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OSX Compton   diversity is the key
 Wow.  You really aren't going to give up on a round AppleWatch are you?  Apple thinks 5-10 years ahead.  Do you seriously think the Watch will always be about 2 second glances?     Sounds like you are not being very efficent or focused in the gym   I'm sure there will be a ton of apps that take of this 'problem'
I like OSX Golden Gate the best.   Especially with Apple's recent love of Golden products.
 LOL.  Spoken like someone who does not play Poker much.  Tell poker pro's who rake in millions a year that its just a game of chance.  Poker is a game of chance, probability, instinct, intuition, and guts.  A human player would be able to crush a computer in poker because the computer won't know how to bluff or know how to read a players patters/tells/style of play.
 but is it really strategy?  The humans are doing the same thing the computer is doing except at a slower and less precise manner. IMO Chess tournements are up there with Spelling Bee's and Arthmetic competitions.  
 yup.  Not even the greatest computers in the world can beat poker champs consistently
The day a computer can win in Jepoardy is the day I will stop watching Jepoardy.   If you watched the show with Watson IBM vs the Jepoardy champions.  So obvious it was rigged for Watson.  None of the questions required the use of word play (Before and After) or creative thinking (puns, word combinations, ect).  Plus Watson was not using voice recognition to hear the questions but rather was getting fed a digital code.  Any Jepoardy champ can tell you they know 90% of...
 And even those numbers were not official.  They were not part of their audited financials.  They were just a press release.  Apple reports unit sales on their SEC filings.
 true.  Human element is what caused the holocaust and other unspeakable horrors in history.
 guys a genius but has no idea how to cheat. he should have flushed the iPod down the toilet after he was done.
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