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 Wrong Grasshooper. Apple has been trending to growing EPS and Net Income. Q3-2013 they reported $6.9B in profits.  Down 22% from Q3-2012 Q1-2014 they reported $13.1B in profits.  Flat from Q1-2013 but they stopped the trend of shrinking profits.  Plus they would have showed earnings growth if it wasn't for the very conservative accruals for warranty expense and free software. Q2-2014 they reported $10.2B in profits.  This was 7% growth from Q2-2014 which was 9.5B.  Again...
 To be fair something very important did change. EARNINGS GROWTH. We went from negative 10% EPS to positive 15% the last 9 months.  That is HUGE.
This won't hurt iPhone at all unless they ban iPhone sales.   Most of the rich class hate the government anyway.
 Looks like I did not pay too much. When you said Apple was overvalued it was $570.Yesterday we hit $677 (split adjusted) That's a 19% increase in share price. Bottom line is you can't just look at the last 12 months of a stock's PE and ignore material events (buyback, split, new products, revenue growth)
Tim Cook is in great shape for 53.   maybe he's using a prototype iWatch to workout?
 Samsung is not good in business. They got lucky.  Flat out.  They stumbled upon making GIAGANTIC screens and the market ate it up.  There would always be a huge market for Android phones because of price.  Samsung was just the lucky one.  It will only go down hill from now on.  Profits are down 25% and top end unit sales are down 35%.  Soon they will need to cut marketing and that will lessen sales even more.  The Chinese companies will destroy Samsung's mid-range phones...
Hilarious that SamDUNG is blaming the low/mid level phones.   Its the high end that is getting destroyed.  For the first six months of the Galaxy S5 they are estimating sales to be down 36% compared to the Galaxy S4.  That is where the money is being lost.   http://www.forbes.com/sites/donaldkirk/2014/07/08/samsungs-smartphones-stumble-profits-down-against-chinese-rivals/   "Yonhap quoted analyst Lee Min-hee at I’Min Investment & Securities Co. as attributing the...
 Um yes. "Sang-hoon didn't elaborate further, but some reports are claiming that sales of Samsung's Galaxy S5 - which the firm recently announced has shifted 11 million units - are slowing due to a decline in demand." http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2352262/samsung-warns-of-poor-q2-due-to-slowing-galaxy-s5-sales The 88m is talking about ALL samsung phones not just the S5.
 Fasting selling the first few weeks.....when they were channel stuffing. Now that vendors are refusing to take additional shipments because the original shipments have not sold yet the real numbers are coming out AKA June Qtr financials. The media is totally ignoring this story.Most in the know are estimating S5 sales are 20-25% below the S4.  Which was about flat to the S3.  One of the few media sites that are spilling the beans are saying they only sold 11 million S5 in...
Hilarious that Samsung is blaming the mid and low end phones for their profit decline.  They never made much money on those phones.   Where they are truly hurting is the top end.  The Galaxy S5 has been an utter disaster.  They are selling 25% less S5's than S4's even with massive discounts and buy one get one free offers.  But Samsung will not say this.  Its so much easier to justify losing the low end due to price rather than the high end because of lack of innovation.
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