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 Yes they will discountinue the 6/6+ just like they discountinued the 5. The reason is because the 6 and the 6S are too simuliar.  Too many people will opt for the phone that is $100 cheaper.   This is what happenned with the 5 vs the 4S.  A ton of people opted for the 4S for $100 less. If you look at some stats the percentage of people who bought the flagship phone has increased significantly once they introduced the 5C
  Funny you bring up TV's. When was the last time TV makers gave the 27 inch and 32 inch TV models the top of the line features like the 60 inch and 70 inch models? Answer that and you will know why we will never see a 4 inch flagship iPhone again.
 said who? Samantha Sung?
 The S-Class offers a 6.0 V-12 Bi-turbo engine.  No C-class offers that option. The S-Class has 20 inch rims, dual 12 inch entertainment system, $6k carbon fiber exterior package.  The C-Class has none of those options. Its just simple physics.  Bigger phone can stuff better and more features.  Just like a bigger car.
 How do you know? Did you actually hold the phones? The S6 does not leave the iPhone6 in its wake. Total BS. According to early benchmarks they are pretty much equals:http://www.anandtech.com/show/9111/samsung-galaxy-s6-and-s6-edge-preview But then with Android+Touch Wiz the iPhone6 is probably still faster in real world use
Just order 4.   Will look nice on my BMW bumper
 hopefully you are still alive 
Look at these ridiculous prices of these crapware filled phones   Pricing: Galaxy S6 32GB – $0 down + $28.33/month x 24, $679.92 Galaxy S6 64GB – $99.99 down + $27.50/month x 24, $759.99 Galaxy S6 128GB – $199.99 down + $27.50/month x 24, $859.99 Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB – $0 down + $32.49/month x 24, $779.76 Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB – $99.99 down + $31.66/month x 24, $859.83 Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB – $199.99 down + $31.66/month x...
 Why does Mercedez only offer the best options on their S class cars and not on the smaller C class cars?
 they need the extra cash for pre-installed crapware because their new metal phones cost much more to make than those plastic POS they were pushing with Galaxy S1 - S5
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