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 not too late to buy IMO. Just bought 200 more shares and $7k in options on Monday. I think we see $120 by EOY and $135 by Feb2015 if the Dec earnings are great.
 in the first 12 months
 agree. They will sell 20 million watches with that font
 Its manipulation. A ton of the big investment banks are holding millions of shares of Apple stock and are selling short term covered calls.  They don't want the share price to go up to fast or else their shares will be called away.  So much of the 2012/2013 share price drop was attributed to options activity.
 this applies to me.  I was never a big Apple fan until I bought stock in late 2012.  Then I bought Apple products for 'research'.  The past 13 months I purchased 5 iPhones, 3 iPads, Mac, 2 Apple TV's, and AirPort Extreme.  Thankfully my stock gains have covered those purchases many times over.
 Apple of 2014 is a totally different animal than 2012.  And especially the other 3 instances you mention. Before 2012 Apple was a full blown GROWTH STOCK and HIGH FLYER with 100-200% revenue growth.  Those types of stock make huge 30% moves all the time.  But now Apple is more in the Value/Income catergory so its price will be much more stable.
 Total and utter garbage.  Apple announced the massive buyback in 2013 way before you posted your drivel that Apple would never see $600 again.  And in your post you said the ONLY WAY Apple would pass $600 is if Apple would buyback 33% of their total shares.  Apple has not even come close to that amount and we are at $800+ Just admit you were wrong about Apple and move on. Apples earnings was up 13.3% without taking into consideration the buyback ( $8.5 billion profits vs...
 Do you even check your figures?  I mean SERIOUSLY! Apple is up 43% YTDNASDAQ only 11%S&P500 only 11%DOW only 6% Apple is out performing the broad market by over 400%
 The numbers do support $1 Trillion though. FY2014 EPS - $6.45FY 2015 EPS - $7.74FY 2016 EPS - $9.28 I'm using 20% earnings growth per year. $9.28 EPS x 18 PE = $170 stock price (current PE is 17.8) $170 stock price gives you $1 TRILLION market cap. It is quite easy.  If Apple grows earnings 15-20% the next 2 years we see $1 Trillion
Lets look at mvigod's history. This is what he posted on April 23, 2014 http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/178784/as-apples-growth-slows-media-questions-if-patience-resolve-of-wall-street-investors-will-last#post_2521436   The stock has gone up 60% since mvigod said this. LOL.
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