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  When DrBlank said Apple was over-valued the stock was at $570.Now its at $713. Its up 25% in 4 months since DrBlank said it was over-valued.I guess I was proven right.
So obvious this means 5.5   A 4.7 screen would not need a more powerful adapter. Only a 5.5 screen which is 80% bigger than a 4.0 screen.
 I fail to see how a 5+ inch phone is too large to use. You can easily fit such a phone in a purse.  And it is light enough to use as a phone.  And when you use it, its size increases privacy (blocks part of your face). A smartphone is made to make calls, apps, internet, ect.  You can do all that on a 5+ inch phone. Please explain what you CAN'T do on a 5 inch phone.And please don't say 1 handed use, since 99.99% of the population has 2 usable hands. 1 handed use is a lame...
 Wow.  That's alot of devices! The Porsche phone will probably be a collectors item. 
 So people who buy large phones are imbeciles.Wow. Thanks for proving my point for me. Some people who are very tall (like 6'5") can easily use a 5+ phone with one hand.  So you call those people imbeciles?Or some people can't afford a phone AND a tablet so they buy a large phone.  Are they imbeciles? Your black and white view of a large phone is ridiculous. Get over yourself.  Not everyone on the planet earth has the EXACT same preferences for phones as you do.
Do you remember last year when 'WELL CONNECTED' Ming Kuo reported:   "Kuo expects the iPhone 5S to have a sapphire fingerprint reader home button that will no longer be plastic and concave but actually protrude slightly from the iPhone in a convex manner."   http://************/2013/08/10/iphone-5s-to-have-protrudingconvex-sapphire-home-button-that-doubles-as-a-fingerprint-reader/
 Then you should apply for the head design job at Samsung.
When was the last time Samsung donated to charity?   This is really low class.  If they want to donate to a good cause do it.  Dont use it as a vehicle to bash competitors.    Shows how little Samsung understands PR
 But where does it end? Why don't we make the phone 1 inch thick so we can put in a DSLR like camera!Why don't we make the phone 1 inch thick so the battery can last 30 hours!Why don't we make the phone 1 inch thick so I can use it on a table and it won't slide (because its so heavy) Bottom line is the iPhone is about STYLE.Do you seriously think your defintion of style is superior to the entire iPhone design team?  Really?
 Stupid to you. But not to 99.99999% of the population.And not the the 80 million people who will buy the phone in 100 days.
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