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Monopoly concerns about this move.   http://www.latimes.com/business/hiltzik/la-fi-mh-amazon-a-monopolist-20151002-column.html   "What should concern customers is the evolution of what's commonly viewed as an impartial marketer of others' goods into a marketing arm of a corporation that already dominates e-commerce. Amazon has reached that point by stressing customer service; having established its primacy, it's moving to cram its proprietary choices down its own...
 blah,blah,blah,blah, no innovation....but,but,but,but,but if Jobs was alive.....
 Its all about the holiday push.  Apple already sells $850 iPhones at target so why not.  If they were selling Edition Watches at Target then that would not make sense.  A $500 electronic product is not unusual at Target. Fact is many people don't live near an Apple store or a best buy.
 My point is the Watch has more SKU's than any Apple product ever.   That may be a learning lesson if they want to expand the iPhone line up
But Apple does not have a reputation of lying.  If they debunk rumors the market will trust them.
I"m not saying Digitimes is correct. I'm saying even IF digitimes was correct it would be good news for Apple.  The figure then gave was 130-150 million iPhone 6s for the Sept+Dec Qtr.  That is way more than last year.  
And why should Apple not respond?  What harm is there in that? They could have easily debunked this Digitimes report by saying what Cook said during a previous conference call:  That supply chain leaks are not accurate since Apple has multiple suppliers.  Instead Apple remains quiet today and the stock is down 300% more than the Nasdaq.
Tell me when in the next 200 years we won't need a computing device. Apple makes computing devices.
 Show me ONE stock that has grown revenue by 48% and EPS by 45% yet stock price has only gone up 8%. Show me ONE.  JUST ONE STOCK that has that type of amazing performance yet the stock has actually LOST market cap.
New Posts  All Forums: