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The iPhone 6 plus is killing it. Remember when some people here said the 5.5 was a horrible idea? Apple IPhone 6 Plus Outselling Smaller Model, Survey Says http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-09-20/apple-iphone-6-plus-outselling-smaller-model-survey-says.html
I was shock by the light feel of the 6 plus. Absolutely blown away. The cobination of rounded corners and thin profile make it the best user experence. I've used other phablets like the Note and they feel clunky in comparison.
So you seriously think apple would get rid of the home button?Or do you think Apple would make an asymetrical phone?Hell no. I cant understand why people are so concerned about a 1/4 inch bezel.Also keep in mind th e LG3 packs a smaller battery that gets horrible battery life in order to fit a smaller frame. The 6 plus has 2 day battery life while the G3 barely makes a day of normal use. So if Apple made the bezels smaller they would either have to make the battery...
Go buy a G3 than. I bet after a week you will return because have the home button on the back of the screen is stupid. Right now Apple uses the button for so many things - touch ID, multi-task, reach-ability, siri. Plain stupid to make such an important button in the back of the phone. Its the one button you use the MOST. That is just BAD design. PERIOD. And thats why no one else uses that design. And thats why LG sells as many phones a year as iPhone does in 1...
This was a big F you Samdung! No wonder Tim Cook does not view Samdung as the compitition. In a few years they will go back to being mainly a refridge company
So what is the biggest company in the world?
So in your world was is the largest company?
 Yes it does. That measures the VALUE of the company.Seeing that you have ZERO experience in financial reporting I forgive your ignorance.
 Go buy a battery case.  I mean SERIOUSLY what about that don't you understand.  for the rest of us who don't watch 10 hours of Netflix a day we LOVE our thin phone. Apple does not need to work on thinning the bezels.  Go look at the LG G3 and see that stupid phone with the home button ON THE BACK of the phone.  Looks pretty in pictures but a total PIA in real life.  I mean SERIOUSLY.  How does 1/4 inch of bezel drive you crazy?  And did you ever think that the bezel is...
 typing on a table.........I guess some people are just morons Why should 99% of the iPhone users suffer with a fat phone so the 1% like you can type on a table? Just makes some mods to the phone or the table.  Or buy a friken case.  Its not that complicated!
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