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I did misunderstandIMO $97 is a perfectly good price to buy. Although it might be wiser to buy when the stock dips. My feeling is once it goes over $100 they will defend the $100 mark agressively.IMO Apple is in the best position to deceide what price to buy since they have the most relevent information and know exactly whats in the pipeline for the next 5 years.
But they get to choose WHEN to sell.Personal taxes rates are not static.A dividend gets taxed in the current year, you have zero choice.I'd rather let the shareholder decide when the taxable event occurs.I'd rather recognize the gain when my tax rate is low
The shares are now $97They purchased them at an average price of about $68
I was talking about the tax consequences to the shareholder.If you dont see the benefit of apple buying back shares at a 30% discount I cant help you.
Difference is those companies that killed jobs and business (like Apple) made profit.Amazon has not made any significant profit in 17 years.They survive because they are living off of everyones 401k. Thats the difference.Its a Ponzi scheme. The stock will lose 80% of its value but Bezos and his Wall street friends would already have there billions while our 401k will be worth less.
And people wonder where all the US jobs are going? Amazon is killing a ton of jobs and using the middle classes 401k to subsidize there losses. Go check your 401k and I almost guarantee your Mutual Fund includes Amazon. Once the stock tanks Mr Bezo's and his Wall Street friends would have already cashed out and made tens of Billions. While everyone 401k will be a little bit smaller.
If they choose profits there revenue growth will slow down or stop all together.Amazon is not going out of business but I expect the stock to go down 50-60%
Dividends are a taxable event to shareholders. Buybacks are not.Apple more than anyone on the entire planet knows exactly what the fair value of the company is. I have full trust in there timing for making buybacks. They alone know whats in the pipeline for the next 5 years and we dont.
Go research buybacks if you dont understand.See what Warren Buffet told Steve Jobs years ago.
Are you kidding.The buyback has saved shareholders $15 billion so far. Apple was able to buy the stock 30% cheaper than it is now and save on dividends.This is basic capital allocation.
New Posts  All Forums: