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Go research buybacks if you dont understand.See what Warren Buffet told Steve Jobs years ago.
Are you kidding.The buyback has saved shareholders $15 billion so far. Apple was able to buy the stock 30% cheaper than it is now and save on dividends.This is basic capital allocation.
You are the crook of s&&&&!I bet you dont even own a single share of stock.I own $120k in Apple shares and the buyback is the best thing they could have done.Please leave this discussion to the professionals and those who know finance.So far Apple has saved share holders $15 billion with this buyback.
 Let me illustrate it this way. Suppose a business man comes to your town and opens 50 restaurant.  He opens a restaurant right next to every single restaurant in the town.  He puts a burger place right next to the Mom and Pop burger place.  He puts an italian place right next to the italian place that was there for 50 years.  But here is the kicker.  The business man decides to charge $1 per meal.  How long do you think the local restaurant will last? Now imagine if this...
 Walmart makes $17 Billion a year. They do not wipe out competition by selling below cost.
 It would be Amazon's dream to sell Tablets/Smartphones below cost and wipe out Apple.  Amazon would lose BILLIONS in the process but would wipe out the competition. Is that something you really want to see? That's exactly what Amazon did to hundreds of other companies. Fortuately Apple is big enough and has enough cash to keep Amazon at bay.  But so many other high quality companies and jobs were wiped out because of this unfair practices by Amazon
 Reason is because Wall Street and Bezo's is making a killing on their stock options. Amazon is 90% owned by insiders and institutions.
 Do you realize how many legitimate businesses and jobs were lost because they priced competition out?  It okay if they won because of fair practices.  But they are selling merchandise BELOW COST.
 Its even worse. Some states like Texas charge income tax based on Revenue's not Net Income.  So even though they make zero profit in Texas they still need to pay Taxes. There Assets are a mess.Don't forget that $19B of that $37B in Assets is Goodwill and Property Plant and Equipment.Their current assets is only $18B (stuff you can turn into cash in less than a year)Their current liabilities is $18B (stuff that you need to pay in less than a year) So basically besides...
 Amazon has been a public company for 17 years.There total net profit in 17 years is $2 Billion.There estimated net loss for next quarter is $1 Billion.Basically 1 quarter will wipe out 8.5 years of profits.Let that digest. Amazons total Cash, short term investments, Accounts Receivable is $18.4 Billion (basically the money used to pay bills)Amazons total Accounts Payable and Current Liabilities is $18.4 Billion (basically the bills that are due soon)So they barely have...
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