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Welcome to 2013 samedung. Nice phone but you are 2 years too late. The S6 has literaly zero advantages over the iPhone6 now that it isnt waterproof, no battery changes or sd slot. Why the hell would pay the same or more to buy the imitation (s6) instead if the real deal (iphone)
Apple is proven right again
Phil and no one else at Apple need to take note about anything samdung does. They make 10x more profits than samedung.
Yes and yes.Apple did not hire the Burbery CEO and various other luxury/fashion executives to just sell to the masses. They are targeting the masses with the sport/regular version but the luxury crowd with the edition. Apple is truly blazing a new path for the company
There are over 500 different watch combinations with the different bands and the choices will be in the thousands once the after market bands come out.
Thats what the sport and regular edition are for
Great info. Convinces me the starting price will be at least $5000 if they use 3/4 gram of gold and more if they use 1.0 - 1.5 gram.Most people dont realize the retail markups for jewery vs electronics. Retailers that sell iPads and iPhones make a measly 5-10% while Rolex retailers get 40-50% markups. Thus Apples gross margins will be closer to 80% instead of 40%
That watch is on clearance. The regular price is $6000
Half an ounce is equal to 5 pennies. Do you seriously think you can make a watch case ( back, front, and sides) and buckle wuth that little material? Hell no. It would have to be extreremly thin and you could gend it with you hand.
I said solid 18k gold not plated
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