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 it's July 1st. Yes my target is still $150.  Holding about 1400 shares right now. IMO the only thing that will stop it from reaching $150 this year is a broad market crash. Remember $150 is only about 11% from its high this year.
looks decent.   Fasterbend is a great actor
 those places you speak of (Africa, Eastern Europe, ect) will not buy iPhones anyway.  Way to expensive for those regions.
 I'll make a bet. Ban of one week if 6/6+ is the mid tier - I'll ban myself. If 6/6+ is  not the mid tier you ban yourself for 1 week.
The update I've been waiting for
 Wrong.  History is when Apple released the 5S they got rid of the 5 because of canibalization. They got rid of the 5 and introduced the 5C to draw a clear line between the top and mid level.
September line up:   6S/6S+ - $199/$299   Repackaged 6 - with either smaller screen, plastic body, or both - $99   5S - $0     That's it.  That's what we will see.
 Apple will not sell the 6/6+ at a $100 discount compared to the 6S. That will lead to massive canibalization at the high end (people choosing the cheaper 6/Plus). Do you think people will be willing to pay an extra $100 just for force touch and a slightly faster CPU?  Hell no.  Most will opt for the 6 for $100 less.  Apple learned this with the iPhone5 and 5S launches.
 That's simpleton thinking.  Using price points there are 6 tiers. iPhone 6+ 128MB  $950iPhone 6+  64MB $850 The 6 is the top tier.  Want a bigger screen?  Pay $100 more.  Want more memory?  Pay $100 more.  In all the ads Apple advertises BOTH phones together (6/6+).  Apple views them as the same tier. The tiers are basic: Top tier = brand new phoneMid tier = 1 year old phone repackagedBottom = 2 year old phone
 Not going to happen.  Apple has already showed its hand with the 5S rollout. No way on earth will they sell the 6 for $99.  That will do massive canibalization of the 6S. Top end - 6S/PlusMid - 6C - 4 inch metal phone, 4 inch screenBottom - 5S end of story. If you think Apple will do something different you have not been paying attention the last 3 years
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