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 did you see my profit calculation? Apple is only making about $50 for each iPadmini sell. Apple is basically steering people away from a product that is not profitable at all. Sell Price: $399Cost of Goods: $280 (based on 30% gross margin)Admin/Selling/R&D/Tax: $60 (15% of sell price)Profit: $60 iPadAir probably makes close to $100 profit per unitiPhone PLUS probably makes close to $300 profit per unit Having the Mini canabalize Air/PLUS sales would be devestating.
 Playing a movie is NOT a good test of battery life.Plus he was using a WiFi/Cell version vs a WiFi version last year. Crappy test.  Not scientific at all.
 Majority are saying battery life is the same if not better. The iPhone6 is getting better life than 5S. That one reviewer probably was not using a scientific method to test battery life.  There are thousands of variables that could alter battery life results outside of a controlled environment.
 For some TouchID is worth $100. Personally I would have paid $100 if I could add touchID on my Air1. You cry and moan about Apple making too much profit.  But guess what happens if their profits go down?  They wont have enough money to invest in things like ApplePay, AppStore, free yearly OS updates, R&D, ect.  Look at Apple profit margin.  Its only about 25%.  That is NOT excessive.  You need to realize how much $$$$$ it takes for Apple to continue to offer the BEST...
 Oh lord.  Here we go again. Here we go with the 1% trying to force the 99% to accept their preferences! For 99% the battery life of the Air2 and iPhone6 is great.  We also LOVE the thinnest and light weight!  If you need more battery life just get a battery case!  Why should the 99% suffer with heavy and fat phones because the 1% watch Netflix 15 hours a day?
 Really?  I mean REALLY? You really think Samsung is Chinese.......
 I disagree. I upgraded to an Airport Extreme and my WiFi speeds are 200% to 400% faster with my iPhone 6+Before I was getting between 7-10 Mbs, now I'm getting 20-50 Mbs Alot of it also has to do with the extended range the Airport Extreme gives.  I highly recommend it.  Don't try to save a few bucks to get a Linksys or other brand.  The Airport is extremely easy to setup and extremely stable. 
 I can vouch for this. Just got an Airport Extreme and my iPhone6+ is BLAZING FAST now.  My Wifi speed is now 2x to 4x faster than before. 
 That was a mistake by Apple.  No way the iPadmini cost $100 less to make.  In other words they were making very little profit selling the ipadmini last year.
No its not. The iPad Mini is $100 less than the Air.   If the iPad Mini had everything the Air had than it would cost the same as the Air.  Making things smaller usually costs more.
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