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What a total POS.   Also these phones will cost more than the 6/6+ 
 you are right
 comparing a computer on your wrist to 400 year old tech on your wrist?  LOL. Guess what?  My LiveStrong bracelet NEVER needs a battery charge! LOL
 comparing the CEO job to those other jobs is ludicrious
 Again, my bad.  Sorry to all the people with small hands.   I just never meet people in real life who were embarrased about having small hands.  I really didn't think it would be a hot point.  Guess you learn things everyday.
I often wonder what people do with their OTHER hand when using their iPhone.   I don't understand why its such a big deal to have 1 handed use.  Seriously.  What is your OTHER hand doing?   1. Eating (slob) 2. Picking your nose (yuk) 3. carrying a baby (irresponsible) 4. driving (dangerous) 5. vigorous 'activity'
 And in a couple years with the AppleWatch includes a cell radio they can use it as their phone. I better not hear the screen is too small at that point.
 The $75 million was a one time 'bonus' to cover the loss of 'bonus' from leaving Burberry.   Here regular salary + Stock plan will be way less than $75 million a year.
 I'm sorry for offending people who actually have small hands. But I'm pretty sure most of those who are grumbling about the iPhone's size have big enough hands but just want to troll. In real life I have no heard a single person say the iPhone5 or iPhone6 are too big.  Not one.  And I see and talk to HUNDREDS of people with iPhones.   So its very hard for me to believe that AppleInsider really has a bunch of people who's hands are too small to use an iPhone5/6.  It is...
 he is
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