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 You still don't understand the difference between a CRIMINAL crime vs a IP dispute?  Or using political power to throw whisteblowers into JAIL to Jobs hiding his car?  Really? I never said Apple is perfect. Never.
 LOL.  Samsung building iPhone CPUs. Thats like saying a minimum wage ditch digger should get credit for 'building' the empire state building.  Samsung is a component maker. A worker bee. They get ZERO credit for building A-class chips. 
 ARE YOU KIDDING!!!! You are comparing Obama vetoing a IP ruling to the Korean president pardoning the Samsung CEO of bribery, tax evasion, and theft?   And having bad grammar is NOT racist. Just read some of the obvious Samsung paid comments. They all have bad grammar and spelling.
Does the pencil have universal mark up ability?   For example if I have a Word document can I scribble on it? If I have an email or photo can I do the same? What about a PDF file?
 WRONG.  Those comments are not racist.  They are facts. Samsung was CAUGHT hiring students to post negative comments on message boards about other companies. Samsung Fined for Faking Reviews of Competing Productshttp://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/10/24/samsung-fined-faking-reviews-competing-products/ Samsung's CEO is a two time felon and the only reason he's not in jail is because he got pardoned by the President.  Their organization is full of bribery, theft, and threats....
 I'm sorry but isn't this an Apple fansite? If you want to bash Apple constantly head to MacRumors, they will welcome you with open arms. I'll admit I'm sort of an Apple fanboy but with good reason. They are one of the few companies remaining that actual release high quality product instead of pleasing the lowest common denominator and then make profits by violating your privacy.  What other company out there in consumer electronics makes good product?  Samsung?  Sony?...
 No it isn't.  Especially on the security side (secure enclave)
 Much thank to you loyalist Samsung fan.We much appreciate you tell truth the.Check is in the mail. SincerlyKim Samsung
 Exactly. And some people are willing to take the risk to get the 'new hot thing'.  I'm one of those people.  I bought the iPad Air, 6+, AppleTV gen4, and the iPadPro.  Despite their bugs I'm glad I did.
New Posts  All Forums: