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Good timing potentially four months after the new models are released and mostly outside the affordability of the Chinese consumer.  No wonder the stock is continuing to get hammered.
I'm still missing who they are targeting with the 5c that wouldnt just buy the 5s if there wasnt a 5c.   They must really need help this quarter releasing both phones to every market they are in.  Something else better be coming or EPS will be around $30 a share this time next year.
What a joke.  Sales in China are already drying up and they come back with another phone that is still too expensive for 90% of Chinese consumers.  "Fun" colors and "lust" factor do not off set cold hard cash.  They better lock in China Mobile soon because my guess is this quarters sales are even worse than last quarter in China and they need something to off set that trend.  
What a disaster.  Who exactly are they targeting with a phone just $100 cheaper than the 5s?  The only thing I can think they are doing is trying to get more of the high end market by appealing to kids and other people who might care about a phone's color?  The phone is still too expensive to appeal to people shopping for unlocked phones so I'm missing something here.  My guess is the main buyers will come at the expense of the 5S because it's not going to make a dent in...
 ROFL, when you have to say "add some colors" to make it look like they accomplished a lot you know it's a fail.  And sorry, but what does releasing to countries have to do with improving their products and creating new products?  Not that they've done much of the later recently.   Improved speed and camera...pretty sure this happens every year no? This is the biggest company in the world by market cap, so yeah, if that's it for essentially a 12 month quiet period it's...
Awesome, so it's much better than 2 and 3 year old phones...I would hope so.  If you arent making a better product after that amount of time there is a big problem.  Is it good enough to keep people from leaving Apple?  I guess we'll know in three weeks.   Is a slightly cheaper phone going to cut it?  Once again, people spending $550 probably arent going to shy away from $650 so is that going to increase sales?  Guess we'll know for sure in a couple weeks, but I would...
 Stock market agrees with me, getting pummeled as this non event gets absorbed.  12 months for this?  Joke and a half and Cook is the court jester.
 Uh, where were you?  They came up with different colors.  Surely that took a lot of thought.  R&D budget hasnt gone up 400% in two years for nothing.
Of course they didnt release it, they were too busy deciding on colors for the new phones. Cook is a joke, so now what? A refreshed Mac and iPad sometime in the next couple months and see you in the Fall of 2014?
12 months for this?  Stock price is going to get crushed.  
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