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 its happenning. I dont even want the 5.5 phone but even i can see the obvious.
 You are finally seeing the light!
Apple probably got a super cheap deal from Samdung.   Samdung is extremely desperate for $   With the larger iphone6 the truth is Samdung is no longer a threat to Apple
 You need to take into consideration RISK. Sure you made $5000 in a few weeks.  But could you have just as easily LOST $5000 in a few weeks?  Or more? Remember large gains cannot be achive without large risk.The only exception is when the market is inefficent.  This happens when is a stock is grossly undervalued or over-valued.  This was the case when Apple was at $385-$400.  What is your goal?  Is it to make profits to spend immediately?  Or are you trying to build...
 You are generalizing.  Buying and holding for decades is not always the most profitable strategy. Look at the people who bought and held Yahoo, AOL, Ford, Sears, RadioShack, ect.  Buy and hold is good if your original thesis for the purchase is still valid.  But market conditions change all the time and you could lose massive profits from holding too long.
 You obviously did not run the numbers. $30 stock price for Amazon is ridiculous.
 Well it hit my 90% confidence level of $700.We still have a shot at the $750 level.   We are about 5% away from that. I sold some of my shares to lock in profits at $700
  When DrBlank said Apple was over-valued the stock was at $570.Now its at $713. Its up 25% in 4 months since DrBlank said it was over-valued.I guess I was proven right.
So obvious this means 5.5   A 4.7 screen would not need a more powerful adapter. Only a 5.5 screen which is 80% bigger than a 4.0 screen.
 I fail to see how a 5+ inch phone is too large to use. You can easily fit such a phone in a purse.  And it is light enough to use as a phone.  And when you use it, its size increases privacy (blocks part of your face). A smartphone is made to make calls, apps, internet, ect.  You can do all that on a 5+ inch phone. Please explain what you CAN'T do on a 5 inch phone.And please don't say 1 handed use, since 99.99% of the population has 2 usable hands. 1 handed use is a lame...
New Posts  All Forums: