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 It only seems like there is more problems because there are more devices out there.Its basic statistics.More devices = more chance of bugs.The Steve Jobs Apple had bugs all the time also.  In Sept 2013 there were 52 million iPhone in use in the USA.In Sept 2015 there are over 100 million iPhones.Now add the additional iPads, Macs, and Watches. There are just so many devices now compared to the Jobs era.  Of course there will be more reports of bugs.
My wifes Pro does this.  Hope they get this fixed ASAP.
 But AppleWatch is facing those exact same factors. We had slowing economies before.We had strong Swiss currency before.But we never had a huge drop in Swiss watch sales like this before.
 No.  The eraser end would be way to thick.  Erasing with a pencil tip is way better because its a precise point instead of a 1/3 inch nub.
 WRONG. Stop trying to minimize Apple Watch success. Even during the great recession of 2008 Swiss Watch sales did not plummet this much. Apple will sell 15 million Watches in its first year for about $7 billion in sales.  Of course that is going to have a massive effect on Swiss watches. And this isn't anything yet.  Wait till the holiday season and next year when Watch2 comes out.  
but,but,but,but, no body wants an Apple Watch..... but,but,but,but people want a Swiss watch only.... but,but,but but,but BUTT.   Its hilarious that the hate for the AppleWatch has started to disappear. Now they are targeting the iPad Pro. Losers.   Face it. Apple is smart.
 Hope you are getting a nice commission check for pumping Surface merchandise here. Fine.  The Surface Pen is as good as a $30 China Pen.  Happy now?
This is for all the people who keep complaining that the iPhone battery is too small and want a thicker phone with better battery.   There you go.
 Huion Rechargeable Mouse Digitizer Pen http://www.amazon.com/Huion-Rechargeable-Digitizer-Wireless-Christmas/dp/B00DOW6TUQ/ref=sr_1_9?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1447950597&sr=1-9&keywords=digital+pen $19.99  uses the same tech as the Surface Pen or even better HTC Stylus Scribe Digital Pen for...
 its still using the same tech as $20 China Wacom knock offs.
New Posts  All Forums: