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Agree.But dont call it adblock. Call it spyblock or tracking block. Basically block all spy and tracking scripts.Who the hell can argue you dont have right to your own privacy?The problem is calling it ad block. Since ads are a normal part of business, it sounds bad to block all ads. So if a website uses native ads that dont track/spy they wont be blocked.Time to go thermo nuclear on Google Tim.
My friend works in the Samsung chip factory in Austin.  Dont want to see him lose his job.  He owns an iPhone by the way.
I disagree.  I think it is wise to quash these stupid rumors. FingerGate.BendGate.ChipGate. Quash them all.  I wish Apple was just as aggressive in killing off stupid rumors from the far east about weak demand from dumb ass suppliers.
LOL. No he isn't.  Building $120k SUV's is not doing a thing about the future.  Lets see Musk release an EV that cost under $40k for the masses AND make profits.
About 12 months ago Musk said he would be glad if Apple entered the EV market.   Now that this is getting real Musk is panicking and spewing out bullshit.   This will be just like the quotes from CEO's from Microsoft, Blackberry, Dell, and Nokia.
Not true.  Just look at the last 3 years. Sept2012  - Apple had $120 billion in cash.  Company was worth $630 billion.Sept2015 -  Apple will have about $210 billion in cash. Company is worth only $625 billion. Yes Apple added over $90,000,000,000 in cash to their bank account yet they are worth $5 billion less. How the fuc does that make sense.  Even if Apple adds another $100,000,000,000 in cash the next 2 years that means NOTHING.  Wall Street can still keep this stock...
double post
 iPhone sales don't have to grow forever. At the current valuation its only getting a PE of 6. A company that has had shrinking revenue for a decade like IBM has a 10 PE.  If Wall Street gave the iPhone segment a PE of 10 the stock would be worth $140-$150. No one is saying that iPhones sales will keep growing 40% like this year.  But I see steady 5-10% growth for the next couple of years at least. That deserves a PE of at least 10-12 for the iPhone business.  The other...
Here is a fair valuation of Apple's stock by segment.   I combined iPad and iPhone revenue because I feel much of the lost revenue from iPad is being canibalized by the 6+.  If you combine iPad/iPhone revenue the segments revenue is up 40% from 2014.      in Billions  Market Cap  625.00 Less Cash (net of debt)  150.00 Market Cap net of cash  475.00     Non iPhone...
Exactly.Taking out cash Apple is worth $420 billion.Apple's non-iPhone profit and revenue is the same as Google. This includes software, services, Mac, iPad, Watch, and accessories. That is a very diverse revenue stream that has excellent growth and deserves the same PE and valuation as Google. Less cash Google is worth $390 billion. So lets value Apples non-phone business as the same as Google.That means the iPhone business is worth only $30 billion. That fuking...
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