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 Huge difference between the liability of a retail store than MILLIONS of electric vehicles in the streets that could lead to fatalities.  Tell me the last time someone died in an Apple Store?  
 Yup.  That would be an amazing future. Most people like me hate to go through all the hastle of selling/trading in old phones.  I just want to make one monthly payment and upgrade as much as I want.
 See you are misunderstanding what services is. iOS is services.OSX is services.App store is services.iTune is services.Apple stores are services.Applecare is services.Having top notch customer support is servicesThe entire ECO-SYSTEM is services Half the value of an iPhone is in its services.Other companies can easily match 90% of iPhone hardware.  But not the services side. I've been preaching this for years. To match Apple's ECOSYSTEM (aka as Services) it would take...
 Dude you should know how Apple operates.  They never jump into something without due diligence. They are testing the waters with the iPhone this year.  If its a success they will expand the leasing program to iPad, Mac, and Watch.  I just think its a friken amazing future if I can make a simple monthly payment and get new iPhone, Watch, and iPad every year.  And a new AppleTV and Mac every other year.  And with everything saved in the cloud it would be no big deal to...
 Is it any more crazy than Wall Street expecting Amazon to flip a switch and all of a sudden become profitable?Or more crazy than Google growing advertising revenue for the next decade?Or Facebook growing to 2 billion users? No it isn't. What I pointed out is the best case scenario.  Even if Apple falls way short of that goal by 75% they still would be growing revenue by 100% to over $500,000,000,000 annual sales.
 I disagree 100% The move to services is obvious. If Apple was wiling to put the iPhone (thier most important product) on a lease plan they won't hesitate to add iPad, Mac, and Watch once they figure out the details. AppleMusic, ApplePay, App Store, new emphasis on video games all point to an increased move to services revenue. Did you know that Apple Services headed by Eddy Cue has more annual revenue than THE ENTIRE HOLLYWOOD MOVIE INDUSTRY?  Friken amazing. And this is...
 I agree.  My total figure of $1 trillion was not incremental revenue but total revenue if everyone did Apple leases. I was counting outright hardware sales as $0 a year.  Even with that revenue could grow 400% compared to what it is now.
But, but, but the Watch is a failure.. But, but, but Steve Jobs would never release a Watch..... but, but, but, but.......   In your FACE AppleWatch haters.   you will be proven WRONG again.  The Apple Watch will be the fastest selling Apple product EVER in its first year of release.  It will blow away the records by iPhone, iPod, and iPad.   The funny thing is the haters are already moving off of Apple Watch and their new target is the iPad Pro.
 but that cobbled together unit won't look as cool
 Stock was down $4 in one day when the bullshit Credit Suzzie analysist said supply checks were showing 10% cuts.Stock is now up $3 from a positive note from Goldman. This stocks fair value is $130-$140 with ZERO revenue growth. But I think Apple will show 10-15% revenue growth the next 3 years so it should be valued at $160-$175
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