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I dont even know if you are joking
So the stock went down after earnings...........actually no it didn't. It exploded 6% after earnings was reported.
So Apple is selling more $1000 phones in China than Xiaomi is selling $300 phones.....   hmm.   Still doomed though
 Wise?  This same tool downgraded Apple when it was $80.  He just lost his clients 30% return. Total BS that Apple is too leveraged with iPhone.  People buy iPhone's not just because of the hardware.  They buy it for the ecosystem, OS, apps, experience, ect. You say they are too leveraged but what about Google?  95% of their profits comes from adverstising.  BMW makes 100% of their profits from cars. Exxon makes 100% from oil.  Stop with the BS trash.
 No. What runs the show is cash flow generated.  Everything is else is just BS and noise.  If your company can grow earnings at a good rate and grow cash flow the stock will go up in the long term (3-5 years).
 so in other words it could go up or down this quarter. if results are great it will  go up.if not it will go down. I kind of understand what you are saying. There is a percentage of 'traders' that buy Apple right before earnings to make a quick buck.  If earnings are great they sell for a profit.  If earnings are bad they sell for a loss.  Both situations can cause the stock to go down. But IMO there are way more big investors waiting on the sideline and if Apple has a...
 so you are saying those who sold first last quarter did not make the most. why are you so sure that those who sell first this quarter will make the most? So according to you everyone with Apple shares should sell all their shares and wait for the stock to tank right after earnings to re-buy shares at a cheaper price?
 last Quarter the stock went up the second the earnings were released and it keep going up for FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS.  So how would selling FIRST at $97 make you the most profit when the stock went straight up to $104.77 (it never dipped below $97) It does not matter how much they bough it for.  If they sold it FIRST like you said they would make less than if they waiting a day, a week, or a month.  
 show me proof that 'those who sell first' make the most profit.  You said the stock tanks after earnings.  It did not last Qtr. Stop spewing lies. This is the type of negative BS the wall street manipulators love to hear.  They love it when people feel that the stock is doomed and wont go up no matter how well they do. again you dont know what the hell you are talking about.  Why would some one sell shares at $97 when they knew it would go back up $119?   Just admit you...
 Stop spewing non-sense.   The day before the last Qtr results the stock was $97.25Apple had a very good report and the stock went up 23% in 30 days to a high of $119.75So those who 'cashed out first' did not make the most money.  In fact they lost out on over 20% return in 30 days. You have no idea how the market works.  No idea. Please give me a specific example of your theory that every one sells Apple right after earnings.
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