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 no ban Apple did comeout with a new tv - iMac 5k
Requiring NFL players to wear Bose headphones was Bush League and Communist.   Bose will get crushed this holiday season.
 No it isn't. Many people don't want to deal with the crappy customer service you see in Best buy, Walmart, ect. Also people make implusive buy decisions. Went to Apple store and bought an ipad.  Hey! I should buy new headphones too while I'm here. its like expecting someone to buy milk at Costco and then meat at Walmart and then veggies at Whole foods.
 Says who? Do you expect the MacBookAir to be the same as MacBookPro?Do you expect a BMW 325 to be the same as BMW 750? The iPadAir is the top end product.iPadMini is midrange.End of Story. It makes no sense to charge $100 less for the EXACT SAME HARDWARE except its smaller.  Making smaller components can be MORE EXPENSIVE.  Only way the iPadMini can have the same hardware is if its the same price. End of story.
Don't mess with Apple. PERIOD.   Samdung - profits down 60%. Can be directly attributed to Apple entering the Phablet market Google - profits down 7%. Apple just needs to default search away from Google and their profits will drop 50%. That is litearlly one software update away   Bose - out of Apple stores
 You are one of the 1% 99% don't need that feature and most don't want to have TWO data plans.  I just use my iPhone to teether data for my Wifi Air.
 Huh? What do you expect?  Did you expect the iPhone 5C to have the A7?  Hell no.  Only the flagship devices get the very best.  Last years iPad lineup was an anamoly.  The Air is the flagship the mini is the midrange product. Its like expecting a BMW 335 to have all the features a BMW 750 has.  No. No. No.  If you want the top end specs you need to buy the flagship.  The iPad was ALWAYS the 2nd level device except for last year.  If you want the best go buy an Air.
 Some of you know nothing about business. 1. Why did Apple make the Mini3 hamstrung? ANSWER: Because Apple wants you to buy the Air2.  Eventually Apple will discontinue the Mini form factor.  The Mini has horrible gross margins and profit margins.  With the 6 PLUS there is no reason to have a Mini. 2. Why doesn't the iPad have a simuliar resolution PPI as iPhone? ANSWER: Because the iPhone is EXPENSIVE!!!  The 6 starts at $650-$950.  iPadAir starts at $499.  iPad already...
 You need to catch up to reality dude. Business are created to make money not please your particular preferences. Bottom line is with the 6-PLUS the iPadMini is now a niche product in Apple's view.  Keep in mind Apple would need to sell 3 iPadMini's to make the same profit as selling a single 6-PLUS.  They would need to sell 1.5 iPadMini's to make the same profits as a single iPadAir.  Bottom line is the Mini is a hard sell.  By right the Mini should be the EXACT same...
Dude just STFU. Apple is giving you FREE 32GB of storage and you are bitching about it.  There are MANY people who get by with 16GB. What do you expect from Apple?  Every year they make the iPad faster, thinner, lighter, better CPU, better GPU, better screen, TouchID, free software......yet they charge the same price.  Or even less with the 64 and 128GB model.   Put on your business hat.  If Apple made the 32GB the base model I bet almost 90% would opt for that model....
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