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 No it isn't. Apple never said the Watch was jewelry first. Cook said it was 3 things: 1. time keeper2. activity tracker3. communication  Go watch the Watch event again and stop spewing BS. Round smartwatches are beyond stupid. Ever wonder why there has never been a successful round smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop, TV? 
 First you say you won't get even if it was less bulky.   Then you say you would buy it if it was less bulky.  Make up your damn mind.  Sounds to me you are just trolling and have something negative to say about the Watch NO MATTER WHAT. I'm just sick and tired of all this unnecessary negativity about the Watch.  If you are not interested in it, fine.  Why waste space make comments on it here when it is obvious you will never buy one no matter how thin it is.
 here you go again. You made it plain and simple that YOU DO NOT WANT TO WEAR A WATCH OF ANY KIND. So why does it matter how thin the Watch is?  You won't wear it anyway? And why make multiple comments about a product you have ZERO interest in?  Looks like you are trolling. 
 No its not.  You are dumping a large piece of crap on the Watch for no reason. Again no one cares you didn't buy it.  No one. I did not buy one either but I'm not here dumping a large piece of crap.
 Innovation by your definiton means nothing if you can't execute. People have been talking about time machines and perpetual motion machines for centuries.  Does that mean the person who finally is able to build one that works is not innovative?  What a pile BS.   Anyone can make a beta version of something.  Means NOTHING.  Its all about having something that actual works, and works well. iPod + iTunes =  there was never anything like that before. iPhone = sorry but it...
 Are any of your posts not about crying like a little baby about Apple's share price?
 thank you for your useless comment. Please exit to the right. I mean seriously.  If you don't like the Watch, fine.  But why waste eveyone's time and cry your little violin on why you don't have a Watch.  WE DON'T CARE.
Who. Cares.
 my point is everything ends.  Even the Sun will burn out one day. Yet that's your argument for not giving Apple credit for their massive success.  That one day they won't be the king of the hill.
 And 'One day' you will be dead.  Whats your point.
New Posts  All Forums: