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 And even those numbers were not official.  They were not part of their audited financials.  They were just a press release.  Apple reports unit sales on their SEC filings.
 true.  Human element is what caused the holocaust and other unspeakable horrors in history.
 guys a genius but has no idea how to cheat. he should have flushed the iPod down the toilet after he was done.
 you can't stop progress
 again the point is blowing right past your brain. Sports is entertainment first and foremost.  What is more entertaining?  Seeing a robot hit a baseball or a human?  Of course its the human. What is more entertaining seeing a human play chess or a robot? I'd argue for 99.9% of the population its the same. The beauty of chess is strategy/mind power.  Something a computer is far superior.  The beauty of sports is the grace of movement, the power of movement, ect.  ...
 again you are totally missing the point. With baseball its not just about the ball getting hit far.  Its about the grace of movement.  The sweet swing.  The powerful motion of the pitcher.  The athsetics of the running and diving for a ball.   Are you seriously telling me chess has grace/power of movement?  Do you get a thrill seeing a chess player raise his hand and move a chess piece?  hell no.  Its 100% about the mind and computation.  Something a computer is way...
 not even close to the same thing. For the olympics its about the form and the grace of the action.  In chess its 100% about the mind and computation.  No one goes to a chess match to see someone make graceful and powerful gestures with their hands.  Its 100% about the mind. With sports its about the movement, flow, athsetics, ect.
 so why is this grandmaster using an iPod then?
 The carriers can return the phones for a refund if they don't sell it.  Its called loading the channel.  A trick Samsung has used many times in the past to inflate their shipments. Again show me an official number of phones sold by Samsung.  Everything else is just marketing BS.  The source in the article is unnamed.  It could be any clown that works for Samsung.  Hell it could be the mailroom boy all we know.  Stop with your Samsung BS hype.   And earnings don't mean...
 Not on this level.  As a game, fine.  As a profession?  That's just silly.  When some of the best players in the world can be beaten by a 99 cent App on your phone I think its time to move on.  This is like having professional arthimetic competitions.  
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