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If you go to the apple site it sure seems that way.I too thought you could choose the model ( gold, ss) then your band seperately. But it does not seem that way according to the apple site
Having a round smartwatch is as dumb and impractical as having a circular dial interface on a smartphone imitating rotary phones of the past.Bottom line is the round format of a watch is litterally hundreds of years old and looks flatout ridiculous and old fashion on a smartwatch.I get it. Some old crusty people dont like change.
I've seen many smart watches. But Austin isnt a normal city
Not sure.They could sell bands that contatin gps or other hardware that connect to the watch
I pretty sure the band comes in the box. For example the dark steel version only has one band choice if you look at the website.
Nah i aint rich. I just sold 400 of my shares at about $130 last week
 buying opportunity. bought 450 shares today
Apple guided for 20% increase in revenue YoY so this estimate ins't outlandish at all.
 I'm doing an impression of Bennie Frosty
Steve would have never done this.     Sincerly Benny Frost
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