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 Do you realize how small .77 of a mm is? Its no big deal
 So are you going to chicken out on our bet? Remember we agreed that if the 5.5 is real you would ban yourself for 3 months?And if it didn't come out I'd ban myself? Shame how people flake out now days.
 I OWN Tallest Ski He literally runs away from threads that i post in. Can't wait when the 5.5 is official and Tallest needs to self ban himself
5.5   if you don't believe now then you don't believe we landed on the Moon.
 How many phones do you have?How many tablets do you have?
Samsung sold 200,000,000 Galaxy phones  http://www.businessinsider.com/samsung-200-million-galaxy-s-sales-2014-2   The proof is undeniable. People want large phones.
 Show proof.  There is no proof. It was Strategic Analytics that published the false tablet sales not Samsung. Strategic Analytics said Samsung sold 2 million tablets in a quarter in 2011.  The truth was Samsung SHIPPED 2 million tablets. Strategic Analytics were proven as liars not Samsung.  If Samsung made an official announcement of unit sales and LIED shareholders would sue the living sh1t out of them.  If Samsung lied in a material manner regarding their 100 million...
 your lost. Good luck with your Samdung Universe S6.Please report to us your results in 2 months. Some of you sound like spoiled brats.  "Oh 16GB is too little""Oh they charge too much for RAM upgrades""Oh I want it smaller, Oh I want it bigger" Get real.  Apple cant make a million different models of phones to satisfy every single one of your ridiculous needs.  That's what Samsung does.  And that's why Samsung makes their phones out of plastic because it would be too...
 The iPadMini Retina for $399 is a ridiculous bargain when it came out. A7 blows away any Android tabletIncredible metal constructionSecure and super smooth OSUnbeatable ecosystemAmazing customer serviceGreat resale value You can't even get an equally good Android/Windows tablet for 50% more.
New Posts  All Forums: