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 WTF man 
 Google Play is decent.  But why would someone choose Google Play over Apple's App store?  Apple usually gets apps first and get the best apps.  And this isn't changing anytime soon since Apple's App store generates much more revenue than the Google Play store. But the App store really is only one pillar of the Apple ecosystem.   Another pillar is the OS.  iOS is superior to Android.  It is safer and easier to get updates.  Its easier to use.Another pillar is functionality...
 Bingo. But the AppleWatch really isn't a watch.  That's the key.   Just like the iPhone really isn't a phone.  Its a minicomputer that can make phone calls.The AppleWatch is an even smaller computer that just so happens to keep time.  It is NOT a watch.
 So if starts at $199 then what?
If Apple is making a 'cheaper' AppleWatch it will probabily be either a silver or 14k white gold watch.  They will still cost $4k-$7k.
 No way they make a less expensive gold watch. Only way they do this is if they cancel the 18k gold watch.  They will not sell a solid 18k gold watch for $10k and a gold plated or anodized watch for less than $1k.  No way on earth.   They won't make 2 watches that look identical and have identical internals and have a price difference of $9k between them.
 Amazing graph.  So roku is the so called market share leader yet it only gets 7% of the $$$.  LOL.  
 If you understand the Apple ecosystem you would see no competitor is going to steal profits from Apple for a very long time.  Add to the fact that Apple only has about 15% of the global market share.  That alone should illustrate that Apple has huge amounts of growth.   And who will this be?  Microsoft threw billions into mobile and lost.  Google threw billions and lost.  Samsung lost.  Who the hell is left that has the pockets to build an ecosystem that can overtake...
 its all about looks. It is what most people think a watch should look like. Well in 2007 most people thought a smartphone should look like a Blackberry and have a physical keyboard........
 Regardless if a round Watch can have zero bezel than a rectangular Watch could also. The round watch will still waste 36% of its screen area in text applications.
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