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 Amazon/Tesla are not in the same situation as Apple.Apple is a mature company.  Mature companies need to make profits and increase profits.  Amazon/Tesla need to grow revenue. I'm just talking about Apple. In 2013 Apple's earnings shrunk - the stock went downIn 2014 earnings grew - stock went up.It really that simple. Traders don't have the power to drive the stock price down no matter how hard they try if earnings is growing.  The large funds sold when Apple's earnings...
Maybe its time for Apple to pay some marketing dollars to IDC and Gartner?
 Here is the final answer on this 10%+ growth for USA Mac Sales. http://fortune.com/2014/07/28/pc-sales-estimates-how-the-sausage-gets-made/[Note: The language Apple CFO Luca Maestri used in his prepared remarks -- "We achieved strong double digit Mac growth across many countries, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, Australia, China, India and the Middle-East" -- is open to interpretation. Does the growth rate apply to the set of countries listed,...
 Like the phone industry you need to find the first company willing to play ball like AT&T. Once the other companies start to lose customers because of not having an iTV they will bend just like Verizon and Sprint did.
 Problem is Apple wants to bring it all out at the same time and blow away the competition. How successful would iPod be without iTunes?Or iPad without AppStore? If Apple releases all their UI improvements this year and no new content the other players will simply copy their UI.
IMO, Apple needs to open its own TV studio if they are really serious about TV.    Then negotiate deals with the NFL, NBA, and MLB.
Probably Xiaomi gave backdoor access to the Chinese government in exchange for smear campaign against Apple.
 Enter Jimmy Iovine
this is why I'll never buy a Chinese brand phone
 No they can't. The stock went down in 2013 because earnings shrunk by 10-15% per quarter.Traders can't control this stock by themselves.  The large funds control much more of the stock than any trading group. The stock went up recently because earnings growth is back. Very simple.  Grow earnings = stock goes up.  Shrink earnings = stock goes down.
New Posts  All Forums: