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 Neither Bose or Beats are premium.Hardly speakers/headphones/subwoofers are premium if you can find it at Best Buy
rumor just in time to drive price down for Friday OPEX. LOL.
Does IDC have an data on returns?   I'm sure that TENS OF MILLIONS of tablets get returned to the manufacter every month. Just look at Costco and how many Samsung tablets they have in stock.  No way on earth do they sell all of those.   So Samsung continues to stuff the channel and IDC counts it as Shipments. When Costco returns the unsold tablets does IDC subtract that?   I think this BS will end soon though.  Samsung's profits is down 25% this quarter and I think...
Why? They dont seperate the Mac products why would they need to seperate iOS products?When the 5.5 inch phone comes out it will only be 2 inches smaller than the iPad mini.
But IDC is showing Samsung increases shipments of phones/tablets yet there revenue is down 10%?Either IDC is spewing BS or Samsung is lying when they say they are not hurting at the top end
Wheres Amazon?
Take out the 'Others' tablets (which are probably $49 POS) then Apple has 50% of the market. Probably have 75% of the revenue. And 90% of the profits.
 Revenue was down 10% in their mobile division (tablets/smartphones) http://www.trefis.com/stock/ssnlf/articles/246392/samsung-q2-preview-weaker-smartphone-sales-inventory-concerns-will-impact-results/2014-07-24
HOT DAMN!   Others must make an amazing tablet! Domination.   No way on this green earth did Samsung sell 8.5 million tablets.  They probably ship 8.5 million and 6 months later 7 million are returned when the new model comes out.   The numbers just don't jive.  According to IDC's numbers Samsung has sold more tablets and smartphones this year than last year.  Yet Samsung is showing 25% decrease in profits.  How is that possible?  Because IDC is full of sheet.
 They said the same things about AT&T, Verizon, Sprint before the iPhone. When they see the $ they will comply.
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