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I want Apple to spend $100,000,000 each year on lobbying.   Not so they get favors from politicians/judges.  Just so they get fair treatment.    Look at the ebooks case, the ridiculous case that almost got older iPhones banned, and the case against Samdung.
Damn.   iPhone 6 Plus $850 phones are selling like hotcakes (64 GB which is the most popular)   Where are those idiots that said Apple needed to make a $300 iPhone?
 Please show me that Beats is losing money since Apple acquired them. If you have not noticed Beats headphones just dominated holiday sales in the US
but, but, but, a bigger iPhone would never sell....
 It was over-valued in 2012 at $702.  You can always point to a moment in time when buying a stock yields horrible returns. Espeically if you are only looking 30 months back. Go back 5 years and see what return you get with AAPL. Stock go up and down.  Wall street always does this.  They go through a rotation of under-valuing and over-value a stock. There goal is to fool retail into buying high and selling low.  With all the hype in 2012 they probably fooled a bunch of...
 No stock goes straight up no matter how well they are doing. IMO the recent stock drop from $119 to $105 was because of Yearly Options Expiration last friday.  With that out of the way I expect this to blow pass $120 and to $140 by end of the year. Wall Street was impressed by Apple the last 3 quarters.  THATS WHY THE STOCK IS UP 116% SINCE ITS LOW IN 2013.
 Wrong. Chinese New Year is in Feb
 fuk the FDA. They are run by the very drug companies they suppose to monitor.  Do you know how many people die from 'side effects' from drugs that were deemed safe by the FDA?  Tens of millions.  Throw enough money at the FDA and they will give your drug approval (say hello Phen Phen) These are the same bastards that allow POS toxins like Pink Slime to be served at McDonalds
 Nope. The reason the stock is down on a green market day is because Yearly LEAP options expire today.  MaxPain is at $100 so the market makers are trying to get this as close to $100 as possible. 
I'm an avid Samdung hater but this would be a good move by Samdung.   Blackberry has so very nice security patents and a decent OS (way better than Tizen)
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