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 More like you can't afford the 6 so you will wait till your contract is up for the 6S.
 So now CNET is a viable place for financial news? Anyone who seriously thinks Apple will need to pay BILLIONS in back taxes is a true idiot.
 Exactly. Ireland was smart enough to offer a low rate and got tons of jobs in return. EU is just trying to get media attention.  The current board is up for re-election and I think this is just a political move nothing else.
  Yes. Apple wont be finedApple wont be charged taxes Retro actively Apple followed the laws of Ireland and thats all that matters. If EU tries to charge taxes retroactively on a company that followed all the CURRENT laws you will see a mass exodus of companies leaving the EU.  Even the IRS will not charge you retro-actively if you follow the law.  Thinking the EU has such power is ridiculous
 WRONG.  Apple wont be fined anything because they followed the current Irish tax laws. Apple did NOTHING illegal. PERIOD. This is not criminal law.  This is tax law.  A corp is required to only follow the current law to avoid any additional tax. If it is found that the CURRENT Irish tax law is 'unfair' then they can change the law.  But they won't be able to go back in time and tax Apple for previous years.  The EU has NEVER been able to do that, and NEVER will be able...
 No where. Just media BS trying to manipulate the stock for their Hedge fund friends or to get clicks.
 EU is toothless. They have never been successful at fining a Corporation for taxes when that Corp followed the current tax laws. Apple follow the Irish tax laws. 
 nope. The companies will not need to pay additional back taxes. That is absolutely FALSE.
 I've been right from the beginning: Apple has no need to worry. Thats the bottom line. I dont give a flying sheet about the EU/Ireland and their political battle.  Bottom line is there is no way in HELL that Apple needs to pay BILLIONS in penalties or back taxes.
I did notice on the demo's the AppleWatch screens were extremely bright.  These are NOT cheap screens.   Who is supplying the screens?  Is it SAMDUNG?   Can't wait for Mr Frost to come here and say this product is already a failure.
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