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Looks like Benny Frost will be paying more for his 4 inch iPhone 6S
 you just don't get it.  Which is fine.  Most analysis and writer hacks don't either. Anyone who has a clue knows that half of the cost of the iPhone comes from software/ecosystem/customer service costs. Just because Apple does not 'charge' for their OS does not mean they are not a software company just as much as a hardware company. Lets get real.  The Samsung S6 is 95% match to the hardware in the iPhone6.  But they won't sell half as many because of the...
 Calling Apple a hardware company is showing a lack of understanding. Apple is a platform and lifestyle company. When you buy an iPhone you are not just buying the hardware.  You are buying the OS, ecosystem, customer services, ect.  All that other stuff (or the 10% you call it) costs a TON of money.  I'm pretty sure the software/ecosystem stuff actual costs Apple just as much as the raw materials/parts of the iPhone. It is just very difficult to charge for software, OS...
 Are you telling me American/European companies don't cheat and steal also?
 Your lack of understanding on this matter.  Apple is not a hardware company.  Tim Cook has said this already.  They deliver an experience.  A lifestyle.  What they are selling is a combination of hardware, software, and services. Yes Apple sells hardware.  But without the software, services, ect (Ecosystem) that hardware could easily become commodized. To compare Apple to hardware companies of the past like HP, Dell, ect is...
 good point. a pixel on an OLED display and an LCD display is different. A 1080p OLED display will look much more pixelized than an LCD display. Brief explanation: A screen with a pentile arrangement has pixels that consist of two sub-pixels: One green sub-pixel and either a red sub-pixel or a blue one.So, if a pen-tile display needs to display white (you need both red, green and blue to display white), a pixel has to “borrow” a red or blue sub-pixel from a nearby pixel....
 But Apple is not primarily a hardware company. It the ecosystem. Even Microsoft who has been terriblily managed for a decade has been able to thrive and make tons of profits because they are based on an ecosystem (Windows/Office).  Its 100x harder to dethrone a company that has a strong eco system (Apple/Microsoft) than a pure hardware company (HP, Dell, ect)
 Again.  Your techno blabber means jack shit. Real world performance is all that matters.  And once again the Samdung phones will continue to be slower and more laggy than the iPhone because of a crappy OS and touchWiz.
 And all that means ZERO. Wait till we see real world speed.  My guess is like every single year the Samdung will still lag and overheat way faster then the iPhone.
Finally one of the analysis get it.   Its not about hardware.  Anyone can copy a phone (see Samdung)    Its about the ecosystem.  Something none of the Apple competitiors can duplicate no matter how hard they try.  Once Wall street realizes this they we see that Apple's moat is MASSIVE and cheaper phones won't be able to threaten their growth or margins.
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