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Its about earnings growth. Once they show 20% earnings growth the PE will explode to 20 (note i said earnings growth not EPS growth)Most of the market is grossly over valued, so we will see PE's go down. I predict that in the next 12 months Google will go down 20-30% and Amazon also. The last 4 years was a massive Bull market that emphasized growth and risk taking because of all the money the fed was printing. When the market turns back to profitability and value,...
Give it up man. Cook's comment was as clear as day. The US had double digit growth. Cook does not try to trick investors in his conference calls. He never has. If this Bezo's of Amazon then you may have a point.If what you are saying is true why didn't Cook say the same thing about the iPhone? He didn't because that would be misleading.
 Newsflash: So why should Apple be looked as hording their cash when what they are doing is smart and responsible?  Why Amazon is spending almost every single cent they earn and they will need to get billions in loans very soon look as a good thing?
This is simply the dumbest thing I've read on the internet this week. Good job.You say Amazon is using its earnings to grow? Lets look 5 years back. They put a ton of money into the Kindle reader. Five years latter has that really lead to profit grow. No. In fact the Kindle reader is now a nitche product. Do you really thing 3rd class devices like there tablets/phones will lead to growth? The Kindle Fire has been out for 3 years and it sales are plummeting. ...
Your thinking is extremely short sighted and miopic.Look what happenned with the .com bubble. Look what happenned with the real estate bubble. When Amazon crashes (when not if) there will be wide spread hurt all around. Almost every single Mutual fund has Amazon stock. When it crashes your 401k will be smaller. Tens of thousands of jobs will be lost. Yet Mr Bezo's will walk away with his billions while we all pay the bill with our 401k.But go ahead and enjoy your...
I did misunderstandIMO $97 is a perfectly good price to buy. Although it might be wiser to buy when the stock dips. My feeling is once it goes over $100 they will defend the $100 mark agressively.IMO Apple is in the best position to deceide what price to buy since they have the most relevent information and know exactly whats in the pipeline for the next 5 years.
But they get to choose WHEN to sell.Personal taxes rates are not static.A dividend gets taxed in the current year, you have zero choice.I'd rather let the shareholder decide when the taxable event occurs.I'd rather recognize the gain when my tax rate is low
The shares are now $97They purchased them at an average price of about $68
I was talking about the tax consequences to the shareholder.If you dont see the benefit of apple buying back shares at a 30% discount I cant help you.
Difference is those companies that killed jobs and business (like Apple) made profit.Amazon has not made any significant profit in 17 years.They survive because they are living off of everyones 401k. Thats the difference.Its a Ponzi scheme. The stock will lose 80% of its value but Bezos and his Wall street friends would already have there billions while our 401k will be worth less.
New Posts  All Forums: