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 Apple will not sell the 6/6+ at a $100 discount compared to the 6S. That will lead to massive canibalization at the high end (people choosing the cheaper 6/Plus). Do you think people will be willing to pay an extra $100 just for force touch and a slightly faster CPU?  Hell no.  Most will opt for the 6 for $100 less.  Apple learned this with the iPhone5 and 5S launches.
 That's simpleton thinking.  Using price points there are 6 tiers. iPhone 6+ 128MB  $950iPhone 6+  64MB $850 The 6 is the top tier.  Want a bigger screen?  Pay $100 more.  Want more memory?  Pay $100 more.  In all the ads Apple advertises BOTH phones together (6/6+).  Apple views them as the same tier. The tiers are basic: Top tier = brand new phoneMid tier = 1 year old phone repackagedBottom = 2 year old phone
 Not going to happen.  Apple has already showed its hand with the 5S rollout. No way on earth will they sell the 6 for $99.  That will do massive canibalization of the 6S. Top end - 6S/PlusMid - 6C - 4 inch metal phone, 4 inch screenBottom - 5S end of story. If you think Apple will do something different you have not been paying attention the last 3 years
 6/6+ are the same tier (top end)
 Apple is not keeping the 6/6+ when the 6S comes out. They will follow the same pattern as when the 5S came out, they got rid of the 5 to avoid canibalization at the high end
 apple always has 3 tiers of iPhones. what would be the bottom tier if not 5S?
 Agree with most of your points.  For sure the 6/6+ is gone. 6S+ - $7506S - $650 6C - basically a smaller version of the 6.  Metal, 4 inch screen, A8. - $5505S - $450 Only thing I'm not sure if they can fit all the internals of the 6 in a skinny frame 4 inch phone.
 WRONG.  If you are talking about poor countries than yes.  But even that is changing. If what you are saying is true and then there would be ZERO reason to have smartphones.  A flipphone would do just fine. But you are dead wrong.  Most people who buy iPhones or $500+ phones use it as a mini computer that just so happens to make phone calls. Just go to the stats.  See how many hours people talk on the phone versus texting, email, internet, apps.  Talking on the phone is...
 Thats your opinion.  An opinion the majority dont agree with. I'm okay with the new mid-tier phone being metal as long as the screen is 4 inches.
 iPhones come out ONCE A YEAR. Technology moves fast. No high tech company can risk being left behind by releasing phones every 2 years.
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