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 dude you are trying to hard. You probably though the iPhone's home button was fugly. I haven't heard a single legit tech person say the crown is lame.  Most agree its a great way to zoom/scroll without blocking the screen. You got humilated by Slurpy.  Just stop.
 Dude.  Stop embarrasing yourself.  you got SLAVED by Slurpy. Stop making more embarrasing than it has to be.
 I approve this message. I nominate Slurpy as the official Troll Slayer of Apple Insider.
 Watch Google buy them next month. Bottom line is this will be a very niche product.
 nice try.
So now I need to buy 5 different bands to do the same thing as an AppleWatch?   no thank you.   This is like buying an mp3 player, digital camera, cell phone, net book, DVD player to do the same thing as an iPhone
 learn to read.Properly.
 I'd say 1 million tops on first day of pre-order
This is a low ball figure.   I think we see 65-70 million iPhones in the Dec Qtr   The lineup is incredibly solid at all price points with the 5C and 5S as mid tier phones   I literally cannot think of a single reason to buy an Android phone at this point unless you need to spend less than $450
 Name me another company that sells a premium phone at 4 inches and sells tens of millions? There is none. Bottom line is the majority of people want phones larger than 4 inches. You seriously think the world's most valuable company did not research this?  What next?  Will  you begging for a 3 inch phone?
New Posts  All Forums: