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You just won the dumb post award of the day. Congrats
Not spin. If you were paying attention you would have know Cook said they would'nt break out watch sales from the very beginning. He said this before they launched. You are the one making up made up scenerios, Cook is simply sticking to his original game plan.
Chill out dude.DED was making a joke. I laughted
I've owned both Android and iPhones.iPhones are way better.And the sales prove this. Apple owns about 80% of the top tier phones sales since the iPhone6 came out.
 I agree. But its going to cost more than $60 billion. They could probably buy them with stock.   So the $60 billion that Apple bought at $85 per share can be 'sold' to purchase BMW at $120 a share.
 for the foreseeable future Apple will continue to dominate. 10 years from now?  No one can foresee that. No one.  If someone could they would be the richest man on the face of the earth.
 Not in this case IMO. Tons of companies can build great cars.  Its not rocket science.  But what determines pricing power in cars is BRAND NAME.  And Apple has that in spades. What will determine pricing power in cars in the next few decades is software and services.  No one does that better than Apple.
 And that is helping MSFT and GOOG to stay afloat. 80% of ad revenue GOOG gets is from iOS MSFT is making a ton on Office sales for iOS and Mac
 Thats the average age of THE CAR.  I'm talking about how long a person keeps a car on average when they buy it new.  I think its about 6 years. So if you buy an AppleCar you will probably have an iPhone to maximize its usage.You keep your car for 6 years.Which means you will have an iPhone for 6 years.Which means you will probably buy 2 or 3 iphones for the time you own the car. Its just another powerful sticky item in the Apple ecosystem...
Whats great about Apple going into the Auto business?   Think about it.  How long do you keep your car?   5 years? 10 years?   The average person probably keeps their car for 6 years.  So if you buy an AppleCar do you really think that person is going to move away from an iPhone?  HELL NO.   Every AppleCar sale is almost a guarantee sale of 3 or 4 iPhones in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: