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I think one major pillar for content Apple should focus on is live Sports in the US.  Specifically the NFL.   DirectTV has the rights to all non-local NFL games.  They are paying $1.5 billion a year to the NFL for it.  Even though they only have about 2-3 million subscribers who pay $300 a year.  The are losing a TON of money on that contract.  Apple needs to negotiate with DirectTV to buy NFL subscriptions in bulk.  Even if it means not making a dime it would be a huge...
Beats electronics will make $1 billion in profits a year by 2017.   Easily making the Beats acquistion an incredible move by Apple.  Compare that to what Google is doing with Nest.  LOL.
 You can bring up what Steve actually did.Or what Mussolini actually did. You are treading on dangerous water when you say Steve WOULD DO THIS TODAY.  Or Steve would NOT DO THIS TODAY.  You don't know what he would or would not do.  That's my point. You could have made your point about the user experience without dragging Steve in the mud.   Let the man rest in peace.
 People said the same thing about Maps.Same thing about Music.Same thing about Search. They do need to be in content creation.  Its all about ECO-SYSTEM.  How do you have an ecosystem without content?  This is not 2008.  The game has changed.  Right now its all about ECO-SYSTEM.  Any move to strengthen your ecosystem is a smart move.  Apple could lose money on their content creation division and still be a success if it strengthens their ecosystem and sells more...
 Or just read? The caption is as clear as day.  My apologies to those who can't read.
nice feature
 dude just admit it.   You F'up.    You simply looked at the picture and framed your opinion.   Anyone who actually READ the article or even just the picture CAPTION would not have reached your conclusion.  Come clean.  Did you actually read the article before you posted your opinion?  Don't lie now.
 just stating facts.  Anyone who actually read the article or AT LEAST THE CAPTION would know the stores are not complete.
 I see zero problem with Apple expanding their product line. You say too many irons in the fire?  Guess what?  Apple has multiple fires dude.  I would agree with you if Apple was running out of money and in debt (like Amazon) or their revenue was shrinking and new products were not profitable (like Google).  But Apple is making MASSIVE profits and has massive excess cash.  This is EXACTLY the time to invest in new products/services that will carry Apple through the next...
 Do you want me a total stranger to say YOUR FATHER would do this.  Or YOUR FATHER would do that.  Or YOUR MOTHER would have cheated with that guy?   Leave it alone man.   You don't know Steve so I have the right to tell you to stop saying you know EXACTLY what he would or would not do.  You don't know.  The only people who know are his Wife, guys like Tim Cook, Woz, ect.  
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