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This is for the 5.5 model only
Like i've been saying for months. 5.5 is real. Some one lost a bet to me and cant post for 3 months. Apple is out for blood against Samsung and bringing the 5.5 is the death blow.
 Its not just about cost of making the Mini. Its about making it weaker so more people choose the higher margin Air
 The savings in buying in bulk is immaterial compared to the difference in unit price ( $500 vs $400) Add to the fact that Mini's already have much lower margins than Air. Less RevenueLess MarginLess Profit
 Especially now with the larger iphones coming. IMO, Apple wants to cannabalize the iPadMini to death.  At $399 they make hardly nothing.  Mini's should really be a niche product and weakening it will help in that regard.  It will the 5C of tablets.   In fact they should replace the Mini's case with plastic to increase margins. They rather have people pay $500 for the Air or $700 for a large subsidized phone.
 nope. Its about maximizing profits. Makes no sense you get the same powered tablet but smaller.Usually that means it should cost MORE. If they weaken the Mini more will choose the Air which has higher margins, revenue, and profit.
 everyone is trying to hold on as long as possible.  Why not when the market is returning 20%+ once QE ends officially you will see a massive run to the exits.  By then it will be too late.  It would be wise to exit BEFORE the massive crowd does. By exiting early I may be sacrificing 5% gains in the next few months.  But that's far better than getting hit with 20% loss
 You didn't bring up RISK.You only brought up a potential of MASSIVE REWARD.That was your error, not mine. Do you know how many iPhones Apple sold in the first half of 2008?Less than 4 million iPhones.  They had no iPad, and very little app revenue.Do you seriously think 2008 Apple was not 10x more risky than Apple 2014? In 2008 the iPhone was a fraction of a fraction of the smartphone market.  Today the iPhone dominates.
 Apple is up 15% since the Beats news came out. Too bad for you.
 In the LONG RUN stock prices are based on expected future cash flows. But in the short term they are not.  When I'm talking about a market wide dip I'm talking about a short term correction.  I see a 15-20% dip in the broad market and then a recovery in 12-36 months.  But the biggest reason for the dip will be the end or phasing out of QE.  With interest rates rising and the money press slowing down I can see investment moving to cash/real estate/metals and out of stocks.
New Posts  All Forums: