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 why would Cook mention this if the AppleCar aint' coming for at least 5 years? This just shows how stubborn and unwilling to change people are.  This is an awesome feature of the Watch I would use yet people dream up some wild scenerio where you die because you watch battery is empty.
The dumb thing is this for the last time:     IF YOUR WATCH BATTERY IS DEAD YOUR PHONE IS YOUR BACKUP!!!!!   Now if your phone is also dead you are an idiot.   If your phone is also dead you are prone to MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more dangerous situations.  What if you have a flat tire?  Your engine shuts down?  Then what?  Are you going to blame the Watch too?  Without a charged phone you would be SCREWED!  So the lesson is make sure your phone is charged!  I mean this is...
 the Watch starts at $350. And that's how much a BMW keyfob cost.http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=472689
 If your watch battery dies your back up is your phone. How hard is that to understand?  I mean seriously. If your phone is also dead then you are an idiot and you probably lock your keys in your car anyway. And the idiots can choose to use a physical key if they want.  Its just a great option for people with some common sense and don't want to carry heavy keys
 nope.   I just don't have patience for people without common sense.
 but what if your car battery is dead and your car can't tell you your FOB is about to die? That's how ridiculous these concerns about a dead watch are.  Your phone is the backup.  I guarantee 1000000000x more people lock their physical keys in the car than will have their watch battery die.  And thats the key.  Its very EASY to leave your keys in a locked car but almost impossible to leave your watch in a locked car.
I predict 8.4 will follow 8.3
 that was very conserative estimate I gave. Keep in mind the original iPhone unopening is asking for $9500.http://www.ebay.com/itm/FACTORY-SEALED-UNOPENED-Apple-iPhone-1st-Generation-8GB-Black-AT-T-/111458642490?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19f373ea3a That's over 10x its original price in less than 8 years. I think the GoldWatch will be even more rare than the original iPhone.  Espeically since the cost of $10k. So I think a more realistic price would be $30,000 in 8...
 your backup would be your phone.  if both your phone and watch are dead than you are an idiot
 or you can get a life
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