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he old   Cook: let us bring back our money at 10% rate Hatch: ok
iPhone6 subplanted by Anroid GoPhone in Congo
 I have no idea how any reasonable person can criticize a company for selling a 64GB phone for the same price as last years 32GB phone.
 Don't forget the PE of 18 for Apple is based on last fiscal years profits. I'm expecting Apple to grow earnings 20-25% next year. So with a 18 PE next year this is safely in the $140-$150 range
 There's no money in a TV streamer so whats the point? Once there is money to be had (controlling the content) than Apple will step up to the plate.  There is ZERO reason for Apple to show its cards this early in the game. IMO here is Apples road map: 2014/2015 - large iPhones, larger iPads2015/2016 - iWatch2017 - TV with content deals
 dude, none of us live forever so whats your point.
$140 in 12 months is a reasonable target
 Exactly. Usage would show the real story. But of course we all know Apple would dominate usage and that would make ParkResearch customers mad (Google, Roku, Amazon)
 But those 'events' are not releasing 'research' that shows Apple is usurping the competition. Believe what you want.  But I won't take the 'research' of a company that is getting paid by the very companies they are researching.  Why would ParksResearch shoot themself in the foot by releasing research that shows their clients are LOSING (Google, Amazon, Roku) They are just like IDC.  They release 'research' that makes their clients look good.  Apple is NOT one of their...
 Goldman sacks event.Tim Cook at D11.Ive at design conference.Cook at WSJ event. But that's not my point.  Parks Research makes money by selling 'research' to companies like Google, Amazon, and Roku.  And its so hilarious that those same 3 are special speakers at Parks Research big event. Looks more like scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
New Posts  All Forums: