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Is it too expensive to offer 3 sizes? I have to think there would be demand for a "regular" size phone and guarantee Samsung will run one out to try and get any market share they can.
A larger phone.  What will they think of next.  If they weren't so arrogant they would already be making them.     I guess this is the way Cook can claim his promises for the last 18 months were true.
  Lol, so you cite gross revenue as and call me an idiot despite the fact I clearly said net.  Not my fault you lack reading comprehension skills or the intellect to read the financials and see net revenue is flat.  But by all means, keep claim it's growing when the reality is the share count decreasing is the only reason EPS increased at all.   Dope.
Do you even know what net revenue is?  You just cited gross revenue so my guess is you do not.  Thanks for proving my point.
I own Apple stock, but I'm amazed at the stupidity of the people on here talking about 5% earnings growth.  Net revenue was flat YoY, but the number of shares outstanding decreased and that is where ALL the EPS "growth" came from.  In other words there was no growth, zero, zilch, nada when it comes to net revenue and in fact there was net revenue decrease last year.   Sure they can keep buying stock back which will increase the EPS assuming they can maintain current net...
Please tell me you aren't this stupid.  Did Apple's earnings grow or did the number of shares outstanding just decrease?  
Lol, thanks for the laugh.  PE of 21 for a company with no net revenue growth and a dividend under 2.5%?  Keep dreaming.
 ROFL, you are comparing Apple back when it was a 4 billion market cap nothing to the tech giant of today.  Great comparison Sherlock.
A bigger phone, I wonder what made them think of that?  Innovation running wild.
 Is search tech or not?  Pretty sure I can do a search on my iPhone or iPad.  Cant remember the last time I mixed cement with one.   Are cement mixers tech?  Hey, maybe they are.  Maybe they aren't in the manufacturing sector.  Of course Samsung puts tech and manufacturing  in completely different divisions in their company.  Cement mixers are in the "Engineering and Construction group."  I'm trying to find Apple's Engineering and Construction group division, can you help...
New Posts  All Forums: