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MONSTER is the scum of the earth.   Selling cables for $100-$200 is ammoral
 Sept 2012 - $700
Ridiculous.   If they sold 69 million phones this stock should be $140 a share
 My comment that you did not have complete information was about the $3B price tag for Beats. You said it was not worth that much.  I'm saying you should hold your opinion because you have not seen Beats Financial statements and tax returns.  A few analysis estimate Beats 2013 revenue at $1.5B.  Beats makes nice margins on sales so a net profit of $300M a year is not out of the question.  With international revenue growth and the growth of its streaming service I can...
 nope. Beats marketing is totally different from Apple It would take Apple a decade to receive the type of acceptance Beats has with sports/entertainment stars. You are wrong about engineering.  The new Beats headphones are 100x better since Monster stopped designing them.   I cant believe you are  so arrogant to think you know more than Apple in valuating a company. Apple is worth $650B. How much are you worth? Did you even get to see the financials on Beats (no because...
 nope. thats like saying people will collect rotary phones today (I'm talking the basic models)
 who cares if beats did not engineer the product. any half-wit chinese manufacterer can product good quality headphones. The value in Beats is the athsetic design and marketing
 most who bash Beats here have never used the product. The combination of style, sound quality, and resale value is unmatched.  sound familiar? You can literally sell used Beats headphones for hundreds of dollars on ebay.  Good luck trying to do that with any other brand
 wow dude. Cant belive you let your Grandma suffer like that. totally irresponsible.
thats some pretty slick tech
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