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 Google does not have a monopoly on advertising. Facebook is making inroads.  And yahoo is talking with Apple to make Yahoo search the default search instead of Google.  That alone would crush revenue by 30%.  Every year PC search is going down and mobile search is going up.  That lowers Google's gross profit. 
Google just reported earnings yesterday:   $5.04 GAAP EPS vs $4.97 last year. That is 1% earnings growth.  Yet the stock is barely down for the week.  BS.  Total BS.  Last quarter Apple reported a 5% increase in EPS earnings and the stock went down 10%.   But guess what?  You won't see any of the media report the $5.04 GAAP EPS but rather the non-GAAP $6.27 EPS.  Total manipulation.  GAAP is the standard for financial reporting in the USA but for some reason the media...
 Cause Apple does roll outs correctly and they wait till everything is in place. Look at the POS fingerprinter scanner that the Samdung S5 has compared to the 5S.
 My main rampage with you was about the 5C. you said it would be an utter failure and should have been priced at $300. Now its the #2 phone in the world the last 4 months.  Guess who got it right?  You or Apple?
 who cares.  Worldwide figures are much more important. Worldwide 5C is #2
 Dude,  that diagram is only for a few selected carriers in the USA ONLY. What I'm referring to is WORLD-WIDE SALES in Jan and Feb. 
island hermit ignoring the fact that 5C is the #2 phone in the world for Jan and Feb 2014
 You do know the CEO of Samsung is a two time felon?  EAsy to hide numbers. Again its simple math: Apple sold 150,000,000 iPhones in 2013The 2nd tier sells about 35-40% of total phonesTim Cook said the 5C was selling at a faster rate than the 4S (35-40%)That means the 5C is selling about 60,000,000 phones a year or 5,000,000 a monthThats way more than the Galaxy $4  or Note in Jan/Feb
Why should anyone be surprised that the 5S and 5C are the #1 and #2 phones?   Apple sold about 150,000,000 iPhones last year and Samdung sold less than 100,000,000 galaxy phones.   Historically the 2nd tier iPhone sells about 35%-40% of the total iPhones so about 60,000,000 phones. Tim Cook said the 5C sold better than the 4S did a year earlier so we could easily estimate about 60,000,000 5C's sold in a calander year or about $5,000,000 a month.  That would easily...
Yes. And it does. 5C is #2 worldwide in Jan and FEb5S is #1 in Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec,Jan, and Feb http://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2014/04/03/apples-iphone-5s-still-the-top-selling-smartphone-worldwide/?partner=yahootix http://www.counterpointresearch.com/top-10-smartphones-in-february-2014
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