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This info changes my scenario. I tend to choose the mini with 16gb ram. The memory is far more significant at daily tasks than the geforce gpu.
Isn't simple to access the memory slots on imacs?   I have a G5 from 2005, is quite simple.
Hey man,   thanks for helping.   I'm not sure about the real need of gforce on my machine. Same for the fusion drive. I wish I could have both, of course :)   My question is: If I buy the standard iMac, will it attend me?     *Pricing may not change in Brazil. Tax policy is out of reality. For everything. For example, the standard iMac here costs 2,5 iMacs in the US.
Hi everyone,   I'm a graphic designer and I'll use CS suite just for graphics and images, no video. I'm between a mac mini (quad core, 16gb with fusion drive and) an iMac 21 with standard configuration. That's what I can afford by now (Buying the imac I'll try a memory upgrade in the future).   Choosing the iMac I'll have an amazing screen and the gforce. With the mini I can go with fusion drive and 16gb ram.    Which option should I...
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