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 stop being a chicken little.  Its called negotiations not weakness.  
 no.  but alot of the traffic is for people listening to music videos.
 Apple is first killing music streaming ads.Then killing ads on iOS devices.Then pushing iOS users to spotlight search instead of Google. I'd be terrified if I was Google or any other digital ad-based company
 see Youtube.  loaded with ads
 Average household size worldwide is between 2.5 and 3.5. That means on average its $5 per person.  If you are single and you can't afford the $10, well its time to get married to someone with $ 
Too bad a 19 minute video will take all of your free iCloud space.   I'm shocked Apple did not increase the free iCloud at WWDC.  will disapointed
 No way in hell that happens.  Block the iOS users who have the most $$$?  LOL.  Thats the bullshit some idiot analysis was spewing a few days ago.  No way that happens. Ad block blocks the intrusive and obnoxious ads such as full screen popups, video and audio that plays automatically, and ads that block the article text.  Bottom line is these websites need to use more discrete ads instead of the normal Google POS intrusive ads.
feel sorry for Google.........not.
 You need to learn how to read. I said Apple would WRECK AD-based companies.  Companies that rely on Ads to survive. Do you seriously think Apple needs Ad revenue to survive?  LOL.
 Wrong.  Pandora/Spotify have over 18 million PAID users combined.  So you are WRONG. People said the same thing about the iPod. The iPhone.  Late to the game.  What happenned?   And you know this?  How?   WE are talking about AppleMusic not iTunes Radio, Quack.   FALSE.  Spotify/Pandora have over 18 million PAID users combined.   Thats the point.  Pandora/Spotify won't be free for long. You are arguments total to a hill of beans. You don't like renting music so you think...
New Posts  All Forums: