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Dont think they will make gold plated. That will flake off and looks very cheap.Apple is going for luxury not cheap.
I follow the gold watch market and there is no way apple can made a solid 18k watch with less than 1/2 ounce of gold. No watch on the market with 1/2 ounce gold cost less than $2000. Even the generic no name chinese brands.It comes down to physical limitations (minimum of 1/2 ounce gold) and the watch market. If Apple is striving to be a luxury brand they cannot be selling gold watches for less than no name chinese brands.Now if the watch is gold plated then all bets...
Its for added security. If a theif has your keyfob they can drive off with your car.But if they get your watch they would also need your fingerprint or iphone password.
I agree. It will need killer features, like any other product that cost $350 - $1000.Replacing your car keys is a nice feature but not a top20 reason to buy the watch for me.
You are acting like unlocking your car would be the only function of the watch. Its just one of the 50 things i'd use my watch for. And its not about weight but volume in my pocket.
Good for you. My dealership is 40 minutes away. It takes me 5 minutes to fill my tires, just did it this week.
Show me a solid 18k watch for under $2000. There is none.So you are expecting Apple to have the CHEAPEST gold watch on the market? Even cheaper than Chinese brands? Get real. You only need common sense to realize the watch will cost more than $2000.Even when gold was $600 an ounce there was no gold watch for under $2000. How can you expect that now when gold is $1200? You do realize half an ounce is pretty much the absolute minimum amount of gold you need to make the...
I do know how it works. My G35 has it.You could use your phone but what would be your backup? With a phone and watch you have a backup. In addition I'd probably keep a fob hidden in the car somewhere. Personally i'd love not lugging my fob with me. Ideally you could open your car with your fingerprint
Because it takes 1 hour to drive to the dealership and get it checked
Apple does not need a solid watch launch to reach 150. As long as they grow revenue 20% and profit 25-30% the next two quarters we will see $150. That can be done with just iPhone growth. The Watch is just icing on the cake this year.
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