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They ignored smaller watch sizes because they dont have the tech to make the internals small enough
So you have the Gear S2 with you?Its better that you hold judgement until you actually use it. Or else it makes you look like a Troll.
An absolute rip off still.Last year this was called NFL rewind and it was $30. They added a few crap features, changed the name and then tripled the price.
 it works.  Just delayed by 30-45 minutes
 and now they are making sport editions also. pathetic. 
 reputation?  We are all just making guesses.  No ones reputation is on the line.
 Really does make me think.  I would think something like this would have been saved for the event.  There must be something even bigger to be announced
Cisco IBM Microsoft   all falling into line.   You wanna make money? You wanna preserve your revenue streams?   Then partner with Apple.  Don't try to steal their ideas or compete with them.
 thumbs up to you for admitting you were wrong.  
New Posts  All Forums: