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talent recognizes talent.   greatness recognizes greatness.   That's what all the trolls around here need to realize.   Jobs picked Cook for a reason.   And Ahrendts wanted to join Cook for the same reason.
 That's the key point.  The mid-priced phone will be significantly different from the top-end.  When Apple simply sold last years phone at $100 less they were losing a ton of top-tier sales.  For example when the iPhone5 came out too many people opted for the iPhone 4S and that hurt margins and revenue.  With the 5S/5C there was a clear distinction between top and mid tier. For Sept2015 I see the mid-tier as either a 4 inch plastic phone with A8/fingerprint/NFC or a 4.7...
Apparently the average user in this thread has these sized hands.   I've never ever heard anyone in real life say the iPhone5 is too big.      YOu guys are either trolls or have very small hands.   I mean seriously.  Even my 5 year old niece can easily use an iPhone5
 Mine is a one-step program for people with small hands
 Benjamin Frost location: London.............. makes sense now.
 hey man.  NO shame in having tiny hands.  Acceptance is the first step. Its pretty crazy that AppleInsider has such a high concentration of people with tiny hands.  LOL. My niece who's 4'10" (shes 10) can easily use the iPhone6 with one hand.
 You have small hands.  No shame in it. My wife is 5'1" and she can easily use the iPhone6 with one hand.
You will be able to opt out.
sweet.   cant wait to get my black sport
 They will not redesign a phone that sells for $449
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