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The absolute minimum would be half an ounce of gold. And even watches that use that little gold cost $4000. Just looking at the case there is no way it will be less than half an ounce
If its less than $5000 I'd be shocked.Even Chinese brand watches are $4000I think people who think it will be $1200-$2000 have no idea how much solid 18k watches cost.
I wont be surprised to see solid 18k gold bands eventually.Rolex bands cost over $5000.Here is a good discussion on why there isnt any sub $2000 solid gold watches even with an automatic movement.http://forums.watchuseek.com/f71/why-no-solid-gold-affordables-518868.html
The movement does not contain gold. Usually just the case, band, backing, and maybe part of the face.Even gold watches with only a gold case and leather strap go for $5000If you want a gold watch with gold band it will cost at least $10,000Even if you buy a chinese brand it will cost $4000,
Hell no. Apple wont be making a measly 40% margin on the edition. The iPhone gets over 50% margin.I think the watch will use about $800 of gold. Add $200 for internals and strap. That gives it a cost of $1000. I'd say the minimum price would be $5000 and up to $10,000 if they use more gold. Margin has to be 80% to cover other costs like extra security measures, new displays, massive marketing, and gold cost risk. This would be in line with the margins of rolex and...
 It has to be that much. A gold watch like the Rolex President has 2 ounces of gold which cost $2500 just for the gold alone.  
 LOL.  never noticed that before.  spoiled my appetite 
  If Apple sells 15 million Watches in its first year you will ban yourself for 1 month.If not I will ban myself for 1 month. Deal? if you think Watch will fail like you said man up.  15 million would be the fastest selling Apple product ever. The problem with your 'analysis' is its based on the POS android watches that have already come out.  You have ZERO idea what the Watch will do and what type of apps it will run in a year or two.
 Exactly. i don't want the competiton to be Google who does not give ONE SHEET about quality of product as long as they can sell ads on it.
great. I like their Italian sub
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