY mechanical keyboard. Don't relay this information because it could cause rumors to be spread.
Maybe this is totally unrelated, but I went to the Apple Store this past Friday in Southlake, Texas at around 2:30 p.m. and the store was crowded. As I was leaving, I noticed that a line of people was forming, trying to enter the store. I don't know about sales, but a crowded store to me means that either there was nothing to watch on TV, or maybe people are buying Apple products. I also got to handle the iPad Air. It was light, small, and very nice. If I had the money, I...
I may sell my car to buy more apple stock. Damn I love this company!!!!
I almost never comment on anything, but in this case, I must. I owned an electric car race track set when I was a kid and I would play on it for hours. When I would burn up a car, I would either rebuild it or buy a replacement. This was truly one of the best toys I had ever owned. I think this product be extremely successful and the price range is not much different than my set was, relatively speaking, based on inflation.
Great Article!
I think this article is well written. Years ago, Microsoft figured out that the money was in software, not hardware. I became a software engineer because you design hardware once. You write software 10 times over, because it always needs updates.
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