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IDC (barf) is estimating that over 300,000,000 Phablets will be sold in 2015   http://www.phablet-info.com/phablet-shipments-to-top-laptops-tablets-by-2015/   Even if they are off by 50%, 150,000,000 Phablets are a TON.  If Apple did not release the PLUS they would be giving away a huge chunk of high end market to Samdung.
and the remaining 20% own phablets.  I see it every day.  I work in a building full of Investment Bankers, Mortgage pros, Bank consultants, lawyers, research doctors...... and 90% either have an iPhone or a Phablet.  I'd say its about 60% iPhone and 30% Phablet and 10% are just cheap SOB which use $99 phones.
Again the question is INCREMENTAL SALES.   Incremental sales are sales that occur because of a particular product.  For example there are people who only want to buy Phablets.  So if Apple did not release the 5.5 they would have bought an Android Phablet.  Or there are those who only will buy a phone 4.0 inches or smaller.  So if Apple did not make a 4.0 screen or smaller they would buy an Android/Windows phone.   The 4.7 phone was a given.   The real choice was...
 Maybe in China. But not in the USA.  Most of the Phablet buyers in the USA are rich and own both.
For those 4 inch lovers please come up with a practical line up that Apple can do next year.   First of all they will not be getting rid of the 4.7 and 5.5 sizes.  Apple has too much money in the machinery and R&D to do that next year. So what is the line up and costs?   here's my best guess:   iPhone 6S PLUS - $750 iPhone 6S          - $650 iPhone 6S Mini - $650   iPhone 6C - $550 iPhone 5S - $450   Not sure if that would work.  People need to understand it...
 nope.  nice joke though.  clearly shows your bias about the product. Seriously question:  have you even had a chance to hold and use the PLUS? A phablet and full sized tablet are two distinct categories.  I have an iPad Air and am waiting for my PLUS.  The Air is mostly an at home device which took the place of my laptop.  I can fit the PLUS in my front pocket easy.  With my iPad Air I need to bring a bag. HUGE difference. Maybe in Europe Phablets are not popular.  But in...
 WRONG. The Plus has a better screen, better camera, and better battery. CPU/GPU speed differences are immaterial.  The PLUS is obviously the FLAGSHIP. Why would entering the Phablet market be a mistake?Its a growing market.It commands the highest prices.It commands the hightest marginsMany young people, professionals, and rich people want phablets. Why on earth would Apple allow the Android makers to have free reign on the Phablet market? 
 I'm truly sorry you only have one hand.  Really am.
 30 million iPhone6+ is NOT insignificant. Thats $27,000,000,000 in revenue and $8,100,000,000 in Net profits (based on $900 ASP and 30% profit margin) But the main point is many of the 30 million in units would be to people who would not have chosen Apple if they did not have a phablet.  If Apple did not make a phablet many of those 30 million would have chosen Samdung or HTC, ect.  I'd estimate that 50% of the iPhone6+ sales will be incremental sales = sales that Apple...
 Nice.Post of the day. The guy who said its the worst post of the day is a Samsung shrill.  Look at his post count.
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