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 Agree with you 100% Some much BS in the news the last 2 weeks: Watch fail.China fail.iPhone fail.Losing marketshare. All are based on lies.  I'm riding this one out to the bitter end also.  As long as Apple keeps making crazy profits I'm not selling a single share. Really the only way to get back at these Wall Street manipulators is to hold your shares or sell it to them when the share price goes up again.  I just can't believe how many people are selling at these low...
 But could common stockholders opt to simply convert their public shares to private shares?  That way the company would not have to buy all the shares but just those that want to sell.
 If Apple continues to tank MILLIONS of people's retirement accounts will be crushed.  I'm decades away from retirement so it won't affect me much.
If this is true (which is highly questionable) could we see a different Apple line up this holiday quarter?   6S+  $750 6S    $650   gap   5S $450 5C $350 (only in India/China)   Then once all the buying frenzy of the holiday quarter and Chinese new year we see the 6C to fill the $550 price level?
 I'm saying this drop in AAPL is unjustified.  Ridiculous actually.  They have been growing EPS by 40-50% the last 3 quarters. The drop in 2012/2013 can be justified because Apple's earnings was actually SHRINKING.
 You would not have to raise the full $650 billion. Like I said people could convert their public common shares to private shares.  I'm pretty sure the majority of shareholders would do that.  The rest could be bought out with Apple's $200 billion in cash.
IMO this drop is worse then the drop we saw in 2012/2013.   That drop actually had some merit.  Apple's profits growth was actually flat in 2012 holiday quarter and negative in the next two quarters.  There was a real threat that Apple would continue to lose profitabity.  Also Samsung was grabbing huge share in the high end market and was reporting massive profits in their mobile division.     The drop the last 2 weeks has been total and utter bullshit.  Samsung is...
 Its total manipulation. The initial iPhone unit sales by analysts back in April for the June Quarter was 45-46 million iPhones. But through June and July they kept raising their estimates for no reason at all to 49-50 million iPhones. Why did they raise their estimates?  SO APPLE WOULD MISS.  PERIOD.   I'm really getting sick of this shit.  I haven't sold a single Apple share but I want this company to go private.
 I think we reached bottom at $115.50 today. That was key technical retracement of fib.  I hate technical analysis but some many people trade using it you can't ignore it.
 Apple should go private. Is there any law that says a private company can't have millions of owners? There must be a way for Apple to convert all shares to private shares.  And those who don't want to convert can be bought out at a premium.  IMO I think most investors will welcome going private.
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