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 does not matter if the watch 'flops' this year. the strength of the iPhone can carry this to $140 easily.  Any Watch profit is a bonus.  
 nope. $18B profits is fact30% rev growth is fact38% profit growth is fact48% EPS growth is factAll with a PE of 10 taking out cash but you can believe what you want
 There is no such thing as a neutral 3rd party. If you own the stock you could be considered biased.If you don't own the stock you obviously don't think its worth owning so you are biased also. Let the facts speak for themself.  And the facts that Ichan mentions are rock solid.
 Be patient.  Big funds are smart and don't want to buy all at once and drive the price too fast.  But it will go to $120 and IMO $140 this year.  Apple is a huge stock so moves take a while.  May take weeks or several months but we will bust through $120. Dividend is probably going up with the May dividend.  CFO said they will make an announcement on the dividend and buyback during April's earnings call.  I'd expect about a 10% increase in dividend.  
 I don't. Since the man went on a crusade my stock has gone up $45,000
Not outrageous at all.   For Dec Qtr YoY Apple showed revenue growth of 30% Apple showed profit growth of 38% Apple showed EPS growth of 48% PE with current profit is 11.7   For Sept Qtr YoY Google showed revenue growth of 20% Google showed profit growth of 14%  Google showed EPS growth of 12% PE with current profit is 27.0   Keep in mind Google's profits and EPS would be even lower if they reported GAAP earnings.  Google's numbers don't include losses from...
 Maynard UMMMMMMMMM..........don't know what to say.  What a jackazz loser. Guy had a hold rating on Apple since $80.  He has never upgraded the stock but simply raised his valuation range. He has already lost anyone who listened to him 33% returns. If Apple reaches $200 next year this clown will probably just raise his 'valuation range' each quarter and keep the hold rating.
Personally I don't even focus on iPad vs iPhone unit sales.  I combined them.  The line between iPad and iPhone has been blurred because of the iPadMini and 6+.  I consider then one product with different screen sizes.   Here are the numbers if you combine iPad/iPhone (thanks to my friend on fatwallet)   Total iOS devices (iPad+iPhone) Q1-2014 - 77.0 million Q1-2015 - 95.8 million Unit growth - 24% Total iOS Revenue Q1-2014 - 44 Billion Q1-2015 - 60 Billion Revenue...
No it wasn't. Once the earnings were released at 4:30pm price went straight up. I know because i have 1,000 shares and was watching it like a hawk
I dont even know if you are joking
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