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weak demand   /s
 like how they caught up with iOS? dont think so. TouchID is a combination of hardware/software and the Android partners have been a total fail in that department
 easy work around. All you need to do is reboot your phone. You need to enter the passcode after reboot or 24 hours of non use. I doubt any law enforcement would be able to force you to open your phone within 24 hours of being arrested. You could easily stall and say your lawyer needs to show up first.
And yet there are still idiots on this very forum that said TouchID is no big deal and that Android could EASILY copy this feature.   In fact some dope here was hyping some ripoff Chinese POS phones that bragged about having a fingerprint sensor without swiping.   If Google/Moto can't make a good TouchID clone you think a POS Chinese company can? Hell no.   TouchID has yet to be duplicated successfully.
Looks like those would be LOOLLOOOOLLLOLOLLLOLLLOLLLLL Tell me sir what was Apple's market cap at the peak of Steve Job's reign and now compare it to now.
So because DED brings FACTS to the table you call him a fanboy. GTFO
Suck a rooster Mark.   You make money selling people's information and no amount of spin can change that.
 Absolutely false. Go back to worshiping Samdung. Its been proven time and time again that Apple has the most educated and wealthiest customers. You really think rich/educated people are stupid?
 GTFO. No one wanted large phones 2 years ago when the iPhone5 came out. It wasn't until 2013 that the large phone craze started. But Apple is on a 2 year cycle so it was impossible for them to release a large phone in 2013. So Apple is 12 months late.  Who gives a sheet. I'd rather the phone be 12 months late but be executed perfectly rather than releasing early with obvious bugs (look at the early Samsung large phones with 4 hour battery life)
 WTF.  iPads have way longer lives than 2 years. 
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