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Then tell us what the pricing tiers should be.I'm sick of people like you who cry about 16GB yet give no solution to the 'problem'.Tell me what the tiers should be or STFU
To all the crybabies who are tearing about 16GB phones please tell me what prices the tiers should be????   Answer the damn question.     Don't just grumble and cry about 16GB phones without providing a solution.   Again tell me what the tiers should be.   32 GB - $199 64 GB - $299 128 GB - $399   is that it?
 factually wrong.  iPhone average selling price is up about 10% since moving the mid-tier to 64GB.
Apple wants there customers to buy the more expensive model. SHOCKING!Welcome to Business 101.You act like its dispicable that Apple makes the higher end models more appealing.Tell me what price tiers would you like to see? I want you to price out the 3 tiers.My guess from reading your tears is:32 GB $19964 GB $299128 GB $399Is that what you want Appke to do?
I dont understand what the big deal is paying the extra $100 to upgrade to 64 GB. The base phone is already $700 with tax. You probably pay $50-$100 a month for service. Taking that into account, the $100 upgrade is only 4% of the total cost of the phone and service. Thats less than sales tax. Yet you are not willing to pay that small 4%?
Easy solution. Bust out $100 and get the 64 GB.You say memory prices have gone down. True. But what about labor costs, shipping, R&D, legal, ect. They have all gone up since 2007. Inflation alone is up 25% from 2007. Yet the iphone is the same price as in 2007. The 16 GB phone for $200 is a ridiculously great deal. If thats not enough space pay the meager $100 to upgrade. If you were willing to pay $200 in 2007 you should be willing to pay a little extra to upgrade...
Do you even read what you write?Why the HELL would Apple want people to choose the 16GB model if it give them less revenue, less gross profit, and less net profit? Why the HELL! They would much rather sell the 64GB and 128GB models that give then much more profit. Sometimes I wonder if any of you ever took a basic math class or basic business class.
No. The cheap bastards are those who expect the base model to be 32 or 64 GB. Those who buy the 16 GB are not cheap. For most 16 GB is perfectly fine
So you are not willing to pay $100 more to get the best phone in the world? Thats only pennies a day for a much better experience. If you are not willing to pay literally a few pennies more a day then yes you are a cheap bastard.
Cant handle the truth i see.I will be proven right in a few months when the 6S comes out with a 16GB base model and will break every sales record.
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