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 I would not help MS.  No reason to help your competition. If Apple weakens Android enough then other platforms like Windows/Tizen will naturally take market share. I just don't want a company selling hardware for less than cost to weaken Apple's hardware market
 Its Apple's profits BEFORE taxes and non-operating expenses (like interest expense) It's not ridiculous.  Its Google's plan.  They don't want profits for their hardware 'partners'.  All they care about is the maximum number of devices that run Android to sell their ads.  If Google was concerned about profits for their hardware 'partners' they would establish far better quality control on the units that get sold. this can be seeing how Google has undermined their #1...
 This is why Apple needs to go for Google's head.  As long as Google is making nice profits with ADS they will be a constant threat to Apple.  They can continue to support the NON-PROFIT android project.  But if Google stops making nice profits or profits shrink for ads they won't be able to throw money into Android in an effort to weaken Apple's hardware business. If I was Apple I would take steps to UNDERMINE Google's services.  They have already started with Maps.  Now...
Google following the puck once again.
Yes not working well.$18 billion in profit and 75,000,000 phones sold in 3 months.Bottom line is Apple is bigger, more profitable, and more influential than ever.
I'm getting the Gold watch.....................as long as Apple hits $200 by April
but, but, but, but, I can't dive 500 meters in it.....
 and if the complainers had their way the iphone would have had a physical typeboard. bottom line is Apple knows what they are doing.
 wow.  the patch of skin under your watch must smell.   /s
 I like your thinking. And my guess is people would buy multiple gold watches and keep them.  That's what happens in the high end watch space. Having a 1st Generation Gold Watch would be pretty impressive even 10 years from now.
New Posts  All Forums: