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 So now you are expert in fashion also? Wow you must be quite a person. First off you are an expert on smartphones.Then business.Then fashion? Wow. Apple should hire you.
 ROLF.  good joke.
 Dude.  The iPhone sold less than 4 million its first yearThe iPod sold less than 4 million its first yearThe iPad only sold 14 million its first year STFU with your anti AppleWatch hate.  If you don't like the product, fine.  Just keep your drivel to yourself. Again are we on with our bet? If Apple sells 15 million Watches it its first year of release you ban yourself for 1 month.If not I ban myself.Or are you just all talk?  Paper tiger? 
Buy Atomic browser if you want to use desktop view on all sites.
Get lost you trollYouve been constantly bashing the Iphone6 and watch since they were revealed
but, but, but, but iPhone6 is using 2012 tech.......   Sad life being an Android fan
 The next leap in AppleTV will be a real threat to consoles. I'm thinking the price will go up to, probably $399 range.
 No its not.  Some of the riches and most successful investors ever invest in individual stocks ( Warren Buffet and Carl Ichan) This does not mean you should put 100% of your money into one stock. For myself my Apple investment netted my 48% in 18 months. 
 Below is an explanation about the insiders selling http://seekingalpha.com/article/2529825-apple-where-the-bears-have-it-wrong "This was an automatic sale due to a trading plan that was in effect for quite a while. This is a common occurrence for executives. Thus, I believe this latest round of insider sales shouldn't be looked at as a big negative. These restricted stock units were granted a number of years ago, and all vested on September 21, 2014. If I were granted a...
 round watch face.  YUK.  I'm glad you are not a designer at Apple. Played with a Moto360 and the round face is HORRIBLE.  It cuts off nearly everything on Apps and I had to constantly scroll to see the edges that cut off. The only thing a round display is good for is an analog clock.
New Posts  All Forums: