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 exactly.  Brilliant business move.  And brilliant for customers because we get 64GB for the 32GB price of last year. Paying an extra $100 for a $650 device is no big deal.  It is literally costing these people about 10 cents a day to buy the 64GB phone.  At that point these people should buy a $200 Android phone instead if they are so hard up for cash.
 nope.  Samsung 'invested' a good chunk of money in DisplayMate a few years ago.  Read all the reviews since the iPhone5S.  The Samsung bias is obvious.
 Aluminum easily chips/bends/breaks.  SS is much stronger.
DisplayMate works for Samsung.
 No.  just no. No artist is forced to sell their product to all vendors
 That's one reason why they are dominating.  Imagine if people had to pay every year for iOS?  You think adoption rates would 80-90%?  Hell no.  That leads to Android-like fragmentation.   Bullshit.  Hundreds of millions to total and utter bullshit.  There has been ZERO proof that Apple paid that much or even close to it.  The only source is sketcy NewYork Times that said it could be up to $100 million.  And with over 500,000,000 users that's only 20 cents per iOS user....
 why not just sell at the money covered calls once it hits $140? That's probably what I will do once it hits $140. For 12-month calls you probably can get $14+ a share.  All you need to do is hold the shares for 12 months. I have 1000 shares so I would get $14,000 in call premiums for 12 months. I win out in almost all situations: 1. If stock goes up my shares get sold in 12 months.  But I get to keep the $14,000 in call premium and $2000 in dividends. 2. If the stock goes...
 pretty good idea, except we all know Google would comb through those videos
 It is true that healthy prepared foods are damn expensive. But if those in poverty bought raw foods and cooked it, its actually cheaper than McDonalds crap.  You can buy a whole chicken for under $4 raw.  Enough to feed 4 people.  Farmers markets have some really cheap veggies.  Buy in bulk at Costco and you can get really cheap fruit, veggies, beans, ect. But its still an uphill battle.  Even at schools this fast food is feed to our kids when they are 6 years old.  About...
Beautiful video. Beautiful camera.   Shame that you would only be able to save 20 minutes of such footage on icloud.   Ridiculous.
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