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LOL. You are in as much denial as the watch makers.Bottom line is people only wear 1 watch at a time so the AppleWatch is a massive threat.You sound like the Nokia/Blackberry guys in 2007 who talked trash about the iPhone.
 One word: Manipulation
wtf.   Uber doesn't even have $3 billion 
 ads are the scourge of the earth. I hate, hate, hate ads. I and hundreds of millions are willing to pay extra for GREAT content without ads.
 WRONG. Wed May 6th. Ex-Dividend means WITHOUT dividend.  Thur May 7th is the first day without dividend.
 Read the title of the article. Anyone who knows anything knows the importance of Ex-dividend.  The title says Apple is APPROACHING EX-Dividend.  According to the title that means you still can buy shares today and receive the dividend.. WRONG
 WRONG.  Apple insider did not get it right. In the title it says AAPL is approaching ex-dividend.  We are two days past Ex-Dividend.  
 So the iPhone is also a transitional product
Ex-dividend has come and past already.  That was yesterday.   Can't believe Apple Insider gets this wrong every single quarter.   You needed to own the shares at the end of Wed to get the dividend next week.
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