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Great battery life for iPhone6+   awesome  12 hours LTE
 nice try Tallest.You lost.I won. But I won't impose the 3 month self ban on you since I'm such a nice guy
Paging Tallest Ski..... Paging Tallest Ski......   hello? 5.5? hello?
Like I've been saying for MONTHS So obvious even a deaf man could see it coming..... Again those who lost the bet, you are let off the hook. I'm not going to enforce the post ban. Go ahead and post away. just remember next time I say something I'm usually right.
 Apple can't afford to sell the 5S at $550Just like they could not afford to sell the 5 at $550 last year
 No. They don't need a 4 inch metal phone. Again its way too expensive to sell a 5S at $550.  Apple would be getting killed on margins. The 5S/5C lineup should have made it crystal clear that Apple is heading to a TopEnd Metal/ Mid Range Plastic lineup.
 denial to the very end. You have just under 3 hours to come clean.Just be a man and admit you were wrong. Don't worry about a self-ban.  I already told the people who lost the bet they don't need to self ban. 
 This is true. Those with insight could see how historic this years WWDC was.  Of course most people don't have insight and will only see the light today when the hardware is released.
 Problem is the 5S is extremely expensive to make at its current form.  No way on earth can Apple afford to sell the 5S at a $100 discount.  Same thing happened with the 5 last year.  They took it out of the lineup because selling a metal 5 at $100 off would kill margins.  Apple has drawn a clear line between top end and mid level. Top end = metalMid level = plasticEven if your phone is 2 years old but if it's METAL you still will be viewed as 'elite' (this is coming from...
 No way Apple would tarnish the iPhone6 name and slap it on a 5S in a new shell.  NO. Way. In. Hell.  The only phones that get the coveted 6 will be brand new top end hardware. 
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