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 Ballmer is smarter than you also.  Thanks for making my point for me. Just makes me laugh at people like you who so easily criticize executives.  Yet you have not even achive 1/1000  of what they have. 
 WRONG.  He does not have the right to view that game in his market.
 Don't buy it then. I'm having crazy fun with my AppleTV. Watching live NBA games on NBA app.Watching Netflix.Playing Golden Axe, SuperMario Brothers, Zelda, Streets of Rage, and Ms Pac Man.Singing Karoke with Sing (using iPhone as a Mic)Viewing pictures and video with StorehouseGet quick peak-ins at weather and sports stores.Rewinding movies/shows by how many seconds I want ( rewind 30 seconds)Open Apps using SiriPlaying Pictionary with iPadPro + Pencil + AirPlay But go...
 Street Fight 2 is also a great game on the SNES.Also paying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles in time on the SNES.Got Golden Axe on Genesis.Zelda and Metroid on NES. Friken crazy awesome.  Then I got the new games like Geometry wars3, Does not commute, and even Sing Karoke is fun.  Added Storehouse photo app, weather App, NBA App......The potential of this AppleTV is nuts. The games I'm running on the emulator are games I've owned.  Most of the games are over 20...
And thats why the keyboard cost $169.   Its high FRIKEN quality.  The keyboard will probably last more than 5 years and you will probably be able to use it with an iPad Pro3 in a couple of years. While if you buy a POS cheap crap it will break in a year or two.   but if you want to be cheap and have 2nd class goods, well go right ahead and buy some cheap POS.
 You know nothing about marketing.Leave it to the professionals.Theres a reason why Schiller makes $10 million a year and you don't.
 give me a break.Go on your little cry baby rant somewhere else.... (goes back to playing Super Mario World on Apple TV)
 Stock will forever be undervalued as long as its at Wall Streets mercy.It will never be fairly valued until they go private.No sense even talking about it. Its a FACT OF LIFE that Apple will be undervalued and manipulated. The only time in the last 5 years the stock was not undervalued was for a brief time in 2012 when it was $700 for a few hours. Wall Street just spews out lies and bullshit and the stock drops.Then FACTS come out and the stock does not recover. In...
LLOOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLLOOLLOLOL.   This is like McDonalds partnering with Whole Foods to create a more healthy burger.
 dont worry about it.  The chances of getting cited for not having a drone license is nill
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