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 Stock is up 70% last 12 monthsStock is up 20% YTD I predict we see $110 by EOY and $125 in the next 12 months.
 I don't understand how you can type with that floppy keyboard.
 iPad was by far the fastest Apple device to reach 100,000,000 and 200,000,000 units. BY FAR. We are talking YEARS faster not months faster.  My point is a lull is sales was going to happen.  The start was just way too explosive.  Once we stabilize I expect nice 15-20% unit sales increases. My point is technology has not caught up to demand.  There really is no new tech for iPad3/4 owners to upgrade yet.  The iPadAir is lighter and small compared to the 3/4.  That's it. ...
Stock up 1.5% now.
 People were saying the same thing about the laptop when it first came out. Too slow, too weak, too expensive.  I can do much more on a desktop.  It takes time for the tech to catch up.  Wait for a year or two and the iPad will be able to run 90% of the software that laptops can.
 I'm so sorry....
 Don't worry about it.  The stock will drive up soon enough. Wall Street is just trying to keep things on the down low so they can load up on shares for cheap before this EXPLODES over $110 in Sept.  With the Christmas Quarter this will test $125.  Apple is the one stock Wall Street does not have to hype up so they don't.  Instead they keep mum then load up on shares.
 Apple Profits up 12% for the Quarter.Google Profits up 5.8% for the Quarter.Samsung Profits DOWN 25%. So again.  Who's winning?
 Profit was up 12% compared YoY. So yes the repurchase of shares did help increase EPS to 20%
iPhone sales up 55% year over year in Brazil, Russia, India, and China   I suspect this is directly related to the iPhone 5C.   So Apple was right all along.  Now the media and all the pundits on this forum need to apologize for saying the 5C was a flop...   And I expect even more massive growth when the 5C occupies the bottom level once the 6 comes out.   5C - $400 5S - $500 6 - $650 6X - $750   That's a killer lineup
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