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 stop being cheap.  Just pay the extra $99 for 64GB. If you keep your phone for 2 years that 13 cents a day.  If you can't afford that then you probably should buy a Xiaomi. Charging $99 for 64GB and $199 for 128GB allows Apple to charge less for the 16GB model.  
  Its a know fact that the 64GB and 128GB models have higher margins than the 16GB models. So if you want FIXED gross margin across the product line (for people who grumble of paying $99 for more memory) the 16GB model price would have to be SIGNIFICANLY HIGHER. 
try harder   i can spend $99 more for a real gaming system with REAL games. LOL.
 I still don't see Apple doing 4k for marketing reasons. It will severly hurt battery life and those panels are much more expensive.  It is impossible to tell the difference between a 2k and 4k screen that is 5 inches from normal viewing distances. Apple would much rather make the phone lighter or have a longer battery life than increase the resolution for marketing reasons.
 exactly. Moving to 32GB base model will hurt the amount of mid and high memory units sold. I've said it many times before:  Those who buy the 64GB and 128GB models are subsidizing those who buy the 16GB model.  If Apple sold iPhones at a fixed Gross Margin the prices would be like this: 16GB $72564GB $760128GB $790 Is that what you want?
   So you want Apple to give away money now? Let me guess you aren't a shareholder. Its Apple's profits that fund R&D, retail stores, keeping the best talent, ect. If you can't afford an iPhone go buy a cheap POS android.  Apple has no problem seeing 250,000,000 iPhone 6S
   All you will do is tax the CPU and battery.  Total and utter BS.   Apple is not about BS.  That's why they didn't do 4k screen and why stupid ass Samsung is.
 why the hell would you need 4k resolution on a 5 inch device.  pure stupidity
 why stop at 32GB?  Why not 128GB?  That would be an even better user experience.  What about drop the price by $200?  even better? /s When will people learn.  Apple needs high margins to keep the eco-sytem and R&D and customer service running at a top level. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY YOU GOTTA PAY.YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. If you want cheap shit go buy android.
 but even glances does not work well. Look at how a contacts picture gets cut off.  Look a how a person's text message gets cut off.  Its really pathetic actually.  And having a round screen does not allow for simple glances.  More like glance and scroll since you only can see 1 line of text at a time.
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