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Lol, thanks for the laugh.  PE of 21 for a company with no net revenue growth and a dividend under 2.5%?  Keep dreaming.
 ROFL, you are comparing Apple back when it was a 4 billion market cap nothing to the tech giant of today.  Great comparison Sherlock.
A bigger phone, I wonder what made them think of that?  Innovation running wild.
 Is search tech or not?  Pretty sure I can do a search on my iPhone or iPad.  Cant remember the last time I mixed cement with one.   Are cement mixers tech?  Hey, maybe they are.  Maybe they aren't in the manufacturing sector.  Of course Samsung puts tech and manufacturing  in completely different divisions in their company.  Cement mixers are in the "Engineering and Construction group."  I'm trying to find Apple's Engineering and Construction group division, can you help...
It's really not my opinion.  Empirically it's a stupid analogy since the concrete business has nothing to do with the tech industry.   Tell you what, run it by someone who is smart and not afraid of hurting your feelings and they will tell you it's a pretty stupid analogy.Yes, and they are "value" companies, not growth companies, point? 
Cook admitted growth in North America is essentially over.  They better find something else to get into if they want to grow revenue.  This is one of the biggest companies in the world, you would think coming up with a  new product every couple of years would be a reasonable expectation, but apparently it's asking too much.
Couldn't think of a dumber analogy?That was a polite response an analogy so idiotic it revealed a lot about the person who made it.
I'm curious, but what's to stop someone from creating another currency like itcoin, icoin, or idiotcoin?  Bitcoin seems like the classic pump and dump scam.  When less than 1000 people own half the coins in existence it seems like a scam and it's probably Apple's intention not to promote or otherwise lend credibility to a scam.  
People buy stocks for the growth and/or income via the dividend.  With no immediate prospects for growth, and a dividend that isn't attractive enough to keep investors around for the income (plenty of safer options paying a lot more than 2.4%) a sell off should have been expected.  This is how a range bound stock looks. Do you really think with iPhone and iPad sales growth slowing there was a reason to hold at those levels?  I mean for that to make sense you would have to...
 Guidance certainly was the main issue, but no net revenue growth didn't help.  EPS isn't that important if it's only from share buybacks.
New Posts  All Forums: