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Gorilla Glass is extremely flawed.  The reason is GG is covered by a thin layer of material that keeps the glass relatively stronger than regular glass.  But that thin layer material is not very scratch resistant.  And once that thin layer is scratched the entire plate is severely weakened.  On the other hand sapphire is not a layered product.  The entire crystal is strong and resists scratches much better.   Gorilla Glass = man wearing a bullet proof suit.  Once the...
 If its a software problem than how come 99.99% have no problems with touchID?
 cause 99.99% of the people using touchID have ZERO problems. he has a defective phone and should return it before its too late. This is like someone grumbling that he has a flat tire but does nothing about it and continues to drive.  Get it fixed.  Apple accrues millions of dollars for warranty repairs for a reason.
 Microsoft stock took off when Ballmer announced his retirement.
return your phone and stop crying because you are too lazy to go to the store.
If Cook steps down the stock will go up 10%.   Not saying I want that to happen.
sometimes new blood is good.   Oppenheimer has made his fortune no matter what the stock will do in the next 5 years.  But the next CFO will be highly motivated to move the stock up since his stock option plan is just beginning.   Hopefully he will increase the buyback and dividend and improve on the financial reporting for earnings calls.  My wish list would be:   1. increase buyback to $100B total 2. increase dividend by 15% 3. stop giving guidance (just another...
What an ugly eyesore.   I'll say it again:  Google and Samsung have horrible taste
 show me a SINGLE link of a place I can deposit my Bitcoins and it is guaranteed to be there in 5 years.  You can't.  Because all of the new hot shot exchanges are one virus away from being the disaster of Mt Gox. If I hold my bitcoins in an exchange there is ZERO guarantee it will be there tomorrow.  As long as thats the case it will never be at Apple's level.  Raise your game.  You expect the richest and most successful public company in the world to risk its goodwill...
lol. The galaxy fit that has the screen in the wrong orientation?
New Posts  All Forums: