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 Yes, like how it happenned last quarter. NOT!  And why would it give you pleasure for a stock to tank? If Apple shows 20-30% revenue growth and 25-30% EPS growth with strong guidance this stock will not tank on Tuesday. The reason the stock tanked in previous Dec Qtr's (2012) was because profit growth was negative YoY.
  So where all the clowns in this forum who said the 6+ would be a massive failure? Hiding.   Now they are saying the Watch will be a massive failure.  When will these Apple doubters learn?  
it was for holiday pay. Looks like Mr Cook worked during thanksgiving and Christmas, ect.the legit business sites are reporting this.
She was the CEO of Burberry and turned them around from close to Bankruptcy to massive profitability.You guys just need to calm down and stop being so jealous about what $ people make.These salaries are not unsual for top executive pay for MegaCap companies. The top executives at Google/Microsoft made just as much or more money.
These salaries are not unusual. These are the market salaries for top Executives in a MegaCap company. If Apple did not offer these salaries most of the top executives would leave. They are getting paid simular salaries as Microsoft, Google, and Walmart executives. Would you be willing to get paid $50,000 if someone was offering the same job for $500,000? Of course not. Stop being judgemental and jealous.You should get mad at executives like the clowns at GTAT who make...
welcome to the 21st century. Its so obvious you have an agenda.  From the very beginning you have been bashing the AppleWatch at every opportunity.  Why don't you just wait and let the product come out before you judge it. Pazuzu is a Duzu
 There's one problem with this new strategy: The people with excellent credit will be subsidizing those with bad credit who default.
T-mobile is great.   So glad they are stirring things up.   In 2005 under AT&T I had 2 lines, ZERO data, ZERO texting, and 500 shared minutes for $85 a month. Now under T-mobile I have 2 lines, unlimited 4G data, text, voice, 10GB of hotspot 4G LTE (for ipads) for $100 a month   POS AT&T can die
 huh? Jan 27th 4pm EST
This is why I think Apple should report total iOS devices (iPad+iPhone) and not separate them.   The lines between the iPad Mini and 6+ are blurred.     It will also not give Wall Street an excuse to bash iPad sales
New Posts  All Forums: