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  3.5 rating is ridiculously low. Apple Watch is best in class by far and should get a 4.0 rating at least. These ratings should be in comparisson to the rest of the market, not some idealistic dream product. This is like rating a Toyota Corolla a 3.5 because it does not have a 300hp engine and leather seats.  
 how do you like the 38MM?  Was the 42 too big?  How large is your wrist. I still can't decide between the 42 and 38
Samsung just shipped 40 million $99 phones to India.   Proof is in the pudding.   Samsung profits last quarter $3 billion Apple profits last quarter $13 billion    end of story.
Another punch in the nuts to Google.   So obvious that spotlight will eventually replace Google search on iOS devices
 if he was a stone cold Apple bear I would respect him more.  Another analysis has a price target of $85 and he has not changed his target for the last 2 years.  I can respect that. This Maynerd clown keeps raising his target every 3 months yet never changes his rating.   This is the last time Maynerd Um was impressed by Apple: 
 Bottom line is this:  criminals are attracted to tattoo's.  A rough estimate is in our prison system over 50% of inmates with violent crime records have tattoo's.  In the general population only about 15% have tattoo's. Again I'm not judging people who choose to have tattoo's.  I'm just saying tattoo's have a stigma.  That's not me, its the general population. You can choose to color your hair GREEN if you want.  That is your right.  But don't go crazy when someone treats...
 You just tooted your horn son.
  Oh so you are calling me a jackass now?  Not a good look for a tattoo activist.
Dumb Ass Maynard Um had a target price of $100 for Apple 3 months ago.   opps.   Guy was off by 30%   http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/01/26/wells-fargo-maintains-neutral-outlook-on-apple-says-market-expectations-too-high   Now this piece of shit is saying his target is $135 but still the stock isn't a buy.   Dumb ASS Maynard.  Looks like he got fired by UBS and joined Wells Fargo  
 The day after earnings yes. Buy it cheap today and watch it go up to $140-$145 in May. I bought 200 shares today and $3k in call options.
New Posts  All Forums: