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 There are definite pluses to streamlining the product lines as far as costs go. Thinking about it you are probably right.  Apple does not need to complete with those $99 tiny tablets.  This would actually follow the pattern of the iPhone. A line up of 9.7 and 12.9 tablets would definitely increase margins and profits.  And the 12.9 tablet could really fit the home entertainment arena.
 No reason to kill it as long as they can incremental sales out of it and stops competitors from dominating the small tablet niche. Apple has all bases covered: If you need anything bigger go get a MacBook
If I was Google I would be quaking in my boots right now.   Its painfully obvious that its Apple not Google that knows how to integrate advertising on a mobile platform.
 Since when was the A7 a gimped product?  You are speaking drivel.  The Mini3 is an AMAZING tablet and literally the 2nd best tablet in the entire world. This is like expecting a BMW 325 to have all the features the BMW 750 has.  Its not called a FLAGSHIP for nothing. The A5 mini is targeted at little kids and extremely price sensitive people.  Like a gateway drug, it will introduce many to the Apple ecosystem. Again why the fuk are you questioning Apple management?  Have...
 Thanks for your in depth commentary on the subject
 BINGO! I've said it many times before:  The iPadMini Retina was literally the best product value Apple has ever offered.For $399 it was ridiculously cheap.
 Let the consumer decide that.  Some will choose to pay for the touchID and some won't. That's like saying consumers won't pay $100 for 32GB vs 16GB.  IMO its better to just consider the Mini2 and Mini3 as the same line.  Just the Mini3 has TouchID.
 Its not that they can't support it.  Its that they did not know what the mix of Mini vs Air was going to be.  Same thing happenned with the 5C vs 5S last year.  So you want apple to be stubborn and not be dynamic like the market?  Silly. Also with the introduction of the PLUS there is more reason to discourage Mini sales. The Mini is now a specialized product.  Its for people who need to get the cheapest device or need a screen smaller than 9.7 inches.  There really isn't...
 Battery is smaller but A8X is more efficent than A7
Apple makes close to ZERO profit on iPadMini   Company wide gross margins are about 38%. Cook has said time and time again that iPadMini margins are much lower than other products. Most estimates are at 30% gross margins.   Apple had about $170B in revenue in previous fiscal year Admin/Selling/Tax was $29B. That equals a 17% SGA allocation   Sell Price: $399 Gross Cost: $280 (based on 30% Gross Margin) Admin/Sell/Tax: $68 (based on 17% SGA) Profit: $50   A...
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