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But Apple is not selling feature phones. And his argument was that Apple should focus on call quality above anything else. Thats pure stupidity
 Artificial tests don't matter in the real world. Try testing a used Galaxy after 6 months of ownership.  Those phones get slower and slower every week.  
 You are living in the 1990's So why are people spending $500+ for a smartphone when a $50 flip phones handles calls just as well?  Why?  Answer that. The proof is on my side, not yours. All the stats show that talking on the phone only makes up about 10% of usage.  Every year there are less and less feature phones being sold and more and more smartphones. Its time for you get out of your cave. You want more proof?   Consumers only spend 5% of time using their smartphones...
 cheeseburgers are good for you as long as you don't eat the bread.
 That makes zero sense. Why would someone buy an iPhone if all they need is a basic cell phone? No. The world has changed.  The smartphone is more of a computer than a phone.
 ??????  Cheeseburgers?  Sorry i dont get it.
 it's July 1st. Yes my target is still $150.  Holding about 1400 shares right now. IMO the only thing that will stop it from reaching $150 this year is a broad market crash. Remember $150 is only about 11% from its high this year.
looks decent.   Fasterbend is a great actor
 those places you speak of (Africa, Eastern Europe, ect) will not buy iPhones anyway.  Way to expensive for those regions.
 I'll make a bet. Ban of one week if 6/6+ is the mid tier - I'll ban myself. If 6/6+ is  not the mid tier you ban yourself for 1 week.
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