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 You are missing out big time if you are still on iPad1/ipad2. I can't see upgrading from iPad3/iPad4 to Air but iPad1/iPad2 look and feel like dinosaurs compared to Air
 agree.  Remember in 2013 when the stock was down? Tim said don't bet against Apple.  The stock went up 70% and we are now at all time highs.
So why would Apple make two versions of the flash? Cause they are making two phones. 5.5 is real.
Q1 2014 - iPad unit growth up 14% Q2 2014 - growth down Q3 2014 - growth down   I mean seriously.  iPad is down two quarters and everyone is acting like iPads are done?  Ridiculous.  
 No it won't.   For someone who wants a large screen like the Note3 the 4.7 won't do. The 4.7 phone's screen area is actually 40% smaller than a 5.5 phone.The 4.7 phone's screen area is actually  50% smaller than the 5.7 Note3. If Apple wants to destroy Samdung they NEED to release the 5.5.And thats the main reason why I have absolute confidence they will release the 5.5.It just makes too much business sense 
 Tim Cook said iPhone5C demand "turned out to be different than we thought,"He NEVER said he was DISAPPOINTED in the 5C.  It simply was the 5S was so amazing that so many people went for the flagship.  Again he NEVER said they were DISAPPOINTED in the 5C.  It was nearly impossible for Apple to predict the right demand mix for the 5S/5C because this was the first time that they ever released two new phones at once.   You can twist it all you want.  But in Q2 and Q3...
 Show me where Apple said they were disappointed in 5C sales.   I guess you are chicken.  Fine.  Glad we got that cleared up.  You talk a big game but not willing to risk a self ban.  On the other hand I'm willing to back up my words.
 So what does the C in iPhone5C mean?
 So are you going to chicken out on my bet or what? If Apple stops making the 5S this year you need to ban yourself for a month.If Apple keeps on making the 5S this year than I'll ban myself for a month. The winner reserves the right to unban the loser at any time. Stop skirting the issue.  Are you game or what?
  The 5C was the #2 phone in the entire world for months.  It was VERY effective. Not only did it sell a boat load but it also increased Apple's margins.
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