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 So now you understand the smartphone market better than Apple?Really?  Is that how arrogant we are getting? Thinking we know more about the smartphone market than the most valuable company on earth? IMO going to 5.0 is not big enough.  PERIOD.  That is not phablet size.  If Apple did 4.0/5.0 Samsung would still capture a large market of large phablet users (especially in Asia) who want a screen 5.5 or bigger.  With this move Apple will totally DESTROY both Samsung's...
 My feelings were not as strong for that.But IMO the 5.5 was as obvious as day because Apple was leaving BILLIONS on the table without a phablet
Nope. He was too chicken. He talks a big game but when he had to back it up he went into hiding.I give credit to those who did agree to the wager. At least they were willing to walk the walk. And thats why i told the people who lost the wager to keep posting. I will not enforce the ban. I just wanted to see if people truly believe in what they say. Obviously Tallest Ski did not and thats why he refused the wager
Im not talking about our wager. Im refering to Tallest Ski saying that Apple should never make a 5.5 phone because its too big to be a phone. He went as far as to say that anyone buying a 5.5 is an idiot.Its fine to have an opinion about a product. But Tallest Ski thinks anyone who does not share his opinion that a 5.5 phone is a horrible idea is an idiot.Looking at the massive demand for the 6+ Its pretty obvious Mr Ski is wrong
 Guy is an absolute CLOWN (Gene Muster) He's just pissed off at Apple because he has been predicting the iTV for 4 years running and he has been wrong.
The iPhone6+ is already SOLD OUT. MASSIVE demand for large phone.   Paging Tallest ski...... Pagin Tallest ski...... Paging Tallest ski......   I mean really.  Its time for Tallest ski to admit he was wrong.  When the Samdung Galaxy Note first came out I thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever because of the massive screen.  But I've changed my view because of undeniable evidence of consumer demand.  Mr Tallest Ski its time for you to face the facts.  I have...
 There will be NFC machines near the drive through window.  Many places already have the creditcard reader outside so you can swipe it yourself
 Exactly.  Either you join Apple or you will be disrupted.  Look at IBM, Nike and Disney.  They are joining Apple and will thrive.  Next in line is health companies, Home automation companies, and TV Cable/Content.  Join Apple or suffer. Look at Sony, Samdung, Microsoft, Google, ect.  They are trying to invade Apple's turf.  They will be dealt with. Wall street says Apple is just about iPhone.  Idiotic.  The iPad makes more profit than half of the S&P500.  Apple is like a...
 So you are a camera designer now?
Look at that LOVELY camera bump. And no I'm serious.  Love it.   This phone is going to pay for my trip to Hawaii.   Bought 8 Calls - 98 Strike Jan2016
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