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 I'll give you a hint why Amazon gets the love and Apple doesn't: 1. Amazon is 90% owned by institutions/insiders2. Apple is 62% owned by institutions/insiders Why would these big instututions drive down Amazon's stock which they own the vast majority?Amazon is a bubble that will pop in the next year.
 Calling other people stupid and then spewing out false information is beyond stupid. Net Revenue was up 6% last quarter from $54.5B to $57.6B Learn the difference between Net Revenue vs Profits before you start calling other people idiots. You are also forgetting to take into account what has caused gross margins to go down: 1) Deferred Revenue accrual has increased for operating system updates2) Deferred Revenue accrual has increased for free software3) Deferred Revenue...
 So wikipedia is your go to for investment advice? wow.
 Why are bringing up the 31% growth from 2012 to 2013 quarter? Thats TWO YEARS AGO.  The most recent growth was 18% on revenue and 1% on earnings. And a big chunk of that 18% increase in revenue was from Motorolla and 'Other Income' (over $1.5B in other income). The bottom line is THE BOTTOM LINE.  Go ahead and think Revenue is the end all.  It isn't.  Its all about PROFITS.  Anyone can increase revenue by dropping prices or selling things below cost (see Amazon).
BOOM.   No more standing in line at stores. WOW.   Game changer.  Since Android so so unsecure the retail store will not allow simular payments.
 FACT: Google makes $20 profit per shareFACT: Apple makes $40 profit per shareFACT: there stock price are both in the $530 areaFACT: Google grew profits 1% last quarterFACT: Apple grew profits 5% last quarter So tell me Mr Facts: How the HELL will Google DOUBLE their PROFITS when they only grew them 1% last quarter?Tell me how they can justify their $530 stock price when Apple makes DOUBLE the profits at the same stock price?
thats my point.  They will be willing to pay $100 for a cheap Rolex knockoff but not $5000.  At that point most people will just shell out $10,000 to get a real rolex. Samdung/Google/Microsoft won't be able to sell jewery at a 20% discount and beat Apple.  People are willing to pay a premium for jewerly.  Only if they price it 90% cheaper will they get significant sales.  No way on earth can they do that in the jewery segment.
 Apple did not hire the CEO of BurBury and Paul Deneve returns to from Yves Saint Laurenthe for nothing. Apple's jewerly will look NOHTING like the monstrosity by SamDUNG
 no they won't. Do you see people paying $5000 for an imitation Rolex watch?  hell no. Jewerly is a totally different animal from computing devices.  If it wasn't diamond rings, gold braclets, ect should have all been commodized by now. 
 Nope.  Google/Samsung/Microsoft cannot compete with Apple as far as taste and style.  No way.  Now the hire of the Burberry CEO makes perfect sense.
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