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Lies. Lies.   and more Lies.
Like i said in the original article:   Lies     Idiots at Fortune 
 I guess that's why he's on Seeking Alpha now.
 its all a shell game for investment banks/hedge funds to buy cheap shares.
 side point: Benji Frost is now posting on the Seeking Alpha site and continues to push his anti-Tim Cook agenda.  Its hilarious.
 I pay for music, movies, games, ect. Of course I would pay for blog content.
 don't take my words so literal. I'm talking from a consumer perspective.  Ads are a scourge. The pattern is to give customers cheap or even free goods and services that are crap quality and push ads with it.  We see it in music, tv, movies, games, web browsing, ect.  Personally I'm sick of it.  I'm willing to pay $ to get quality without ads. Its pathetic that the majority of people don't care about quality as long as its 'free'.  But little do they realize they are...
 Rent is expensive.Labor is expensive.Utilities are expensive. If it was so easy to 'break even' with Radio shack they would have never gone out of business. With all those stores and fixed costs Radio shack needs to push a ton of revenue just to 'break even'. Its called progress.  People can easily get parts online from Amazon and get tutorials on Youtube. It is very hard for any brick and mortar store to survive today if they are selling commodity goods.
 No its called anti-trolling. Why would you expect Apple fans to feel 'trolled' when someone brings up the sins of Google?  Only a Google fan would feel 'trolled'. If this was an Android site then yes it would be trolling.  when in Rome.
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