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 A white Sheet.
 But the real SMART investors realize that iPhone sales are not even the most important factor to value Apple shares. Of course most analysis don't know what is or try to hide it.
Could be the next Apple CEO
 Are you saying raising awareness for ALS and money is a bad thing? Really?  So you'd rather see more stupid stuff like the Harlem Shake or Twerking than this?
 Exactly.  This is what Amazon considers 'good' Please check your item to ensure it meets this criteria:Item shows wear from normal use Item remains in good condition with working buttons, scroll wheel, and audio Item has a flawless display (i.e. no dead spots or scratches) Item may have light scratches on the body Item includes battery, charging adapter, and USB cable And this is for acceptableItem is fairly worn from consistent use Item remains in working condition The...
 because they will raise their target to 120 once we hit 109. These analysis are IDIOTS. These are the same clowns that had 75 price targets less than a year ago.
 Gazelle provides the box and packing materials.you are going to need to buy a box, foam, ect, and pay postage or convicne a troll on ebay to pay for it. And he will probably say not to insure it or he won't pay. So you are going to use PayPay?  Then add another 3%.  Thats another $10 in fees. You will also need to wipe your phone.You will need to take photo's of your phone.  Upload it.  Start an account (not everyone has an ebay/paypal account)Write a decription. Take...
 is this the next generation of Samdung troll? if so I'm impressed.
 they can start manufactering in 10 days. That would give them a solid 6 weeks to build 20 million 5.5 phones to release in mid Oct.I doubt they will need to make as many as the 4.7
 So obvious. S - for SIZE. 5.5 iPhone6S
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