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ROFL, oh brother, just read the transcript.  Net revenue was this same this quarter as the same quarter last year. It's effectively treading water when EPS is flat and revenue is growing at snail's pace. Do you even know how to read a financial report?  I suggest you look up the numbers since Cook took over.  It's not a pretty picture for a "growth" company. That isn't to say Apple is a bad investment.  It's not.  It's just not going to grow much unless they come up with a...
Given Cook's track record I think he needs to do more than speculate to get the stock to move. That isn't to say the stock won't recover in the coming days because it should run up as the ex date approaches.  I would be surprised if it doesn't recover half the drop by the end of the week.
Yeah, I think the way to go is make it the lowest priced model, not the mid-price.  Whether it is cheap or not the plastic casing has to make it seem cheap.  The increased margins seem like they would be worth pursuing at a different price point so when the 4S is retired the 5C might get more appealing…or it might not, but seems miscast as the mid-level entry.
What does one have to do with the other?  Cook sucks as a CEO which is the pertinent point.  He didn't even have the vision to make a bigger phone and offer color options until it was all but forced on him.   And where are the new products he's alluded to for the last two years?  Hey, good for him, he's financially successful, but as a CEO he stinks.
 Cook has done as little as he possibly could with the company he took over.
Decent summary so I'm sure it will immediately be unpopular.  I do disagree that they can't increase the dividend much.  As shares outstanding continue to decrease it takes less money to pay the current dividend which frees up money, plus they are only paying out about 30% of net revenue in dividends.  That could easily reach 50%, and my guess would be another increase this March/April to $3.50-3.60 a quarter.  Sure that is still less than 3% a year, but I would much...
I know reading comprehension is hard, but I thought the context was pretty clear.  Apple is like IBM and MSFT because the growth has stopped and future value will come from increased dividends and share buybacks.  Is that too hard to grasp?  Just because Apple is larger doesn't mean it can't be similar.  Good God I feel like I explaining something to a stupid child.
A well trained monkey could have taken over Apple and produced better results.
EPS is only up because they retired shares, net revenue didn't change at all year over year.  Apple stock is now virtually the same as IBM and MSFT.  EPS growth will be manufactured by buying back shares, increase the dividend, and slowly move the stock price up.   Certainly not the worst scenario, but should be enough to get Cook fired unless Apple is happy treading water.   But my guess is we'll be treated to another year of Cook talking about all the great things in...
Too bad he doesn't joke about how long it took him to figure out a larger screen and different colors might be good for sales.  Still waiting for a new product to be released since he took over.  
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