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 Show me where Apple said they were disappointed in 5C sales.   I guess you are chicken.  Fine.  Glad we got that cleared up.  You talk a big game but not willing to risk a self ban.  On the other hand I'm willing to back up my words.
 So what does the C in iPhone5C mean?
 So are you going to chicken out on my bet or what? If Apple stops making the 5S this year you need to ban yourself for a month.If Apple keeps on making the 5S this year than I'll ban myself for a month. The winner reserves the right to unban the loser at any time. Stop skirting the issue.  Are you game or what?
  The 5C was the #2 phone in the entire world for months.  It was VERY effective. Not only did it sell a boat load but it also increased Apple's margins.
 iPhone 5SC sounds quite awkward. IF they are goinging away from the number designation they should do so across the whole line: iPhonePro - 5.5iPhone Air - 4.7iPhone Mini - 4.0 - 5S in plastic - in different colors as the 5C******iPhone 5C - only for India, China, Russia, Brazil.  Only in White Color.
 Short memory much? 
 Problem is the 5S is very expense to make because of its metal case.  And charging $100 less would kill margins.
 What is the iPhone 6C?Would that be a 5S in plastic shell?Or a 6 in a plastic shell? I don't think Apple would do either.  I don't think they want to tarnish the 6 name by repackaging a 5S and calling it a 6C.Nor do I think they can justify charging $100 less for a 6 in a plastic shell. I do like the first two names. iPhone Pro - 5.5 - $750iPhone Air - 4.7 - $650iPhone Color - 4.0 - basically 5S in plastic - $550iPhone 5C - $400
 Just look at the last 2 quarters http://investor.apple.com/financials.cfm Quarter ending March 2014 - Gross Margin - 39.3%Quarter ending March 2013 - Gross Margin - 37.5% Quarter ending June 2014 - Gross Margin - 37.5%Quarter ending June 2013 - Gross Margin - 36.9% Also keep in find that in 2014 Apple increased their warranty accrual significantly.  They also adjusted down gross margins because of free software.  Thus the March 2014 and June 2014 margins would be over 40%...
Here we come iPhone Color   FY 2015 lineup: iPhone 6 Air - 5.5 inch, Sapphire, Faster A8 - starts at $750 iPhone 6 - 4.7 inch - starts at $650 iPhone Color - basically iPhone5S in plastic - starts at $550 iPhone 5C - only 8 and 16GB - starts at $400   Why the change in name?  Because Apple does not want to tarnish the iPhone6 name on a 4 inch plastic phone with last years internals.  They cannot call it the iPhone6C. Plus they are transitioning to a non-number...
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