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 those all make $0 dominating a crappy platform is not dominating. Apple makes 70% of the profits in the entire industry go buy a Samdung Universe S9 and report to us next week
 I give up.  You are truly hopeless. I really really really hope that english isn't your first language 
 Estimated high end Samsung phones sales for 2014 - 80 millionEstimated high end iPhones sales for 2014 - 170 million Samsung can continue to sell 100 million $200 phones if they want to.Actually they won't since the Chinese makers are eating there lunch lately.  
 So are we on or what? If Apple releases a phone larger than 5 inches this year you don't post in this forum for 1 month.If they don't I won't post for 1 month. Are you in?   If not, then you probably don't like your odds.  
 It was never about getting a big settlement.  No way any court will award a company $10B  The main goal was to tarnish Samsung's Brand. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Samsung was found guilty of copying.Samsung got desperate and tried to prove their innovation by release 3 horrible smart watches.No one views Samsung as innovative now.  No one.
 Sammy is getting annihilated. Revenue down 10% in June Quarter which should be their best quarter because its the first full quarter of their flagship S5Profit down 24% in this 'strongest' quarterSamsung S5 out sold by the 'lowly' iPhone5CThe 9 month old iPhone5S is out selling the brand new Samsung 5S by 60%Profits at Samsung are down to 2012 levelsChinese phones are killing Samsung's mid/low end phones (and probably high end also)Estimated high end Samsung phones for...
 Great points. All the lawsuit did was accelerate the commoditization of Android.Samsung is selling less top end phones than in 2012 and their profits have been falling. Now that Samsung got away with copying it looks like all the other Android makers are copying each other and are forced to compete on price.  In  12-18 months I think the high end Android market will all be but extinct.  Why spend $650 for a copycat Samsung phone when you can buy a copycat Chinese phone...
IMO no big deal for Apple.   Water under the bridge.  Lets face it.  There was always going to be a big competitor against the iPhone in the Android camp.  It just so happened to be Samsung.  If Samsung did not copy the iPhone probably HTC or Nokia would have been the prime Android vendor.  Regardless there was no way Apple could have dominated much more than how they already had.     IMO, Samsung's success was more to do with large screen sizes than copying the...
Not all the timeCould be a compliment in certain circles
[quote name="Tallest Skil" url= Thanks for all the proof! Hey, Tim, could you maybe get Craig... [/quote] Lets make a bet. If Apple makes a phone bigger than 5 inches this year you ban yourself here for 1 month. If i'm wrong i'll ban myself. Get a clue man. So obvious the big phone is coming out.
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