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 I don't like his conference calls when he fails to explain things clearly.  Two conference calls ago he failed to mention the new accruals that drove down gross margin.  It was only mentioned once an analysis asked about it. Second I don't like the warranty accrual, software accrual that is hurting gross margin and net income.  IMO they are being way to conservative and are deferring way too much revenue.
 buy a cheap Harmony Universal remote for $70.  I can control my BluRay Player, AppleTV, TV, Receiver,Cable box and even my lights.
 you should return your phone. probably a hardware issue
Mine works about 99% of the time.  And when it doesn't its usually because my fingers are wet/greasy.   I programed 5 slots with the same finger.
 you should return your phone
So now the largest Bitcoin exchange is bankrupt and all those investors are out of their money.   $425,000,000 just disappeared. Gone. Forever.   What a scam.  Do you think Apple wants anything to do with that?  Like I said before Bitcoin has to raise their game to Apple's level.  Bitcoin is in the sewer right now and Apple is at the penthouse.  There is absolutely no reason for Apple to extend an invitation to these sewer dwellers.  Get your crap together bitcoin and...
Looks like Mt Gox customers are out of luck.   http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/02/27/us-bitcoin-legal-idUSBREA1Q07U20140227   Mt Gox is not solvent so they wont get anything (more debt than assets).   Thats what you get when you deal with shadowy people.   And some of you wanted Apple to get involved in this?  Guess who the people who lost money at Mt Gox would chase if Apple was involved?  you guessed it right, they would go after Apple.
maybe we should withdraw our troops from South Korea?
Tim was never CFO
Nexus 7 won last years award.   Award means nothing and is a clown show. 
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