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I've been waiting for this decision one way or the other, and so has Apple.    Guess what?  I think we get a notice of an upcoming product announcement within a week of this happening this Monday, so by August 12.  First this is the correct decision, as the story states.  Apple was waiting for this to shake out for two very good reasons.  First, if they announced a product before this decison (or rather non-decision if not vetoed), it would be easy for intellectually...
I'll bet the phone will be $250 on the low end up to $350 on the high end.  Apple always charges more than people think they should/could, and then sales and demand are better than expected.  I also bet the phone will have a 50% gross margin.   They're going to make a great phone inexpensive.  If it's like an Iphone 4, more or less in plastic I'll bet they can charge 250 and get to or near a 50% gross margin.  Save a few bucks with a cheaper camera if necessary,...
The plastic body will allow for less complicated and cheaper antenna system. It will also allow them to manufacture less expensively due to 1)the build process will be faster - less man hours or run the line faster 2)less rejects, scratches, parts not quite fitting, ect 3)materials slightly cheaper
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