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There is no need for the iPad mini with the Plus. Only you could be so picky to criticize Apple for giving people 32GB of free memory with the 64GB models at the price of the 32GB. There's a reason why Apple is the most valuable company in the world:  they make awesome products that people are willing to pay more for.  If you are so concerned about saving a buck or two please go buy an Android instead.
 I feel the same way.  This should be the lineup in the future: iPad 12 inchiPadPlus 5.5iPhone 4.7 No reason to have an iPad mini
 You are correct. The margins on the iPad Retina must be horrible.
I don't understand what we are suppose to do with the photos of the monitor in this article.   would it not look any good since my monitor is not 5k?   strange.
kinda want Apple to release a wireless keyboard with number pad.   I know only 1% of users want that but kinda sucks for me.
 iPad is the fastest Apple product to 200,000,000 units EVER. Growth is not always a smooth curve up. I expect growth to come from new iPhone users and iPad1/iPad2 users.
 Nope. Go buy an iPadAir if you want that. the iPadMini margins are so horrible they don't want you to buy the Mini unless absolutely necessary.  Apple is obviously steering people to either the Air or Plus
Bottom line is this clowns:   Apple does not want you to buy an iPadMini.  They want you to buy an iPadAir or a 6 PLUS.   And i can't blame them.  The iPadMini has the WORST gross margins and profits for any Apple product.
 ever heard of a forum discussion? or are we doing direct text messages here? i guess a hermit would not understand
 explain....don't get it.
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