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 You do know the CEO of Samsung is a two time felon?  EAsy to hide numbers. Again its simple math: Apple sold 150,000,000 iPhones in 2013The 2nd tier sells about 35-40% of total phonesTim Cook said the 5C was selling at a faster rate than the 4S (35-40%)That means the 5C is selling about 60,000,000 phones a year or 5,000,000 a monthThats way more than the Galaxy $4  or Note in Jan/Feb
Why should anyone be surprised that the 5S and 5C are the #1 and #2 phones?   Apple sold about 150,000,000 iPhones last year and Samdung sold less than 100,000,000 galaxy phones.   Historically the 2nd tier iPhone sells about 35%-40% of the total iPhones so about 60,000,000 phones. Tim Cook said the 5C sold better than the 4S did a year earlier so we could easily estimate about 60,000,000 5C's sold in a calander year or about $5,000,000 a month.  That would easily...
Yes. And it does. 5C is #2 worldwide in Jan and FEb5S is #1 in Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec,Jan, and Feb http://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2014/04/03/apples-iphone-5s-still-the-top-selling-smartphone-worldwide/?partner=yahootix http://www.counterpointresearch.com/top-10-smartphones-in-february-2014
 They use statistical sampling from survey's.  IMO this is much more accurate than what IDC pushes out since this is units that were ACTUALLY SOLD to end users instead of shipped.  This is also worldwide unlike just a US survey.  Secondary evidence is Apple profits (80% of the industry) and web usage (80%).  I have seen ZERO secondary evidence that Samdung phones are outselling or even close to either the 5S or 5C. original...
 #2 Worldwide in sales from Feb. Eat your words.  You 5C hater. http://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2014/04/03/apples-iphone-5s-still-the-top-selling-smartphone-worldwide/?partner=yahootix
 Yet the plastic 5C outsold every single BIG phone in Dec-Feb.  Totally crushed it.  Below are worldwide sales not just US.  http://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2014/04/03/apples-iphone-5s-still-the-top-selling-smartphone-worldwide/?partner=yahootix
Oh wow.  The 5C is such a 'failure'.   Its just blasted the GalaxyS4, Note3, and every other phone in the universe not named 5S.   FU wall street and your BS.   5C is the 2nd best selling phone in the entire world from Dec-Feb2014   http://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2014/04/03/apples-iphone-5s-still-the-top-selling-smartphone-worldwide/?partner=yahootix
the logo looks like an old school crt tv dot matrix....
 The size difference between the 5S and a bezeless 4.7 iPhone6 will be minimal. Like the iPod the iPhone will have a more diverse line of products.  iPod has the shuffle, Classic, nano, and touch.  I can easily see more iPhone variants because massive growth is now done. Possible line up Low tier: iPhone C $450Mid tier: iPhone Air (4 inch screen, ultra thin) $650High tier: iPhone Pro (4.7 inch screen and 5.5 inch) $700-$750
The same NewYork Times that spews FUD about Apple monthly?   F-them. 
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