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 Most who say the prequels sucked are old foggys. Ask anyone who's under 30 and most likely they will say the Prequels were pretty cool but the OT was kinda slow and plodding. Its just a generation thing.  Just because the PT was a different style than the OT does not mean its not as good.
 since when is several million very few?
  And they are right
 Its called playing ball. Look how much success Samsung got pushing celebrity endorsements.  Eventually the public gets smart and realizes how good/bad the product itself is but marketing/celebrity endorsement can be very powerful.  Especially when the celebrities will actually use the products (unlike Samsung.......sent from my iPhone)
 Then you are naive
 Apple cares about unboxing.  You can see it on how detailed they are on their packaging. They will not sell a Watch without a band.  That would look so ridiculous when you open up the box. Also Apple is not going to allow you to buy an Aluminum watch face and then add an Edition level band to pair with it.  Apple is pushing 3 seperate lines:  Sport, Watch, and Edition.  They don't want those lines to be blurred.  
 I agree with this. eventually a wearable will replace the smartphone as the most popular mobile device. Apple is being smart by covering all bases.  With the Watch they will be recognized as the leader of innovation in the smartwatch and the wearables categories.  
 good point.   Whatever the case they need to make Chess more dynamic.  If a computer can beat the best human players that is not good business for the game IMO.
 Not even close to a fair comparison.  Selling a Watch without a band is like selling a car without tires.     Its called product differentiation.  Apple does not want to encourage people to buy the Sport watch face and then buy a seperate Leather/Metal band. Notice that none of the pictures from Apple show a Sport watch with a leather/metal band.  They want to show a clear distinction between the Sport and the Steel models.  If you sold the watch face seperately that...
 Its called overwhelming demand.
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