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don't like that this only covers 1 user for $20   not bad for a beginning.
 Apple has never done it before. I have history on my side.
 I'm okay with them using the 5S shell. I'm against them making a brand new 4 inch metal shell.
 Its not just a matter of a product being profitable. Its about opportunity costs. Why the hell would Apple sell a $99 phone at 4 inches when they can sell the same person a $299 phone? What you are asking Apple to do is become Samdung = making tons of different models. And look what happened to Samdung's profits beause of their lack of focus. Apple will NEVER sell a $300 off contract phone. They dont make JUNK. They are NOT Amazon.
 better batterybetter screenbetter camera bottom line is a bigger phone has room for better features. Those expecting the 4 inch phone to have all the features of the large phones are fooling themself.
Bottom line:   Risk is not worth the Reward
LOL.   one thing Samdung can't copy. Profits.
 its a matter of cost. making more different models = more costs making a brand new metal 4 inch phone that sells for $99 is not cost effective
for years yes. But give Apple more room they can put more and better tech. That you cant see this is hilarious.  Just look at the 6+ and the extra features it has vs the 6. The same thing with a 4 inch screen vs a 4.7 screen Its simple physics
All you don't realize one fact:   Its HARDER to make things smaller.   With a smaller phone you cannot expect to get the same features and internals as the large phones.   IMO, the 4 inch phone will be using 12 month old hardware.  that's the price you pay for miniture size.
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