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 usually its a 12 month target.
 IMO Apple should stop reporting iPad/iPhone unit sales seperately.  They should just report total iOS devices.  All it does is give Wall STreet and Media hacks an excuse to bash iPad. All i want is: Total iOS unitsTotal iOS revenue I think the CFO is leaning toward that direction and the AppleWatch is the first step.  With the iPadMini and 6+ the line between tablet and phone is blurred so there is no reason to seperate the two.
 Nah. I sold some but I still hold about 550 shares and $7k in options. If we see any dip to $110-$112 area I'm going to buy another $18k of calls.
 Do you even listen to the conference calls? He said they won't be reporting unit sales because of competitive reasons.  No reason to give competitiors any kind of useful data.  by the time AppleWatch is a monster hit it will be too late for others to react.
50,000,000 units in first 12 months.   It will be the fastest selling Apple product of all time.   Haters gonna hate. But like the big phones they will be proven wrong again.
  Apple will sell about 100,000,000 iPhone6/6+ and about 50,000,000 iPadAir2.  With your plan the entry level iPhone/iPad would be 32GB. If that was the case 75% of consumers would buy the $650 iPhone.  According to a survey last year 36% bought 16GB 5S and 39% bought the 32GB.  So if Apple offered the 32 GB as the base model I'd expect close to 75% would buy that model. here is the...
Without profits there is no room for R&DGoogles and Microsofts profit margins are higher than Apple so you have no leg to stand on.
Apple makes 90% of tablet profits and sells more tablets than anyone else. I'm pretty sure they know what they are doing. And by the way iPad is mobile. The only one confused about the iPad line up is you. Do you have any idea how much profit Apple would be sacrificing by making the base iPad 32 GB? Of course you dont because you are living in a dream world. You probably think the iPhone6 should be $400 of contract also. Again let the professionals worry about prices....
Oh lord. Please stay in your lane.First off iOS7 was a huge upgrade from iOS6. IOS8 is not a huge jump from iOS7 so many have not upgraded yet.Microsoft is worth $250,000,000,000 less than Apple. So yes Apple is destroying Microsoft in mobile. The only reason Microsoft is doing pretty well is because of there legacy windows and office platforms. And comparing stock percentage gains alone is idiotic. Blackberry is up 50% the last six months but that means jack sh1t. ...
Oh lord. Who cares what some tool named John Rubber thinks.Again just pay $99 more and get the 64GB. If you cant afford that then switch to Android or get a 5S 32 GB for $600And bringing up microsofts market cap during the .com bubble is beyond stupidity. You know those market cap numbers during 1999 were stupidly infated.And LOL bringing up IBM from almost 50 years ago! That was a totally different era. You should have brought up Dutch East Indian company from the...
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