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 honor is dead even in Japan.
 i agree.
 Apple does not spend $5 billion on R&D for a transition product
Good news.   Those free music services are killing the music industry.
 Please explain. Why is KING a disgusting company?
Dumb move IMO.   Nintendo is still living in the 90's   They should just look at CandyCrush Saga and see the potential.  If a crap game like that can gross billions imagine what Nintendo's classic titles can command?
but,but,but,but.....according to FixIt it only cost $2 to make
 Its about taxes. Would you rather pay 40% tax rate or 2% interest rate?
 And splitting atoms was created not to create bombs, they just needed to find a way to monetize it.
GTFO of here you Google apologist. Go to AndroidAuthority 
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