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 Stock market agrees with me, getting pummeled as this non event gets absorbed.  12 months for this?  Joke and a half and Cook is the court jester.
 Uh, where were you?  They came up with different colors.  Surely that took a lot of thought.  R&D budget hasnt gone up 400% in two years for nothing.
Of course they didnt release it, they were too busy deciding on colors for the new phones. Cook is a joke, so now what? A refreshed Mac and iPad sometime in the next couple months and see you in the Fall of 2014?
12 months for this?  Stock price is going to get crushed.  
Or in other words, Cook is finally forced to hold some shares since he's dumped them every step of the way.  If they are using shareholder equity to buyback shares they really should be forced to hold shares for at least a year past the vesting date otherwise it really looks like they are just using the buyback to dump shares at inflated prices.
People have surgery to avoid wearing glasses, but Google seems to think they will pay a lot of money to wear google glasses.  Are you really as stupid as your comment made it seem or are you just trying to be obtuse?  Either way, hope it works out for you.
Just goes to show how powerful dilution is. They bought 36 million shares, but the share count is only down 18 million from the same time last year.  So they've used up 18 billion of the 60 billion available and the share count has barely moved.  I wonder when this gets picked up on.  What a scam.   Anyone who doesnt think buybacks are for insiders is a moron.  Very obvious dividends benefit investors far more than buybacks.
After hours is so inconsequential it isnt even worth talking about.  The real impact will be tomorrow when institutions start reacting to the results and my guess is they wont be thrilled with another dead quarter coming up.  Apple is burning through the buyback at a good clip, but whether that was to support the share price or because the future is so bright the low 400s will look cheap remains to be seen.  On the other hand people will buy for the dividend coming up in...
Apple should put the time, money and energy they invest into lawsuits into developing new products.  
Very obvious comments.  A few years it was Apple or junk when it came to a smartphone.  Now, for all intents and purposes, their are options that are reasonable, and cheaper, alternatives.  I wonder what the market would look like if Apple had taken the initiative to come out with different sizes and a lower cost model a couple years ago.     Like it or not the quality gap has narrowed significantly and in some respects Samsung offers more advanced features....
New Posts  All Forums: