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This is what company's should do.   Work with Apple instead of trying to compete with them.
AppleTV   AppleCar   iPad-Pro   AppleWatch 2.0   nice
 Samsung makes ZERO on feature phones.  So how the HELL does low feature phone sales = 40% less profits? They just dont want to admit that Apple is destroying Samsung.
Total BS.     Samsung's profits are not down because of less feature phone/tablet sales.   They are getting smashed because they are selling less PREMIUM PHONES.
 Just look at the pricing for SlingTV for dish. $30-$40 for 20 channels + $40 internet = $80 a month Low level cable + 3 HD-DVR boxes + internet = $140 a month
 You are making ZERO sense.  So you are saying you want cable TV WITHOUT an internet connection or cable line?  How the HELL is that possible. Just admit you made a mistake and move on.
Dont be greddy. You should buy it now. The stock probably explodes up tomorrow because Apple will be able to resume there buyback tomorrow
 no it does not.
  Its called spamming.   Since you have ZERO interest in the Watch why do you constantly comment in Watch threads?  Why are you constantly bashing Tim Cook? Looking at your post history almost every single comment is negative about Tim Cook.  
 false. You will save on the DVR/HD boxes.  Time Warner charges $25 a month for those.
New Posts  All Forums: