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This is based on a survey of 10,000 people by a second class orginization called Parks research. Please keep in mind Parks research will be doing a seminar with guest speakers from amazon, roku, and google. No one from Apple though.
holy hellno wonder you get free medical in Canada
but, but, but I thought no one would upgrade to iOS8 because you cant update with a 16GB phone......
no ones forcing your 'brother' to work at Apple. He can quit and work for EA if he wants. And just because you have the same job title does not mean you get paid the same.  You are paid what you are worth. Tell your brother to step up his game. That's like saying that all shortstops get paid $250 million like A-Rod. LOL. But he probably won't because EA may layoff 30% of their staff next year.
They sold 80m highend phones in 2012/2013
People said this same BS when it rose to $90. Fact is fundementally the stock is still cheap compared to its earnings growth.
Wtf do you want?Apple to lose money so they need to lay off 30% of there work force? I'm pretty sure most Apple employees are happy the stock is doing well.
Are you stuck in 2012?It took a couple of years but Maps is great.
Agree.Apple should buy them and rename it AppleSearch
Oh stop with the Wall Street FUD bullsh1t. People have been saying we reached peak iPhone in 2012. China is adding 100,000,000 upper middle class consumers every year and Apple will steal the 80,000,000 high end samsung buyers.
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