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 shipped vs sold.  Who cares. Fact is when you have TENS OF THOUSANDS of retail stores that sell your product it is virtually impossible to figure out how many units were actually sold.   Even Apple only gets sold figures from their Apple stores.
 More proof (or common sense) its high end phones that make money. http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/29/samsung-q3-2014/  "That's not a bad haul for most companies in the July to September period, but last year Samsung proudly celebrated a record profit of $9.6 billion and now it's down to less than half that. Now the company is breaking down the reasons behind the drop, and everything starts with the flagship Galaxy S smartphones. " More...
 June2013 Qtr Samsung mobile had $6.28 billion in operating profit. http://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsung/ir/ireventpresentations/earningsrelease/downloads/2012/20130726_conference_eng.pdf June2013 Apple had about $11 billion in operating profit.  The mobile division (80%) was about $8.80 billion 6.28 billion vs 8.80 billion is pretty close. That was when Apple did not have a large phone. _______ Now lets look at the last quarter when the iPhone6 was available. Apple had...
 are you serious! You think Samsung makes their profit on $200 phones?  Are you brain dead? So why is Samsung's mobile profits down 70% from its peak even though units are only down 10%? If low end phones are money makers why aren't Xiaomi, Nokia, ect making any money?  They all sell millions of low end phones.  But they make ZERO profit.
use google.  don't be lazy. I hear stats on unit sales all the time from other industries.
 Wrong.  Like I said in Jun 2013 both Apple and Samsung made $10 billion in operating profit. Even Appleinsider admitted this: "Looked at honestly, Apple and the entirety of Samsung Electronics are both making nearly equal amounts of money, but Samsung is relying on much larger volumes of lower quality products to keep up." http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/27/samsung-has-not-dethroned-apple-in-mobile-profits
 All of Samsung's high margin smartphones are large phones (larger than 4 inches) Do you really think they made their big profits from selling $200 'smartphones'?
 Look at Samsung's profits. There profit are down 70% from its peak a few years ago.yet their unit sales are only down 10%. Use your brain and you see they are selling way less top end phones.
 alot lower than last year.  and much lower than the year before. how do I know? Cash don't lie.  Profits at Samsung are down 70% while unit sales are only down 10%.  That means they are selling way more cheap ass phones and far fewer top end phones.
 Car companies.Video game console makers.Video game makers.App makers.Coffee makers.do i need to go on?
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