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These car companies need to realize that you either WORK with Apple or get DEMOLISHED by Apple.   Who else are these car companies going to work with on the software/services side?  Google?  Can you imagine if a car got hacked?  Build your own team?  LOL.  That's going to take $100 billion and still might not work, look at Microsofts attempt to do mobile.   Whoever lands the contract to build cars with Apple is going to make a fortune.  Just ask Samsung how much they...
I can already see the headlines in a few months     PushGate:  User cracks iPhone screen when using force touch
Why would anyone choose to buy an Android phone over an iPhone?   You would only get an Android if:   1. You can't afford an iPhone (this makes the bulk of Android's customers) 2. You are a tweaker and enjoy messing with writing code and custom ROM's 3. You need stylus support (Note4) 4. You just want something different   I think #1 covers several hundred million Android purchases.   #2 is a very small slice of the population.  May a few million.  #3 is...
 Great explanations! Never thought that force touch and taptic engine could be the keys to getting rid of the home button! I think iPhone7 may get rid of the physical home button and with close to zero bezel make the footprint of the phone much smaller than the 6. All you would need to do to unlock the screen is press down hard on the screen with your finger.
 what if someone has a heavy finger?
 just get a Macbook You are hoping for something that already exists
So according to this sketchy rumor they will be building 86 to 90 million iPhone6S/+   They should sell about 12 million in September   That leaves 78 million for the holiday quarter   About 85-88% of phones sold in holiday quarter are usually the flagship.  That means about 12 million mid/low level phones sold.   That gives us a total of 90 million iPhones sold in holiday quarter which is 20% YoY unit increase.   Throw in Watch sales. Throw in iPad Pro...
 Good summary. Anyway you look at it the Motorola purchase by Google was a disaster.  All in all they will lose BILLIONS and probably several BILLIONS in opportunity cost.
Wrong. That article you linked was BEFORE google sold Motorolla. Those tax benefits were transfered to Leveno after the purchase.Also dont forget Motorola lost about $2 billion while Google owned them. All together Google is going to lose $4-$7 billion from the purchase.
 Everyone knew the big iPhones were coming by mid 2014.   The first quarter of 2014 profit was basically flat for Samsung.The 2nd quarter profits were down 28%. But it wasn't until the 3rd Qtr when it was clear the big iPhones were coming that Samsung had 60%+ drops in profit 3 quarters in a row. The iPhone 6 was the reason Samsung's profits went into the tank.
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