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What?That's OK with You?"Going on" about an Admin turning the discussion the way they want?Crap.....am in the wrong place when the masses say that they understand the fight is fixed....they know it.....and they're cool with it./shrug....am still disappointed.
This sucks. Tallest Skil the ADMIN removes posts he or she doesn't like. Is it a good or a bad device......we'll see.......but the Admin controls the argument. Am pissed at You Skil. Fer Crap's sake....we all have opinions.....but anyone who knows any mobile device can work their way around any prollem, regardless of what hardware they have in their hand. Now.....remove this too.....but at least one or two people will see it.
I expect to hear anti-MS stuff here.....I just wish it was more intelligent. You don't "need" a keyboard. It comes with several virtual ones that can just be minimized and called up at will. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhxtFxWchWY&feature=youtube_gdata_player Seriously people......get it together. Sent from my iPad.
I was thinking the same thing but the ADMIN. had already determined that the things I want a tablet to do were silly and I should only talk when my expectations of a tablet met their's.Thanks.
Oh.......and to never have to use iTunes to transfer stuff. Drag and drop or insert SD....boom....there it is. Friggin' nirvana. The only thing I hate about my iDevices.
True....let's go through them one by one.Less expensive....it isMore usable space......it's expandable.....really no limit and at only 25 a pop for 32 gig.Apps.....it's running full Windows. Love or hate MS, everything that works on a PC for the last 10 years will work....and with an i5 processor and 4000 graphics, I think it is prolly quite a bit more powerful than an iPad for just a couple hundred more.Cellular options......handy...but my iPhone is a hotspot.Lighter and...
And for the record.....I didn't bring up the iPad vs. this. Apple did in it's 128 gig iPad press release.
Don't have one, yet.Did You find a mistake in any of the capabilities I listed vs. the iPad?
Seems more fair.....which to me still seems like a prollem. I am going to own a slate of some sort. I'm just waiting for someone to point out the advantage of an iPad over this, ultimately.
Apparently I am the only person in the world who does these things, Admin. But I do in fact do a lot of them pretty regularly on my Air because I can't on my iPad. Now I'll be able to. Admins here sneer at positives when they can't find a hole in a discussion. How.....adversarial.
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