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 Because Google is a company of similiar size and is in tech also. You have no problem bashing Apple's tax policies yet say nothing about Google. When in fact Apple is paying MORE TAXES as a percentage of profits than Google. This is the case even though more of Google's revenue is in the high tax region of the USA ( 43% of Google rev is USA, 29% of Apple )
 see bold.  They can only speculate. Show me how they calculated 12% tax rate when Apple actually paid 25% taxes in 2015 so far.
  What about Google?  I've already proven that Apple pays 25% tax rate on all profits WORLDWIDE. The last 3 years Google has paid 19%, 15%, and 20% tax rate.  ( do search for cash flow statement) http://yahoo.brand.edgar-online.com/displayfilinginfo.aspx?filingid=10459754&tabindex=2&type=html  So again who's the one doing the tax dodging? And keep in mind 43% of Googles revenue is from the USA while only 29% of Apples revenue is from the USA.   
 I'm proposing only 60% online and 2 days of school in brick and mortar.  This is for high school only.
 I did.  Thats about USA taxes only Apple is paying 25% taxes WORLDWIDE.  Google is paying 21% taxes WORLDWIDE. You are barking up the wrong tree.  Only 31% of Apple's revenue is from the USA.  That stupid ass article you posted wants Apple to pay Corporate tax on ALL REVENUE APPLE MAKES in foreign countries. What kind of BS is that. You don't calculate tax rate by taking US taxes divided by WORLDWIDE REVENUE.You calculate it by US taxes divided by US...
 What the hell are you talking about. For the first 9 months of FY2015 Apple made $42 billion in profit.They paid over $10.6 billion in taxes.Thats 25% rate. Stop making up bullshit. follow the money.  Apple paid $10.6 billion in total taxes. That document is talking about USA TAXES ONLY.  
 See Red text below: First 9 months of FY2015 Profits $42 billionTaxes PAID $10.6 billion (this is taxes ACTUALLY PAID, this is a cash flow statement) Tax Rate Paid - 25%  CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOWS (Unaudited)(In millions)                        Nine Months Ended        June 27, 2015      June 28, 2014   Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of the...
 You are making my point for me. The difference between the 15% rate (which I have no idea if it is true) and the 26% is put into the deferred tax liability account. Apple has about $24 billion in that account.
 Google is showing about $6 billion in net tax liability (taxes were expensed but not paid) http://yahoo.brand.edgar-online.com/displayfilinginfo.aspx?filingid=10656429&tabindex=2&type=html Apple has $24 billion in tax liability (do a search for Deferred tax liabilities in the document below) http://yahoo.brand.edgar-online.com/displayfilinginfo.aspx?FilingID=10818004-6255-207633&type=sect&TabIndex=2&dcn=0001193125-15-259935&nav=1&src=Yahoo
 Apple's tax rate is 26.3%  http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2015/07/21Apple-Reports-Record-Third-Quarter-Results.html Not all of it is paid in the current year.  They have about $25 billion on the books as a liability for taxes. Google's effective tax rate was 21%  https://investor.google.com/earnings/2015/Q2_google_earnings.html  So who's dodging taxes?  Apple or Google?  Keep in mind more than 50% of Google's revenue is from the USA which has one of the highest corp tax...
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