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 You might be right.   So the only way for him to lose his job is if no one response to him.
 Apple wants to drop all bombs at the same time:  gaming, Full App store, LiveTV, Home automation, new user interface.  This will go along with a higher price tag.  Probably between $199-$399. Now imagine if Apple added a full app store and gaming to the current AppleTV a couple years ago.  Would people pay 3x more to buy the new hardware?  Probably not.  Apple will use all these new services to convince people to buy the new more expensive AppleTV.
 exactly how I feel.  Apple isn't trying to capture the hardcore game just the casual gamer. Same way iOS has captured the casual game with Angry Birds, Candy Crush, ect.
 Apple does not need to dominate the home console gaming market.  It is just another way of locking in people into the Apple ecosystem. Just look at what happenned to gaming on iOS?  Who would have thought that in 2007 iOS would dominate portable/mobile gaming?
 I 100% agree.  The wired version has it but no the wireless.
The Watch user will rarely see a blank screen.  The screen turns on automatically when you lift it up.   And others will rarely see the blank face either.  They will only 'see it' when you are far away.  At a distance of 6 feet or more you can't even tell the difference between a real and fake rolex. You only can see a person watch when they lift up their arm. And when they ask you if its an AppleWatch you lift up your arm and the screen turns on.
 Because the user won't see a blank screen when they use it. Again it's like when the automobile first came out.  I'm sure there were many that felt the horse and buggy look nicer than a car.  Things change.  Advance or be left behind. That Rolex looks exactly the same as knock off ones that sell for $50
 Well you shout from the rooftops that iOS sucked, Carplay sucked, Apple watch sucked, and ApplePay sucked on THIS FORUM. So yes I expect a guy who owns $150k in Apple stock to post something positive when Apple sells 75 million phones and makes $18B in one quarter.  Yet I heard nothing from you. And you are the one who said you own $150k in stock, not me.  So lets see some proof or that just shows you are using a troll tactic.  Saying you own stock or Apple products give...
 lets see some proof of your $150k in stock. a simple screen shot would do. I think your claims are dubious because looking at your post history you have never said a single postive thing about Apple:said CarPlay sucks, said iOS sucks, said ApplePay sucks, said the Watch would never sell millions, ect, ect, ect.   Yet Apple breaks all kind of records and not a single peep from you. I guess its possible you are just a very negative person.
 Stupidity. Would you want your phone to be always on? The level of iditocy here is mind blowing.  Just makes me laugh that someone on the internet thinks he knows more about the business than Apple. Some random guy on the internet that says he owns $150k in Apple stock yet we don't hear a peep from him a few months ago when Apple reported the greatest earnings in the history of man.  Yet he always shows up when there is something negative to talk about.
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