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 But has the price of other brands smartphones/laptops gone up also?
I see no reason for Applestill does not explain the lower price per unit for the iPhone5.Do you want to make a bet?If Apple sells a METAL iPhone6 as its mid-range phone for $99 I'll ban myself for 1 month. If they don't you ban yourself.
Like i said the 4s came out 18 months after the 4. There was a ton of pent up demand. Also they sold about 37 million iPhones during the holiday quarter that the 4s came out. They sold 73 million with the iPhone6. My point is many more average joes did not buy the 4s compared to the 6.
Cant compare Apple to any other company because of their unprecidented cash pile
No way on earth they raise it to 3%I will ban myself for a month if they raise that much next month
 Hell no.  They will not be selling a $99 metal phone this year.  Apple will only sell $99 metal phones when the top tier phones uses a different shell iPhone 6S - $199iPhone 6C - $99 - 4 inch/4.7 inch plastic with iPhone 6 internalsiPhone 5S - $0 Then in Sept 2016 iPhone 7 - $199iPhone 6S - $99iPhone 6C - $0 - 4 inch/4.7 inch plastic with iPhone 6 internals The pattern has been set with the last 2 generations - 5S/5C/4S and 6/5S/5C
 Got the line up wrong Sept 2016 iPhone 7 - $199iPhone 6S - $99iPhone 6C - $0
 What quality is 24-bit?  Is that true lossless audio?
 You should run a $750B company since you seem to know better than Apple
 It gets worse.  Some of the Netflix Blurays don't have lossless audio either.  And all of the Redbox Blurays don't have lossless audio.  For most movies this does not matter.  But for movies like Gravity, Lord of the rings, ect it makes a big difference. I guess the movie studios want to force hometheater nuts to buy the disc.
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