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what a surprise.
Exactly. Long time shareholders like you took on the additional risk of investing in shares. Now you are enjoying the returns on your risk. If companies can buy back shares at the price they choose (well below market value). No one would invest in the stock market and our entire economy would die.
As a shareholder I would say your plan would only work in North Korea.
Learn about the options market and you will understand why the stock went down.Dont worry. Its a temporary thing. I expect the stock to reach $140+ this month.
 you are right.  Just seeing a pattern with Apple.  A pattern of bigger screens. 2014 - bigger iPhone2015 - bigger iPad2016 - bigger Retina Display ( 60+ inch)2017 - bigger Watch  Thinner.Then bigger.Repeat.
2014 - Big phone 2015 - Big iPad 2016 - Big Watch   I'd love a 55mm Watch that could totally replace my phone
 personally I'm trying to decide on either the new Macbook or iPadPro to replace my ipadAir. The only thing I don't like about the Macbook is apps are alot more expensive
Why are all these people who have less than 100 posts and been here for over 5 years always praise the Surface?
 That explains it. I dont see why you would need both a Macbook and an iPad
 You could the say the same thing about many things. People with Purple dyed hair don't give a crap that you don't. Just saying its not a good argument.  
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