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 Don't be blaming Apple for your FAILURES. No one told  you to buy Apple at $700.  That was YOUR MISTAKES! If you bought Apple when it was $400 instead of $700 you would be up 40% right now!  Plus you would be getting a 3% dividend yield.  But instead you bought Apple when the hype was the highest at $700.  You are the IDIOT not Apple.  If  you bought at $400 or even $500 you are sitting pretty right now.  The only reason you are bitter is because they made a mistake by...
 Wrong.  Apple will reissue those shares at a possible higher price as employee compensation/ stock options. Their basis is about $475 for the stock they bought back.When they issue options/stock compensation at todays price it would be $545.They saved a bunch of money with the buyback.Also don't forget the savings of not paying dividends.
Remember when Fandroids said 64 bit was a gimmick? Remember when Fandroids said Fingerprint was a gimmick and a privacy breach?   losers.
 We are beyond saving face.  Samsung already admitted they copied the designs.
Cool story bro
Tim: You need to stop copying our designs.   Shin: We ain't that kinda life
 why could they not just do it on an internet?
Samdung: drop all charges and we won't copy for 2 years.
Thanks Apple. Got $760
Why can't Apple make deals with the content providers directly? Google has done it with Google Fiber
New Posts  All Forums: