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 iPhone YoY is 15% 39.27 million vs 33.8 million last year
 I was pretty darn close $42B revenue39.3 iPhones
 I don't know. When I don't care about something I won't read about it or worse comment about in a forum.Unless I had an agenda.
 if you REALLY didn't care you would not even bother to click on the article you obviously care enough to comment on the subject
 but then you have to listen to crap commericals half the time
 So why do  you need to beg them to buy a certain stock?  You must be paying fees for the service they are giving you.  Why don't you just do self directed?
 interesting point. But I think most of the large funds do this type of reallocation each quarter
 Nothing.  They will be getting 30% of any revenue. Its just another eco-system play.  Another brick in building the massive castle eco-system that Android won't be able to match.   
 You said giving things away for 'free' or at a loss is an Amazon tactic. Apple gives OS updates for 'free'
 If they are not in the business of making money why don't you save the MASSIVE FEES they charge and simply put your money into an index fund? Index funds have out performed 80% of the actively managed funds in the last 40 years.  I throw most of my money in S&P500 index funds for my 401k.  For my 401k the actively managed funds that have performed WORSE than the index yet still charged a ridiculous 3% management fee.
New Posts  All Forums: