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 Spotify has hurt many independent artists with their famine royalty rates.
 what kind of BS is that. companies get exclusives on media all the time: Netflix, Hulu, ect.
sweet.   AppleMusic will dominate
what we really need is a screen that can fold in half.   That way you can have a 6-7 inch screen for web use/video.   Then fold the screen in half for easy texting/talking.  and easily fit in your pocket when it is folded.
flex screens by 2018 no home button by 2017   stop.   What next?   holographic screens by 2030?
I freakin hate Flash.   Every month there is a new explotable error.
 Nah.  Thats a statistical error because so few Note4 are sold in China.
DOA. Jay-Z just lost $56 million. Good thing is he can use it as a tax deduction on his wives income.
So where is the Google-lover who said Google does not do ads with their music?   paging Mr Google.  Paging Mr Google.
 wow.  The Moto3600 looks like a total POS next to the Apple watch.
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