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paging Gatorfan paging Gatorfan   Attn: Gatorfan.  Please report to duty to defend Google. Thank you.  Sergie Brim.
 But the pencil is the superior device for marking up documents and notetaking also.  Its just flatout the superior product. This discussion all stems from an argument I had with a clown here who said the Surface Pen is just as good as the Apple Pencil.  He was trying to convince people the Surface Pro is a better deal because it comes with a 'free' $100 stylus and is comparable to the Apple Pencil.  That is flatout bullshit.  The Apple pencil is out performing $2000...
 LOL.  So are you another one of those Surface Pen apologist?  You seriously think the Surface Pen is as good as the Apple Pencil?  LOL.
And this is why the Apple pencil blows away the Surface pen.   Now where is that joker that was arguing with me that the Surface pen was the equal to the Apple Pencil?
Exactly. These Wall street dummies think services revenue is safer than hardware, which is not true. If a better services comes up people wont hesitate to switch to a different service. Blockbuster, golds gym, AOL, hot mail, My Space, ect.
Simple math.   by 2017 the iPhone user base will be 700,000,000   Apple will offer all these services:   Live TV packages Movies/Shows/Music/Games for purchase Apps for purchase Streaming Music Gaming subscriptions Home security and automation Apple Pay Apple Leasing iCloud Apple Care Apple Ad revenue - search, Siri, News, in App   $30 of services per month per user. $250 billion in annual services revenue. That's more than all of Apple's hardware...
Possible Apple services the next 5 years:   1. ApplePay + AppleCredit - full blown Apple digital credit cards. Will make it even easier to lease hardware 2. Apple Leasing - iPhones, iPads, Watch, and Mac 3. Apple Live TV subscriptions 4. Apple Music 5. Apple Gaming (unlimited gaming for a monthly fee) 6. App Store revenue 7. iTunes - Music, Movies, TV shows 8. Apple Video - like Netflix + Youtube combined 9. Apple News 10. Apple Search + Siri + Spotlight 11....
 I thought it was $99 USD. But it was $99 Canadian.
 added benefit is you can bring your stock unit to work. having 2 chargers is nice.
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