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 React emotionally?  After losing $100k in bitcoins I would to!!! MtGox refused to allow for withdrawls for several weeks.  Now those people with accounts could have lost EVERYTHING.  No govt agency will insure this loss right now.
More reviews of how crappy the scanner is:   http://recode.net/2014/02/24/first-look-samsung-goes-back-to-basics-with-galaxy-s5/ http://tech.firstpost.com/news-analysis/samsung-galaxy-s5-tech-critics-verdict-218916.html   Also the scanner isn't on the button.  Its actually on the glass.  So you need to press a button to wake up the phone and then slide your finger.     LOL.
LOL. Does not matter.  So are you telling you need to worry constantly about your trading platform will go under?  The report shows that over 8% of all Bitcoins in existence got stollen and maybe more with this MtGox fraud.  Mt Gox had been the biggest bitcoin platform for a very long time and now they go up in smoke. No wonder Apple does not want to touch this with a 10 foot pole. So where are all the bitcoin lovers now?????Classic Ponzi scheme.
Comparing Apples stock price from 2011 to present to Microsoft's stock price during the 1999/2000 tech bubble?   how ridiculous can you get.
 Fact is there is more institutional money in Google right now $335 billion (83% institutional ownership) than Apple  $295 billion (62%) Barclays has a massive position in Bearish options by the way........... http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2014/02/18/apple-hedge-whale-wisdom/
Funny Barclays.   Look here they have 337,820 in Bearish options. (look at bearish Option trades table)   http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2014/02/18/apple-hedge-whale-wisdom/   Ridiculous that they have a massive Bear position and then they release a massive bearish analysis note.
 EPS increases.Less shares means larger possible dividends in the near future Go read a book on buybacks. Your knowlege of them is lacking
Jesus, they can't even think of their own marketing campaign.  They had to rip off the pencil from iPadAir ad. Disgusting.   The stupidest thing is that the iPadAir commerical was not simply about how thin it was compared to the pencil.  Its that like the pencil was hundreds of years ago, the ipad is a simple and elegent tool that can change the world.  yet Samsung is too stupid to figure that out.
 The stock was at $385 before the buyback.  Its $535 today.  That's almost 40% up Apple's average buyback price is about $475.
 Wall street dont give sheet about cash and debt.They are not giving Apple any credit for the $150B in cash.
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