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 learn to read.Properly.
 I'd say 1 million tops on first day of pre-order
This is a low ball figure.   I think we see 65-70 million iPhones in the Dec Qtr   The lineup is incredibly solid at all price points with the 5C and 5S as mid tier phones   I literally cannot think of a single reason to buy an Android phone at this point unless you need to spend less than $450
 Name me another company that sells a premium phone at 4 inches and sells tens of millions? There is none. Bottom line is the majority of people want phones larger than 4 inches. You seriously think the world's most valuable company did not research this?  What next?  Will  you begging for a 3 inch phone?
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 you should switch to Tmobile and give AT&T the middle finger. Thats what i did last year
 not for long.  Last quarter Samdung's profits were down 25%, sales down 20%.  Their profits have been the down the last 4 quarters.  Their profits are the lowest since 2012.  They are RAPIDLY falling of the cliff. Fact is the high end will be DOMINATED by Apple with the 6.The mid/low end will get CRUSHED by Chinese makers like Xiamio who make phones that look better than SAmdung for half the price. Just watch the next 4 quarters.  Samdung will continue to fall.  Then they...
 I don't think that would be possible, unless the bezel was as thick as the 4.7 inch phone
But,But,but,but,butt,butter.....thought no one wants large phones?   I thought all wanted 4 inch phones? huh?
 Lost the war? Apple is selling 150,000,000 high end phones a year while Samdung is selling 80,000,000. I fully expect that Samsung will be just another Android manufacter in 12 months.  I fully expect their profits to drop another 40% and their mobile division executives to get fired.  It. Is. OVER.  The only advantage Samdung has was larger screen.  With that gone Samdung is screwed.
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