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 Really does make me think.  I would think something like this would have been saved for the event.  There must be something even bigger to be announced
Cisco IBM Microsoft   all falling into line.   You wanna make money? You wanna preserve your revenue streams?   Then partner with Apple.  Don't try to steal their ideas or compete with them.
 thumbs up to you for admitting you were wrong.  
fuc GT advance
 Haha.  I didn't say no chance, you did.
 Nah.  I'm pretty most here would want the stock at $150 and enjoy tens if not hundreds of thousands of $$$
 No risk = No reward anyone can make safe predictions
 are you talking to me? A pitful $200.  LOL. I got 1,500 AAPL shares holmes. I added 500 shares last week.
 it does not matter. We are going by FACTS not GUESSES. The fact is the gold Apple watch case weights 55 grams.  THAT IS A FACT. Another fact is 18k gold must be 75% pure gold by WEIGHT.  FACT. 55 grams x 75% = 1.40 ounces of gold Not 1/2 an ounce like the so called expert is saying.  So who should I beleive?  An 'expert' who did not even have access to the Apple Watch Edition when he wrote his article?  Or Apple who is legally bound to follow the guidelines of 18k...
Another article for Gatorguy who thinks Apple does not need to put 75% pure gold by WEIGHT in a 18k piece.   http://leancrew.com/all-this/2015/03/apple-gold/    "Apple’s patent application is for a method that allows them to make 18k gold that has, on a volume basis, less gold than regular 18k gold."   The karat measure of gold is based on the mass fraction. One hundred grams of 18k gold has 75 grams of gold and 25 grams of other material. If that “other material” is...
New Posts  All Forums: