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 Its no ones fault. Blame it on the rise of phablets.  If it was just Apple's fault then Android tablets would continue to grow also.  By they have not.  The tablet is shrinking unit sales for iOS and Android. The reason is people are choosing phablets instead of tablets.  
 Could be both.  iPad mini is obvious.  But I know many people who held of upgrading their regular iPad because they don't use it as much with owning a 6+. I own an iPad Air and now I only use it at home.  I say my iPad usage has gone down about 40% since I got the 6+.  If you don't use an item as often you are less willing to shell out bucks to upgrade. The good thing is you would need to sell 3 Mini's to make the profit of a single 6+
Straight from the earnings conference call:   "We do not participate in the low end of the tablet market, but we are extremely successful where we do compete. NPD recently indicated that iPad has 76% share of the US market for tablets priced above $200. "  Apple CFO
What these dummies don't realize is iPhone 6+ is cannibalzing iPad sales.  That's just the truth.  So isolating just iPad sales by itself is stupid.   If you look at total iOS units sold (iPad + iPhone) Apple is growing unit sales by 15-20% YoY.  Add to the fact that the 6+ cannibalizing the ipad is increasing average selling price, gross margins, and profits.  The Q4 units for 2015 is an estimate based on Apple's guidance.    
 Nexus phones older than 2 years also won't be updated by Google. Basically about a hundred million to two hundred million Android phones will be open to attack without any updates.
 I've read that in that mode the battery only last 3 hours.  Good luck with that. Also I've read that on always on mode the watch only updates every 60 seconds. IN other words you could easily be off by 60 seconds when you look at your watch. dumb.
 How do you know? They could easily release an iPhone 6C in Sept
 you can live in denial if you want...right next to Eric Schmidt
 many people won't report they were hacked.many have no idea they were hacked.
Stagefright has been around for FIVE YEARS.   I can't imagine how many people got hacked on Android devices since then.
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