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 Exactly. My mind is blown when people are questing the importance of this deal when Mr Cook himself said "I would not be here if this wasn't big" and "this is HISTORIC". Flat out ridiculous that outsiders think they know more about the deal than Mr Cook himself.
HELL YES!!!!   I"m loving this
 Contipated Odo brought up recent performance and that's why I gave him the 12 month and YTD performance.
Last year the PC/laptop business was $400,000,000,000.   This move will go a long way to replacing a bunch enterprise PC/Laptops with iPads. If you cannot see the possible growth in those numbers you are either an idiot or a paid shrill.
 Not REAL INVESTORS.  If you are buying stock and planning to sell in less than a year then you are not an investor.  You are a speculator.  Any stock can be manipulated up or down in the short term.  Most REAL INVESTORS knew that when Apple was $385-$400 it was the buy of the century.  Google was $310 in Dec 2009. Google was $298 in July 2012.Over 2.5 years the stock did absolutely NOTHING.  Learn to INVEST.Stop being influenced by short term moves.Make money. View...
 Who said this will grow revenue only 1%? The worldwide PC/laptop market is $400,000,000,000 in 2013.  This is a move to replace many of those PC/laptops in enterprise.
 Fine lets go 5 year performance. Apple is up 357%. Google is up 176% Now STFU. 
 And that's why they fail (analysis) If you think Apple is only about physical products you truly are lost. These are the same analysis that had a price target of $520 last year. 12 months later and we will see $700 soon.  The reason?  They lack VISION.  They seriously though Samsung was going to dethrown Apple last year.  They have no concept of the importance of ecosystem, software, and integration.  The only time they 'see' is when the actual earnings reports come out. ...
 Apple is up 57% last 12 monthsApple is up 20% YTD Goog  is up 29% last 12 monthsGoog  is up 7% YTD AMZN is DOWN 10% YTD but go ahead and keep spewing your non sense
 This is monthly OPEX. Expect the stock to test $100 next week
New Posts  All Forums: