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 Yup.  Good news with the price.   I hope we also see an upgraded version with larger memory for $299.  If it has 256MB it would be well worth it to take the place of my HD-DVR that I pay $25 a month rent right now.
There hasnt been a single tv in the history of man that had theater quality sound built in. It is totally impossible and impractical. What you wish for is simply impossible.A high quality sound system cost at minimum $3000. It would weigh over 100 lbs and take up at least the size of a Small refridgerator.
You obviously know nothing about sound. Why spend thousands on a nice tv without surround sound? It is physically impossible to get quality sound from the tv speakers, especially on the bass and mid bass. Also you need rear channels which is impossible for a stand alone tv.You obviously know nothing about home theater sound. If you said this to a serious audio forum they would laugh at you.
 Good. $50 games are the ripoff of the century. Hard to beleive when I bought the Legend of Zelda in 1990 for $50 that is actually $90 in today's money. Yikes.
 Exactly. If Apple sells 30,000,000 AppleTV's they will be bigger than any cable/satellite provider in the USA.   Comcast has about 22 million subscribers, TimeWarner has 11 million, and directTV has about 13 million.
 Maybe make something original for once? Instead of slavishly copying Apple?
 Anyone whos serious about sound does not use the TV speakers.
what iPhone owner would buy an Android Wear watch.
 And there still will be hardcore console systems 
 So Apple makes the same profit margins as Google and Microsoft.  So what seems to be the problem?  If you call Apple greedy you need to call Google/Microsoft greedy also. IMO 22% profit margin is not excessive at all.  Like I said my brother makes a higher profit margin in his business. He charges $300 to clean a home.He pays his workers $100Admin cost is about $75taxes is $50Net is $75Profit margin is 25% No way on earth do I call my brother greedy for having 25% profit...
New Posts  All Forums: