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Heaven forbid someone has their own opinion that isn't approved by the liberal nannies eh?
That's utter bollocks.
Getting a boner over an OS -who's the loser?
  Yep, look at ebooks. 
That's the real reasoning behind everything apple does, if you think that it's anything to do with having products that look cool then you've been suckered by the sales hype
Who in their right mind syncs business sensitive data to cloud services in the States? -or any cloud service for that matter
…Anyone who uses macs in Enterprise?
Roll on Apple employing an "Enterprise" buff as MD. 
 Too true, "Please fix my iDevice" would soon become "Refund please, ta very much"
Wether you create an apple id or not apple are still legally obliged to honour their warranty obligations. I'd be interested to see the ensuing argument when apple fanboy refuses to use the new scheme and apple refuses to repair his "under warranty" device.
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