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 My analogy is companies try to provide what the customers want.  Customers want larger screens.  Did you not see the slide in the Samsung/Apple case that showed that Apple knows customers want larger phones?  (see pic below...duh dum!) Sales numbers show that 500,000,000 phones larger than 4 inches were sold last year. If customers don't want larger screens why is Apple releasing a 4.7 inch phone?  Why not stick to 4 inches if that's the perfect size? 
 Don't listen to me.  Listen to the hip hop culture.  Thats why i said STFU.  Go listen instead of relying on your own opinion of the product.  If Beats does not appeal to you its probably because it wasn't suppose to.
 I think that's exactly what Apple is thinking. Apple could build their own headphone brand but it would take a very long time to reach the penetration of Beats.  Its alot easier to add Tech to a device than Style.
 No.  But I do want you to show how convinced you are by agree to my friendly wager. I'm not basing my convicition in a 5.5 screen from the leaks.  I'm basing it on the market and what it wants.
 did you notice all the 15 inch TV's at the store? No?  Or tube TV's? Time's have changed.  The vast majority of buyers want larger phones. Either deal with it or live on Mars.
 IMO there will be no 5S this year after the 6 is released. 5C -6C - 4 inch screen, plastic, A7, touch ID (basically 5S in plastic)6 - 4.76L - 5.5 The 5/5S is incredibly expensive to make.  Don't think they will be willing to make those phones at a $100 discount. Apple wants to make a clear barrier between the high end phones (metal) and mid end (plastic)
 some people still prefer typewrites to PC's.some people still prefer VCR's to DVD's
 Exactly. Apple is the most valuable company in the world, the most profitable, and has the most powerful name. Yet some people here refuse to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Even though they don't even have all the information. That just shows their PURE ARROGANCE or PREJUDICE. 
 Who says beats are not high quality? And that's not even the point.  They are a fashion accessory first and foremost.Just get that through your head first. Its like arguing that a digital watch is much more accurate than a rolex so why would people choose to spend 10x more for a rolex?  Its about STYLE STUPID. (stupid is not directed to you, just a saying)
 Tasteful to you. Fashion is not FACTS.  Its opinions. Again all you old white men need to STFU already. You know nothing about the hip hop culture.  Just stop making a fool of yourself.  Just admit you don't get it and leave it alone.  You are sounding like the 60 year old man who has no idea why you would need a touch screen on a phone.
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