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 you are wrong. After Yellen's speech it is EXACTLY the right time to move money from speculative companies like Tesla/Twitter/Chiptole and put it into companies that are making a oil tanker full of cash each week.
 give me a break. People here (probably you too) get pissed off when Wall Street clowns and the media spread FUD and BS lies about Apple being doomed.  Now someone like Ichan explains his support for the company and you get offended?  Tell me what Ichan said that is not true or reasonable.  What is unreasonable is the valuation of Apple at this point and Ichan is 100% correct.
 more diversified revenue stream. Cars, TV's, phones, wearables, software, services. If every thing goes as Ichan says iPhone revenue will be less than 40% of total company revenue.
 gotta pay to play. Apple ready needs to increase political donations big time. Its not that Apple is trying to buy favors.  All they need to is buy fair treatment.
 WRONG. Samsung is getting DESTROYED where it counts: Profits. The $900 million is pocket change for Apple.  The main objective is to prove to the world that Samsung is a 2nd class company and they have done it.
Who give a crap.   The lawsuits have done their job: Showed that Samsung is a copycat company not an elite innovator.   Just look at how their profits have dipped 75% the last 2 years.   Mission accomplished.
Nice.   their dark chocolate peanut butter cups are AMAZING
giving away free streaming music was stupid in the first place.   its a business model that won't lead to long term success no matter how many ads you dump in the users face.
Lies. Lies.   and more Lies.
Like i said in the original article:   Lies     Idiots at Fortune 
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