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 Do you know the definition of personal is?  It means ONE PERSON.   This is my PERSONAL space.This is my PERSONAL phone.This is my PERSONAL webpage.This is my PERSONAL sandwich   You backup your iPad?  You should.  If they delete something no big deal.  Its called a backup. Anyway its not Apple's fault you can't control your kids. Teach them to respect your things and you won't need multi accounts. Tell them they can only use these apps.  If they disobey than punish them....
 Its been proven in the past that Samsung isn't selling even close to the amount of tablets that IDC reports. No way in hell did Samsung sell 6 million tablets last quarter.
 Sharing a device by definition makes it less personal.  Why can't you let your kid's borrow your iPad?  You don't trust them?  You think they will look at things you don't give them permission?  What do you have to hide in the first place? if you don't trust your kid's or you are hiding something then you have MUCH BIGGER PROBLEMS to deal with than having multi user. 
 Apple still intends the iPad to be a personal device TODAY  Just buy your kids a $79 Kindle and be done with it.
 The iPad like the iPhone is a personal device.  You are trying to do something Apple never intended. Stop being cheap.  Buy your kids there own tablet.   Holmes: I have an idea to increase iPad sales. Tim Cook: Sure what is it. Holmes:  I want the iPad to have multi logins so a whole family can share a single iPad Tim Cook: You are fired.
 You tell me.  Google is the one that keeps moving the goal post. Hell Google is constantly releasing products and then 6 months later dropping all support ( Glass, NexusOne, GoogleTV, ect) I don't follow Google.  I dont care.  All I know is 99% of their devices dont get updates.
  Read this article. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3369745-microsoft-capitulation-and-the-end-of-windows-everywhere Mobile is taking over the PC.  Jobs was right. "As (hopefully) we all now understand, mobile is replacing the PC as the dominant computing platform. Smartphones sell in much larger numbers, have a much larger user base and are already close to taking a larger share of internet use than the PC in leading markets (such as the USA and UK). PCs aren't going...
 Seriously.  Used or new iPadMini's are so damn cheap right now there is no excuse not to get one for the kids.
 Its dumb because it adds unneeded complexity.  People would grumble even more about not having enough onboard memory if 4 people share an iPad.  Would you need 4 seperate AppleID's?  Who would have access to which apps?  The iPad is a simple and elegant device.  Adding multiple users would just mess that up. What next?  multiple logins for your smartphone?  Now if we are talking about iPad Pro I could see multiple users with a device that starts at 128GB.
 Google said 3 years from release date.  His time for updates will end in Oct 2015. He's on borrowed time and if we see another attack he won't have any defense using an out of date OS
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