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 for a large chunk of the population the phone has replaced the PC. In the USA I'm guessing its about 70% of people have replaced their home PC with a phone/tablet
The problem is Wall Street CLOWNS are comparing Quarter vs Quarter. They need to compare 3 year cycles because that's how long it takes for people to replace their iPad.   Below is a table of iPad sales by Quarter   Quarter Units 3 Year Q3 10           3.30   Q4 10           4.20   Q1 11           7.30   Q2 11           4.70   Q3 11           9.30   Q4 11        ...
Prime only has 1 million songs.  Beats has 20 million. huge difference. I'm a Prime member but not for the music
Even Apple knows the iPad Mini is dying.  That's why they gave it a weak refresh. People need to understand that Apple does a TON of research.  They probably knew months ago that the iPad Mini would get canibalized when the PLUS is released.
There is no 4 inch phone made by Android that will attract former iPhone owners. I would not mind seeing a 4 inch iPhone6.  But I don't think there is enough demand to justify the cost of running a whole manufactering line for a 3rd phone.  Also I don't think it is possible to make an iPhone6 with the similar slim design and have a decent battery life.
ROLF ROLF LOLLLOLLLLOLLLL That's why Tallest Ski does not run Apple.
IMO they should not even report iPad, Mac, and iPhone sales. It just gives an excuse for Wall street manipulators to hammer on a single number. This quarter apple destoryed revenue, profit, iphone units, Mac units, apps, ect. Yet the manipulators are focusing on the 5% drop in iPad units.
 Nah.  Results were awesome.  Guidance is awesome also. Just clowns trying their best to keep this down. We see $110 in 30 days.
iPhone units up 15% iPad down 5% Mac's up 20%!!!!!!   iPad probably down because most were waiting for upgrade plus canibalization from 6 PLUS.   All I can say is the big phones have been a MASSIVE SUCCESS!!   And unlike last year these numbers DON'T INCLUDE CHINA!!!!   High guidance is forecasting 15% revenue growth for Dec quarter.
 iPhone YoY is 15% 39.27 million vs 33.8 million last year
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