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 I agree with this. eventually a wearable will replace the smartphone as the most popular mobile device. Apple is being smart by covering all bases.  With the Watch they will be recognized as the leader of innovation in the smartwatch and the wearables categories.  
 good point.   Whatever the case they need to make Chess more dynamic.  If a computer can beat the best human players that is not good business for the game IMO.
 Not even close to a fair comparison.  Selling a Watch without a band is like selling a car without tires.     Its called product differentiation.  Apple does not want to encourage people to buy the Sport watch face and then buy a seperate Leather/Metal band. Notice that none of the pictures from Apple show a Sport watch with a leather/metal band.  They want to show a clear distinction between the Sport and the Steel models.  If you sold the watch face seperately that...
 Its called overwhelming demand.
 Thanks for making my point for me.  That's why Auto racing, F1, Nascar, ect are much bigger than the Tour De France and track and field.  Thanks for making my point. Again I'm not saying human chess should stop.  I'm just saying there is no point to it for 99% of the population.  And the shrinking interest in chess proves my point.  In the 50's and 60's Chess was huge.  But now its a niche sport that very few watch.  I think a big reason is because of computers beating...
 This is not true.  I've played the 'perfect computer' and beat it playing 30 hands.
 not according to one guy on this site who said the SS Link felt light.
 I'm not saying humans should not play chess or compete in tournaments.  I'm just saying there really is no point to it, just like spelling bees. Chess is 100% memorization and pattern recognition.  Something a computer is way better at than a human.  It just seems silly to me to watch humans compete at this when we have computers that are much better.  I'd rather watch two computers playing each other IMO.
 my point is poker is a more difficult game for a computer to master than chess.
 So why don't we have professional spelling bee's? It basically the same thing.
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