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Simmons sucks.  
 Google data mines to sell ads.  
 Its common sense.   But we will know for sure when Alphabet reports Google seperate from the other companies.
 I said 99% of PROFITS not REVENUE. Take out all of Google's advertising profits and you are left with a bunch of divisions that make no profit or are losing money = Nest, Car, Google Fiber, Google Health, ect. The only thing that makes profit is GooglePlay store.
 I went in the Microsoft Store for laughs.  
 Samsung was found guilty of copying.  Deal with it.
 Google makes 99% of their profits from advertising and data mining.  Pretty obvious what they will do with the Nest data.
 I didn't say you don't need to purchase anything else.  You need to buy a HomeKit compliant thermostat. But why waste your money on a Nest thermostat when you can control everything with AppleHome/Hub?  No reason to have to run 2 different apps for your home.
 Another Jewel from 2012. "Guh, just get it over with. Global depression. Bring it on. Anything to end this stupid roller coaster ride of nonsense."Tallest Skil, March 2012 http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/145452/verizon-wireless-teases-something-is-coming-ahead-of-apples-ipad-event#post_2063800  July 2011 "What happens when our country defaults, has a depression, and can't guarantee those anymore?...
   "This isn't a depression. A depression will be what happens in the spring after food prices skyrocket this winter because of a combination of two summers in a row where the corn crop was anemic and the weather we're expected to get in the coming months (I've heard "like the winters of the late '70s" from multiple sources)."  Tallest Skil - 07/25/12 http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/151489/apple-attributes-growth-slowdown-to-sluggish-economy-rumors-of-new-products/40
New Posts  All Forums: