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So now where is that jerk executive editor from the Verge that said no one would make 3d touch apps until iPhone7?
If some wants to sell those games as an AppleTV app I'd be willing to pay
NBA is aired by local network. Thats why if you live in San Francisco you won't be able to watch Golden State games on the NBA app. You need to either watch it OTA or cable/dish.  The local games get all blacked out.
 Difference is I bought all those games for full price decades ago.
 What you are wishing for is sci-fi stuff.  Sorry, but we won't see a big leap in battery tech for a very long time.
 Apple's company wide profit margins are less than 25%.  That's significantly lower than Microsofts and Google's profit margins. If that's too rich for your blood feel free to buy some cheap chinese knock off crap at Alibaba.
 Actually I paid $120 for one team only.
 Many people also grumble that Apple making devices thinner and lighter does not add value.  They would rather have a thicker/heavier device with a larger battery. But guess what?  Without the incremental advances in thinness/lightness in the iPad the iPadPro would have been impossible.  If Apple just sat back and continued to make the standard iPad 1.5 pounds instead of less than a pound than the iPad Pro would be 2+ pounds and way too heavy to be a tablet. The same with...
 I don't care.He knows what he's doing. If he wasn't breaking the law there would be no reason for him to go through all those hoops and pay $$$ each month for a proxy. I paid $99 for NBA pass. You think I'm happy someone else gets to pay less by breaking the law?
 Yes.  Because the TV stations in his area paid MILLIONS for the rights to those games in HIS MARKET. But go ahead.  I see you don't care about that stuff. What ever lets you sleep at night.  But he is breaking the law.
New Posts  All Forums: