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 What flaming BS. Why does Apple need to make $100B?  You are assigning them a PE of 10 with 15-20% earnings growth.  Total BS. Apple is generating $50-$60B in free cash flows and will have $200B in cash in 2 years.Sans cash that's a market cap of $800B.$800B divided by $60B free cash flow a year = 13.3 cash flow/stock priceThe S&P500 average is about 17 Assigning Apple a PE of 19 is not CRAZY talk.  The PE is already at 17 and Google is almost 30!That means Apple would...
 show me the fundementals that prove this is a pump and dump.Show me the metrics. Is Apple's revenues, margins, PE too high? Show me some solid NUMBERS before you spew BS. Here are my numbers: $150B  in cash#1 brand name in the worldExtremely loyal fanbaseBest ecosytem by far12 PE after taking out cashGrowing earnings 15-20% YoY2% dividend and growing each year$50B free cash flows a yearMassive buyback90% of tablet, laptop, desktop, and phone profits
 look at Apple's worst bad quarter the last 3 years.  The most it ever dropped was 8%. Rogifan needs to use his brain more.  He's acting like one bad quarter and Apple will drop to $50
 you are a really bad investor. I can tell you didn't even bother to run the numbers or look at Apple's SEC filings.  There is litearlly almost ZERO chance this is $60 next year unless we are in WW3
 There is a HUGE difference between Apple late 2012 and now. First off from 2010- mid 2012 Apple was growing earnings/revenue at a massive pace.  It was growing 50-100% a quarter.  Than at the end of 2012 beginning of 2013 revenue growth all but stalled and earnings growth went negative.  That is a HUGE SHIFT.  Because of this tons of GROWTH investors and HEDGE FUNDS dumped their stock.  It took a very long time for the VALUE investors to become fully invested in Apple. ...
 HUH? You are the one who made an ABSOLUTE statement saying OFFICIALLY pump and dump has begun. I said maybe not since the fundementals support $1T cap if they keep growing earnings.
 no it hasn't billion dollar cap is reasonable if Apple continues to grow earnings 15-20% YoY i think you are sour grapes since you hold no shares
 BS. iPhone sold less than 4 million its first 12 months:http://www.statista.com/statistics/263401/global-apple-iphone-sales-since-3rd-quarter-2007/ iPad sold 15 million first year. But don't forget the ipad was very simular to the iPhone. The Watch is a totally new animal. 10 million watches sales would be a HUGE success. And don't spew about unit prices. The Edition Watch will start at $5000-$10,000. All you are trying to do is to set the bar super high so you can brag...
 WTF man.  How the HELL is 10-15 million a disappoinment!!!!  The iPhone only sold 2 million its first year.  The iPod less than a million.  Even the iPad only sold 7 million. So if the AppleWatch sells DOUBLE of what the iPad did in its first year its a DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! WTF man. WTF are you smoking.
 nope. They would look at total units.  I don't think Apple every had a decrease in total iOS units sold YoY. Then they can look at average selling price and revenue growth. Here are the last 3 years using total iOS devices (not including iPod): 2012 - 183 Million Units, 110 Billion in revenue, $601 per unit2013 - 221 Million Units, 123 Billion in revenue, $557 per unit2014 - 237 Million Units, 132 Billion in revenue, $557 per unit2015 - 260 Million Units, 169 Billion in...
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