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 Denial to the very end.  Impressive. It will be sweet when Apple sells 60,000,000 phablets in its first year and Tallest Ski will be forced to admit that phablets are in demand.
 compared to what?  What other normal sized phone (under 5 inches) has a battery that out performs the 5S?
Huh?  Accepted or not Tallest Ski lost. He was adamant that Apple would not release a phablet sized phone because phablet's are a fad and no one wants them. Another member on this forum did agree on my bet.  Thankful he seems true to his word and will self ban for 3 months.  Of course I will probably tell him forget it and be a nice guy.  We need as many good poster here as possible.
 Won't happen.  You do realize that each additional model Apple manufacters will hurt gross profits if the sales price remained the same?  Apple would need to have DOUBLE the machines to product 2 phones that have a different shell, battery, ect.  That's why Apple can keep prices low.  Yes I said low.  Look at Samdung's flagship S5.  It released with the same retail price as the iPhone5S ($199 contract).  Yet it has a POS plastic body and 32 bit chip.  Why?  Because...
I guess i won my bet.   VINDICATION.   hello? paging tallest ski....paging tallest ski.
 Over 100,000,000 Samdung phones sold that are 5 inches or larger Don't call people stupid just because their hands are significantly larger than yours.
Who cares.   Don't save embarrasing photo's on the cloud.
 DisplayMate is BS company that could easily be 'bought' by a few thousand from Samdung.
 Successful? Samdung's profits are down 25%
not liking those bands
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