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 Total BS.  I was abstinent before getting married.  Was it easy?  HELL NO.  But it can be done. Is it too much to expect people to graduate from high school first before making babies? Sure there is birth control but that only works 90% of the time.  You are setting up yourself for failure. Our basic human instinct also tells us to beat up people we dont like.If we let our basic human instinct tell us what to do we would be just like animals
 The only way to avoid teenage pregnancy is abstinence.  PERIOD.  You can surmise that you can always get an abortion.  But some girls (many) won't agree to an abortion.  And no one knows for sure until they actually need to make the choice. This is NOT about religion.  This is about being a responsible parent.  The facts and statistics are clear.  If you have babies at a young age you will have a hard life statistically. http://www.urban.org/pubs/khk/summary.html "More...
 So you want your daughter to have kids when shes 15? I dont consider it strong fundamental beliefs.  I considered it common sense. Look at the statistics.  Look at girls who had babies at 15-17 and see how their life turned out.  This has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with being responsible.
 Exactly. Thats why they should wait till they are old enough to support children.
 No its not. Another poster said being gay, murder, or pedo is heriditary.
 An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. So many young girls who had abortions at 15-17 years old have had to deal with emotion scares for decades.
 This thread does not deserve to be locked. Even though we are discussing 'taboo' subjects everyone is being civil. 
 You obviously don't have daughters. Any parent that wants their daughters sleeping around at age 15 is messed up. Again I'm not here to judge.  But all actions have consequences. 
 So basically you are saying no crime should go punished? Kill someone.  Thats okay.  Something wrong with the persons brain.Steal something.  Thats okay thats the way they were 'born'. If you ever had a friend or relative that was MURDERED you would understand.  You obviously don't.
 So two 15 year old kids have a baby and we need to use our tax dollars to support their child. Kids can't even take care of themself how are they going to take care of a baby.  Then that baby gets messed up too. Great. You must not have daughters.
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