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 the article says its down 5% not 50% you troll
 Sure bob.  Thats like selling a car without tires
my point is canibalization is much bigger threat when a phone sells 150 million units vs 70 million units.As the iPhone user base increases in size there are more non hardcore fans as a percentage of the whole that are willing to buy the flagship no matter what.With a plastic mid level phone more people will choose the flagship. It has been proven with the 5S/5C launch vs the 5/4S launch.
adapt. I miss horse and carriage also. time to move on.
Sold like hotcakes? They only sold about 30 million iPhone 4S in the Dec quarter. The 6 sold 75 million. Huge difference.Plus the 4S came out one and a half years AFTER the 4, so many iPhone4 users actually upgraded to the 4S mid year.The facts are in. The 4S canabalzied the iPhone 5. With the iPhone5 over HALF of iPhones sold were iPhone4 and 4S. There was massive canibalization. Average Unit price was plummeting. This was only reversed when the 5S came out and the...
Apple wont go through all that trouble and money for a phone thats going to sell for $0 on contract.
WTF are you talking about.An UNNAMED Samsung executive ESTIMATES they will sell 70 million S6.How the hell is that NOT being silent.Again no official world wide unit sales figures means they are not selling all that well.Keep in mind the Galaxy S5 only sold 30 million units TOTAL in 12 months. Apple sold DOUBLE that in 3 months with the iPhone6.
 They are in stock in the biggest market = USA
 what the hell does 'remain strong' mean. Yes some people who want to save $100 are buying the 5S.  And it will be the perfect $0 later this year. Its been proven already that people love the bigger phones.  They sold 75 million of them in Dec Qtr vs 49 million for the 5S.
  That's I need to know. Those 7 words prove their sales are disappointing. Another proof of weak sales is the phones are IN STOCK right now, even the Edge model.  
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