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 Even for Christians who are not ignorant of Dec 25th's pagan roots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20PQPrHFjnA Its hilarious that people actually think Jesus was born on Dec25th in the middle east while its close to 40 degrees. What kind of sheperds would leaving their sheep on the fields in the dead of winter. Dec25th is the winter Equinox in Rome and the birth day of the rising SUN. In fact Christians never celebrated Jesus birth until 400 years after he died.
 that you can't understand the difference between working at an amusment park and killing other humans is your failure.
 BS. sharing from the heart?  More like forced to buy gifts or else you will be an outcast. Real sharing from the heart happens when you buy a gift for your wife/kids on a random day 
 And what if you don't believe in worshiping the SUN GOD on Dec 25th?
ApplePay is the nuts.   Merchants will find out soon enough.   Before ApplePay I've went to WholeFoods a grand total of 5 times in 9 years (keep in mind this is Austin the birthplace of Wholefoods)   Since ApplePay I've went to WholeFoods a DOZEN times.   Merchants that participate in ApplePay show they CARE about customers data and security. For the rest I give them a big FU
weak demand   /s
 like how they caught up with iOS? dont think so. TouchID is a combination of hardware/software and the Android partners have been a total fail in that department
 easy work around. All you need to do is reboot your phone. You need to enter the passcode after reboot or 24 hours of non use. I doubt any law enforcement would be able to force you to open your phone within 24 hours of being arrested. You could easily stall and say your lawyer needs to show up first.
And yet there are still idiots on this very forum that said TouchID is no big deal and that Android could EASILY copy this feature.   In fact some dope here was hyping some ripoff Chinese POS phones that bragged about having a fingerprint sensor without swiping.   If Google/Moto can't make a good TouchID clone you think a POS Chinese company can? Hell no.   TouchID has yet to be duplicated successfully.
Looks like those would be LOOLLOOOOLLLOLOLLLOLLLOLLLLL Tell me sir what was Apple's market cap at the peak of Steve Job's reign and now compare it to now.
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