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Can you not read English? I said I don't use a case or screen protector and I don't have any scratches.Just take care of your sh1t and you will be okay
Raking in Billions? Not really. If you factor in overhead, marketing and advertising the mobile division barely made any profits. The division that is making BILLIONS is the chip manufactering unit. Samsung Mobile made $1.75 billion in operating profit in the last quarter.The advertising budget in 2013 was $14B. So I can safely assume that they spent at least $2B on advertising last quarter.Throw in taxes and other admin expenses and the mobile division could be operating...
I predicted this result months ago.   This is what I said in Sept after I was convienced the 5.5 was coming out:
 What utter BS.  Selling 50 million units in the March Quarter is AMAZING.Please keep in mind the most iPhones sold EVER was 51 million during last years Christmas Quarter. Selling just as many phones during the weak March Qtr a year latter is friken amazing.
No case. No screen protector. No scratches.   Take. Care. of. Your. Sh1t.
It only takes one incident to f'up a $20k watch
You should get a flip phone. Even longer battery life and smaller
I dont see Apple selling a the 5.5 phone at a discount. The 5.5 screen is a premium feature. Pretty sure 5c will still be available in China/India next year
Exactly. Those 15 million iPhone 6 Plus sales would have been Samdung sales if Apple did not release the 5.5.Next years line up:6S Plus $7506S $6506C $550 (4.7 inch plastic)5S $4505C $350sweet line up.We won't be seeing a 6C Plus. Apple will reserve the 5.5 screen for the very top end only.
 LOL. If you believe in Apple long term it won't matter if the market collapses. Look at Apple's price in 1999 and then now.Look at Apple's price in 2001 and then now.Look at Apple's price in 2008 and then now. The USA stock market won't collapse unless we have a recession.  And even if we do Apple will recover like the broad market.In YTD Apple is over performing the market by 400% so your theory that Apple follows the market is not true. IMO, trying to time broad market...
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