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 Read the other threads.  There were a bunch of people asking for split screen multi-task. Again if these features like Profiles were so great than Android would sell more units.
iPads are PERSONAL DEVICES.   Once you understand that you will realize how IDIOTIC wanting Profiles is   I'm okay with a Guest account but full blown multi accounts is stupidity and backwards thinking
 10 cents per mile
 Is Apple breaking the law?  No.IMO, GTAT executive broke the law. Do you maximize your LEGAL deductions?  Of course you do.And as an Apple shareholder I'm happy Apple maximizes their tax savings LEGALLY.
this is explains the crap live feed.   Jobs would never allow this to happen. /s   Samsung spent 10x that paying Lebron James to use their Galaxy fone
Great pick!   Bale can lose a ton of weigh on demand plus he's a great method actor.   Bale is a little crazy which is perfect
 More than 1% want a 70 inch Apple TV Again 1% just crack me up.  You should just go to Android. 1% wish list -1. User profiles for iPad2. Split screen for iPhone3. Stylus
 Don't think Apple is shooting for a PC replacement. Look at the evolution of computing: 1960's - 1 Supercomputer for thousands of workers1980's - 1 PC for a family of 5 2007 - 1 Computer (iPhone) per person2009 - Multiple computers (iPhone, iPad, Mac) for 1 person2014 - Multiple computers AND a wearable computer for 1 person Apple is NOT going backwards.It does not make sense financially or philosophically.
Only 1% of users really care about profiles. Yet you 1% are crying about it.   While the 99% are just fine without profiles and LOVE the easy and simple interface of the iPad.   I want a Purple iPhone.  Don't mean I get it.  Get it?   Apple won't sacrifice the simplicity (and profits) of the iPad to please the 1%
 comparing cars to ipads...... think about it financially. Why would Apple want users to 'share' iPads? think about that.And if profiles were such a big factor why isn't the Android tablets that have profiles take off?Because most people don't want them.
New Posts  All Forums: