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 Yet the plastic 5C outsold every single BIG phone in Dec-Feb.  Totally crushed it.  Below are worldwide sales not just US.  http://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2014/04/03/apples-iphone-5s-still-the-top-selling-smartphone-worldwide/?partner=yahootix
Oh wow.  The 5C is such a 'failure'.   Its just blasted the GalaxyS4, Note3, and every other phone in the universe not named 5S.   FU wall street and your BS.   5C is the 2nd best selling phone in the entire world from Dec-Feb2014   http://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2014/04/03/apples-iphone-5s-still-the-top-selling-smartphone-worldwide/?partner=yahootix
the logo looks like an old school crt tv dot matrix....
 The size difference between the 5S and a bezeless 4.7 iPhone6 will be minimal. Like the iPod the iPhone will have a more diverse line of products.  iPod has the shuffle, Classic, nano, and touch.  I can easily see more iPhone variants because massive growth is now done. Possible line up Low tier: iPhone C $450Mid tier: iPhone Air (4 inch screen, ultra thin) $650High tier: iPhone Pro (4.7 inch screen and 5.5 inch) $700-$750
The same NewYork Times that spews FUD about Apple monthly?   F-them. 
 Well then its time Apple use some of that $150B to buy politicians.  Its part of the game.  No way on earth can Amazon match Apple's budget for buying support.
 Almost 200,000,000 sold Galaxy phones the last 2 years says otherwise.  The only advantage of Samsung Galaxy phones over the iPhone is size.  Literally every single person I've spoke to who owns a Galaxy says it the size of the screen that made them buy it instead of an iPhone. IMO they should have a 4 and a 5 inch phone. 
Universal remotes dont suck. You need to buy a decent remote not a $20 pos.In my media room i have a 92 inch projector connected to my cable box, AppleTV, bluray player, and AVR. I control all of that with ease with one remote. In fact i can turn on/off and dim my lights with the same remote.IMO they should release a set top box and all in one. They really dont need to sell that many all in one TV's, it would be a HALO product like the MacPro. The volume seller would...
Gorilla Glass is extremely flawed.  The reason is GG is covered by a thin layer of material that keeps the glass relatively stronger than regular glass.  But that thin layer material is not very scratch resistant.  And once that thin layer is scratched the entire plate is severely weakened.  On the other hand sapphire is not a layered product.  The entire crystal is strong and resists scratches much better.   Gorilla Glass = man wearing a bullet proof suit.  Once the...
 If its a software problem than how come 99.99% have no problems with touchID?
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