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Will tell Ya' this, Skil.... This video does show this Lil' Bugger runnin' on an IOS innerface. Is pretty.
http://m.gizmodo.com/5983792/ Seems to start out with the first scene using MS and then everything else follows IOS on a pad. Thought it was....a view into a future Adobe has already built an app for.
And that "Box" app works like butter....so far.
Yo, Fox. How intelligent of them to come on to us with 50 free gig for life. /shrug I got mine. By the by.....The naut is correct. Downside is that 250 meg file upload limit. Still.....can put a whole music backup for even the largest iDevice Ya' happen to be holdin. In my opinion.....this seems legit.
Found the link in a CNet article here... http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-33153_7-57568436-10391733/freebie-friday-get-a-50gb-box-cloud-account-for-free/
https://www.box.com/signup/o/dell_50gb_give_get Is legit.
Am soo happy I started this. At least we have a real debate here. I find it funny that Woz. likes the Windows phone OS. http://www.theverge.com/2013/2/7/3963962/steve-wozniak-apple-falling-behind-in-phones-samsung-great-competitor It can simply do whatever and I mean whatever...I need with this device. And the guy who basically set this whole OS stuff up says he thinks we as Apple people are loyal just to be loyal. Me? I'm going to take a look around and just see...
Skil. The Admin who was nice enough to deliver a discussion to this statement:That read like this....Smooth, my comment deleting, unbiased brother.
Weighs 9 ounces more and is .3 inches thicker.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8_MHq6i-8U&feature=youtube_gdata_player This is a surface pro with a dedicated video card......and is still snappy enough to do anything an iPad can do.
New Posts  All Forums: