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 Go read about Apple pay again. There are security benefits when making purchases at B&M stores.
funny.  I tried activating my Amazon card yesterday and it did work.   will try again
 I disagree.  Managed professional funds are TOTAL RIP OFFS. Index Funds (like S&P500 index) have extremely cheap expense ratio's compared to Mutual Funds.  Index funds expense ratios can be as cheap as .06%.  Mutual funds are 2% or over.....every, single, year.  Those fees add up quickly. Besides the point Index Funds out perform Mutual/Managed Funds 80-90% of the time!!!  So with professional fund managers you pay HIGHER FEES and get smaller returns. Look at this article...
 Account statements report the gains and losses as realized and unrealized. If you don't sell its unrealized.  You have not lost anything.
 i agree with that. but i would put the blame on GTAT not Apple for that.  GTAT was the expert on Sapphire not Apple.
 sorry you owned GTAT also. I broke my rules of investing in buying GTAT.  Luckily I did not buy a large stake. Right now my only individual stocks is 120 shares of Apple in my Roth and $4k in Jan2015 call options. Again risk vs reward.If Apple hits $115 by Dec my Calls will DOUBLE in value.If the price dips below $105 by expiration I lose it all.
 its is useful. You cannot compare GTAT to Apple or Coke. GTAT is BANKRUPT.  Dont think Coke or Apple is going bankrupt any time soon. Buffet is well know for holding stocks for decades and he overcomes the temporary dips in stocks.  I bought Apple in late 2012 and at one point I was down 50%.  But I did not sell so I did not lose a penny.  I recently sold almost all my Apple holdings and profited 50%. So its true.  I did not lose a cent in 2013 when Apple stock was down...
 I agree buying stocks like GTAT is like gambling.  But not all stocks are. Buffet did not lose a cent.  He will only lose when he acutally SELLS the stock.  He holds stocks for DECADES.  He is doing fine. If you trade individual stocks you risk more but your returns can be greater also. The majority of my money is in index funds.  My S&P index fund has returned 5% so far YTD.But I also trade individual stocks.  This year my return for individual stocks is 44% which far...
  My point is that the Mini line up has the best tablets in the world for each price point. You can't find a better tablet for $199 than the MiniYou can't find a better tablet for $399 than the Mini3 So Apple offers the BEST tablet in the world for a specific price point and you GRUMBLE?  That makes ZERO sense.  If some one else was making an AWESOME table for the same price than fine.  But as it stands now Apple makes the best $199 and $399 tablet in the ENTIRE WORLD....
Compare tablets at the same price point. Of course the Mini2 is better than the Mini1.  It cost $100 more. The Mini2 is NOT better than the Mini3. What are you smoking.
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