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 Do you seriously think the PC era and the mobile era is the same? Microsoft/Intel worked in the PC era because computers were mostly utility devices. In the mobile era the phone is PERSONAL.  And Apple has mastered personal computing.
 Like I said I have no idea what Google's current policy for updates are.  In the past it was 18 months for Nexus devices.  All I know is a bunch of my friends never get updates since they don't own Nexus phones.  I owned an LG and my phone was running a 2 year old Android and could never get updates. Yes I'm moving the goalposts.  Closer and Closer for Google.  Because they are failing and failing each time. What kind of POS company has an OS where 99% of the users can't...
 Bottom line is Google does not want to be responsible for all the security flaws of Android. If they don't force software updates on OEM's than they can simply blame the OEM.  They can say it was the OEM's fault because the Android software and the OEM's custom skin are not working together. But if they do require software updates then all responsibility falls onto Google.  So when OEM's sell hundreds of millions of Android phones Google takes the credit.But when those...
 It sounds like those people are just cheap.  
 I think you should buy a Macbook
 Different era. The PC era is totally different from the mobile era.  A pure hardware vendor has no chance to have long-term growth and profits in mobile. If you create an amazing hardware design it will just be copied by cheap ass China brands in a matter of months.  The courts are not protecting hardware patents so any hardware advantage disappears in a matter of months. The mobile era is much more PERSONAL.  With PC's all we cared about is if the computer ran Office,...
Dig deeper into the numbers.   Mobile Revenue Q2 2014 - 27.51 billion Mobile Revenue Q2 2015 - 25.50 billion Revenue down 7.3% YoY   Mobile Operating profit Q2 2014 - 4.42 billion Mobile Operating profit Q2 2015 - 2.76 billion Profit down 37.6% YoY     So revenue is down only 7.3% but profit is down a massive 37.6%   That simply means Samsung is selling WAY LESS TOP END phones compared to last year.  That is why profits are down massively even though overall...
 GTFO.  Those are cheap ass China brands that are selling phones that are half the price of iPhones.  Those phones have ZERO effect on iPhones sales.  No one cross shopping an iPhone vs a ZTE POS. Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo are stealing share from Samsung and other Android makers.
Crazy that Samsungs chip division is making about 40% more profits than there mobile division. If you take out taxes the mobile division is almost profitless
I think Apple will contiune to gain market share.   The middle class in China is growing at an alarming rate.Apple will dominate even more in USA with Samsung getting squeezed.Apple will dominate in Japan.Apple will continue to grow massively in India and Brazil. Bottom line is smartphones are getting more important than cars.  I think Apple has a chance to capture 30% market share by 2017.
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