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 Dont lie.  If it was 23.256 inches you'd probably buy three
 Make it either 20 inches or 31 inches and I'll buy one.Make it 25 inches and I'll buy 2.Make it 24 inches and I'll buy both.
 Nothing innovative about the Xbox.  It was simply a Playstation + PC gaming rig frankenstien.  Similiar to the Surface being an iPad + MacBook frankenstein.  Combining two established products into one is not innovative.
Surface Book is ugly.   Man that gap is really horrible.
 I didn't like the changing aspect ratios.  I have a 2.35:1 screen and that film made my 115 inch screen into a 55 inch screen. movie was entertaining but a bit too weird for my taste.
interesting.   its true people look more attractive with lower resolution film.  4k shows all your 'imperfections'
All the ads show sport watches.   Is this a strategy change by Apple?  Making the Watch less about fashion and more about utility?   Good move IMO. I hope someday they make a Sapphire sport watch.  I like the lightness of aluminum instead of stainless
 Vision is overated.  People had vision of tablet computers decades ago. Microsoft gets no credit for being the first to bring this 'vision' to market and lose billions in the process. This is like being the first to bring out an electric car.  But the car only has a 2 mile range.
still doomed.   iPhone in 130 countries.  No more countries left to sell. Unless we find an alien planet growth will stop eventually. 
New Posts  All Forums: