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 Why?  Thats business. Just like how the home console system destroyed the arcades.
 exactly.  Hardcore games will always buy the latest Xbox/PS.  But there are FAR MORE casual gamers than hardcore.  The big money comes when casual games buy in.  And that's exactly what the AppleTV will do. Look at the total devestation iOS games have done to portable game systems.
Sucks that I have jury duty on Sept 9th.     Seriously.
If Apple has over 50,000,000 active AppleTV units their negotiating power will increase 10 fold.   They would have the largest subscriber base in the US.  Bigger than TimeWarner, Comcast, and DTV combined.
 No.  Only a loud minority is getting riled up about a $100. Like I said many times before:  SCOREBOARD.  SCOREBOARD.  Apple is selling more and more iPhones each year. If what you say is true their sales would tank not explode up.
Can't believe so many people are getting riled up about a mere $100 spread across 2 years.   That comes down to 14 cents a day. Or $4.35 a month, less than a coffee at Starbucks.   People pay close to $2,000 in cell service in two years and they are getting riled up about $100?     My advice:  If you are so hardup on cash about $100 you should switch to Android.   Bottom line:  If you want the finer things in life you gotta pay. PERIOD.
 Go buy a cheap Android. Sorry but hundreds of millions of people are willing and able to pay Apple's prices. If you want the best you have to be willing to pay a bit extra.
 I'm sorry you are so hardup for cash.  But getting so carried away about a mere $100 is pretty sad.  May I suggest a Windows phone for $99?
 Dude.  I was talking about the incremental price difference between the 16GB model and the 64GB model.  You know, what this whole topic is about.  
More proof cable is hurting   http://www.businessinsider.com/cord-cutters-and-the-death-of-tv-2013-11
New Posts  All Forums: