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 not for long.  Last quarter Samdung's profits were down 25%, sales down 20%.  Their profits have been the down the last 4 quarters.  Their profits are the lowest since 2012.  They are RAPIDLY falling of the cliff. Fact is the high end will be DOMINATED by Apple with the 6.The mid/low end will get CRUSHED by Chinese makers like Xiamio who make phones that look better than SAmdung for half the price. Just watch the next 4 quarters.  Samdung will continue to fall.  Then they...
 I don't think that would be possible, unless the bezel was as thick as the 4.7 inch phone
But,But,but,but,butt,butter.....thought no one wants large phones?   I thought all wanted 4 inch phones? huh?
 Lost the war? Apple is selling 150,000,000 high end phones a year while Samdung is selling 80,000,000. I fully expect that Samsung will be just another Android manufacter in 12 months.  I fully expect their profits to drop another 40% and their mobile division executives to get fired.  It. Is. OVER.  The only advantage Samdung has was larger screen.  With that gone Samdung is screwed.
 Total BS. HTC was the first to make a Phablet in 2007 the Advantage X7500https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTC_Advantage_X7500 Dell Streak came out to 2010https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dell_Streak So no.  Samsung did not 'invent' the phablet.  Both of those phones made YEARS before the Galaxy Note were 5 inch+ screens.
 common sense. Apple starting manufactering the iPhones much earlier this time around.  Thats why there were more accurate leaks than ever before.  Thus they had way more stock than previous years.  Thus they will sell more. Pretty obvious actually, even a deaf man can see it
 The leaks.  The leaks this year were very early and accurate.  That tells me Apple staring production way earlier than usual.  
Solution to owing a 6 Plus? Keep your old phone.   I'm keeping my 5S along with my 6 Plus.  Switching out the SIM takes about 10 seconds.   In situations I need a small phone I'll use my 5S.   I don't have an iPod so I also will use my 5S as a secondary music device. I won't sell my 5S for a measly $300.
You like meatloaf i see
Is there a way to confirm your phone is unlocked?I bought two 5S phones from T mobile last year at full retail $750I also ordered the 6 for my wife and the 6 plus for myself. My plan is to keep the 5S and switch the sim card when i need a smaller phone.
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