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 So why is their performance unsustainable?  They only have 15% market share.
 But Apple does not need to dominate the entire industry to be sucessful.  They need to dominate the high end.
 LOL. Like I showed those 'heavyweights' are literally 10x smaller than Apple.
 Actually adjusted for dividends it surpassed its all time high close of $702. 96.28 is the all time high close adjusted for dividends paid.
$7.7 Billion in Profit. Most EVER for a 3rd Qtr.  12% higher than last year. Beats Wall Street expectation of $1.23 EPS with $1.28   Falls short of expectation.   WTF. WTF. Appleinsider. WTF.
 BB, Palm, Nokia even at their absolute peak is not even close to what Apple is.  Even at BB absolute peak their market cap was a mere $70B. Nokia's peak was about $60B.Palm peak was $55B. Add those 3 companies together at their ABSOLUTE PEAK and multiple that by THREE and you still would be short of Apples $580B market cap.  None of those companies had an ecosystem even close to Apple or the branding power.  They are totally different animals.  Its like comparing...
 I think you may have read Apple is under weight by mutal funds and hedge funds compared to their market cap.  That is true. That is good news.  That means funds can buy more Apple stock without being over-weight in the stock
 I think those numbers were US only
 You are truly hopeless. Who are these investment houses you are talking about? Apple was the most held stock for Large Mutual funds and hedge funds.......as far back as 2012http://blogs.barrons.com/techtraderdaily/2012/09/19/apple-is-most-held-stock-among-large-mutual-funds-hedge-funds-too/ Most widely held stock in 401k mutal funds in 2013http://www.cnbc.com/id/101171731 In 2013 Apple was the 2nd most widely held stock in Mutal fundshttp://www.cnbc.com/id/101141146 Just...
 My prediction is backed up by money. $120,000 worth of Apple stock.
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