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Oh god.You are calling a product that sells 200 million units a year a niche product?
Where there is smoke, there is fire.This is just like the Beats deal.Its happening, deal with it.
IMO they should no longer separate Tablets with Phones. With the rise of the Apple 5.5 phone the lines are blured. They should just report total iPhones/iPads much like they combined Mac sales (Macbook/iMac) They should report only total Mac's sold and total iOS devices. No reason to separate iPads. Literally no else reports this data.
I agree 100% with this article.   Wall Streets BS about Google will end with a crash.   For the 2nd Quarter Google reported $4.99 EPS.  Compared to 2nd Quarter 2013 of $4.77.  That is earnings growth of a PATHETIC 4.6%.  So how on earth is Google given a 30 PE when earnings are growing less than 5%.   https://investor.google.com/earnings/2014/Q2_google_earnings.html   While Apple showed EPS growth of 15% Wall street gives Apple a PE of under 16.  Total and utter...
 So you think MB is fixing your timing belt for free out of warranty?  Not going to happen.  A timing belt like breaks is a wear and tear item.  Just like a battery. There is a very good reason why Apple seals the battery in the iphone. If my battery died out of warranty I would gladly pay the $80 to replace it.  I don't expect batteries to last forever and neither should you.
 Good job jumping to conclusions about me.  Seriously.  Just because I tell someone to replace their $80 battery I'm now a trust fund baby?  I mean really. I understand the value of money.  I work hard.  I save money.  Trust me, I understand about saving.  In fact I didn't have a smartphone till last year.  My phone plan was costing me $10 a month. But when I decided to get an iPhone I understood the costs and benefits.  I understand it will costs money to maintain it. ...
 Get a battery case then. If you dont care about thickness.  The rest of us normal people like a phone that is thin, light, and pocketable.  Why should the rest of us sacrifice this just because you watch Netflix all day on your phone?
 Things go wrong with electronics.  Deal with it.  I mean seriously.  You are wiling to pay $700-$900 for a phone, willing to pay $100 a month on a your phone service, yet are not willing to pay $80 to replace the battery! Batteries die.  Its a FACT of life.  No matter how well they are made.  Its a consumable item.  The guy probably got unlucky since most people's battery last 3 years or more.  Just because something is expensive and high quality does not mean it should...
 Out of warranty is out of warranty.  If you received FREE repairs in the past consider yourself lucky.  Just don't expect a $600B company to give every one free repairs out of warranty.  Name me another company that does? I never said Android is for poor people.  But facts are facts and you can buy numerous Android phones unlocked for $100-$200.  Maybe you should look at those if $80 is such a big deal.  If plugging in your phone several times a day is no big deal than...
I guess Kuo was spewing massive BS
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