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 Amazon and Microsoft give free cloud also.
 I really hope Apple increases cloud storage to at least 64GB for free.   Especially for people who buy the 16GB phones.  My dad has a 16GB iPhone6 and he already ran out of space from just photo's and short video's.
 you do know that Blurays are also compressed? bottom line is uncompressed (RAW) video footage is crazy huge file sizes. Only professionals need RAW uncompressed photo's.  99.9% of the population won't be able to tell the difference unless you blow up the picture to a mural size.
 gotta agree with Gatorguy on this one. This really makes Apple's 5GB of free cloud storage very shameful.
 its very easy to have near lossless photo compression.
This is really shameful for Apple. There free cloud storage is pathetic.   I own an iPad, Mac, iPhone 5S, and iPhone6.     FOUR FRIKEN DEVICES.  yet they only give me 5GB of free storage.     At bear minimum it should be 5GB per device.
Gotta admit, this is a really nice deal.   I'm usually a Google hater but I like this.
but, but, but   it was actually a demotion. it actually means Ive is going to get phase out. it actually means Ive wants to leave Apple.   those 3 statements are actually taken from articles by the business media.   bunch of UBS clowns.   U. Bull. Shitters.
 exactly. Its time for Cook to play for keeps. Google is trying to kill off Apple by selling cheap POS phones and tablets.  Apple should try to damage Google by offering ad free search or offer ad rates that are much cheaper than Google.
 Are you joking? Of course Google is a threat.  They are willing to sell phones at a loss to undercut Apple.  It would be like Apple giving search ads away for free. Google had $11 billion in mobile revenue in 2014.Facebook is forecasted to have $16 billion in 2015.Facebook has already surpassed Google. Only 16% of Google's revenue comes from mobile.  The rest is in desktop that is shrinking every year.
New Posts  All Forums: