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IMO Google is the most dangerous company in the entire earth.   No one has benefited more than Google from the Patriot Act.  I can understand breaching privacy for national security but NOT for advertising.  Its obvious that the massive $ spent by Google lobbiest is paying off.
 sir, you are well connected like that clown Kuo. I say we should hire you as an AppleInsider. Why isn't well connected Kuo getting hammered for predicting the iPhone6 Plus would be delayed?
 This is true. The CEO of GTAT is estimating $1.50 EPS for 2016.  That puts revenue at over $1B No way on earth would Apple invest $700M in a company just to make such a small amount of sapphire. I did initiate a position in GTAT last week of $5000 at $14 a share.  I'm down now about 15% but I expect the stock to shoot up to $25-$30 in the next 12 months once the market figures out what the heck Apple will do with so much sapphire.
 Easy solutions.  Keep your smaller phone and buy the 6+.  I'm keeping my 5S.  Changing the SIM takes about 5 seconds. When I need a small phone for the day I'll pop the SIM out of my 6+and plop it into my 5S.  So basically I have the ultimate phone now.  I can also use the 5S as a iPod when I go running or do outdoor work.  Much better than selling my 5S for $250.
I don't understand why Apple does not start manufactering earlier.   The main reason not to start early is to avoid leaks.  But who cares at this point?  You can stop the leaks so why not start production 3 months ahead of launch? 
 I trusting the opinions of those who had hands on time with the watch.  Most of them loved it. Unlike you who had ZERO time with the actual product.  You have been saying for MONTHS that the watch was a stupid idea before it was revealed.
 please. Spend more time at the dentist instead of criticizing Mr Ive's masterpiece. Almost all the tech sites were impressed with the digital crown. 
 http://www.cnet.com/products/apple-watch/ "Apple also added a different type of input: a little Digital Crown on the side is a clever idea, merging a home button and scroll wheel in one." Now find me a legit article that says the crown is lame......
 and they need to add a time machine featureand they need to add a stun gun feature Get real.  The things you are asking for are either technilogically impossible at the price point (thinner) horrible for the user interface (round) or just flat out ignorance (interface) Stick to reviewing Beats headphones.  New tech is way beyond your pay grade.
 dude you are trying to hard. You probably though the iPhone's home button was fugly. I haven't heard a single legit tech person say the crown is lame.  Most agree its a great way to zoom/scroll without blocking the screen. You got humilated by Slurpy.  Just stop.
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