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 They could have announced problems AFTER the iPhone event. At least give investors a WEEK to make a decision before going BANKRUPT. Investors got ZERO warning of their troubles. ZERO.
CROOKS and FRAUDS to the very end.   So GTAT was in such dire straights?  Why didn't they warn investors before going bankrupt?  Total CROOKS.   Why didn't they go to Apple to discuss the situation?  Because they wanted the stock price to keep going up and cash in on TENS OF MILLIONS in stock sells.
Why anyone would use CurrentC blows my mind.   Direct access to my checking account without any benefits? HELL NO.   I use a debit card because I get massive benefits:   I charge about $150 on my debit card a month. I can withdrawl cash at ANY ATM without a fee. I get $1200 a year in rewards checking interest.   Without those benefits I would use my creditcards exclusively.
The CEO said that MCX will not store sensitive customer data within the application, and will instead save it on a "secure cloud-hosted network."   Was that meant to be a joke?
Welcome to the 20th century.  You only pay for what you want.  What a concept.
 But at what risk?  I can EASILY see Netflix drop 75% in a few years. The first rule of investing:  More return equals greater risk.  Less risk equals less return. There are very few exceptions.  Those happen when the market severly undervalues a stock.  EXA. Apple in 2013 at $380
Is it constrained supply or overwhelming demand?
 Its not about the stock sale. Its about the CEO not disclosing the true condition of the company.  You don't go from everything's GREAT and DANDY to BANKRUPT in 6 weeks.  6 weeks before filing for bankruptcy the GTAT CEO confirmed that they were on tract to hit all their forecasted revenue and profit numbers for 2014.
 Yes I did bash Apple.  And for good reason.  Their choice of GTAT as a key supplier was a HUGE ERROR in judgement.  But I will give Apple a pass because there was no CRIMINAL INTENT.  It was just NEGLIGENCE. On the other hand GTAT has been showing CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR and GROSS NEGLIGENCE. Whos the bigger fool?  The fool or the fool who gets fooled by the fool????  Apple and GTAT both look bad in this.
 So much wrong here. Of course owners get in cheap.  BECAUSE THEY ARE THE OWNERS AND TOOK THE MAJORITY OF THE RISK. Its not that people want to get bailed out.  Its that people want the LAWS to be enforced.  When the CEO/CFO/BOD are envolved in FRAUD they should get crushed.  That's like saying a person who gets his car stolen is being 'bailed out' when his insurance covers his loss or when he wants the thieves to get prosecuted. IMO, the GTAT CEO clearly broke securities...
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