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 Sell your stock already. Actually I think you did.  You have not shown any proof that you even own Apple stock. IMO, you just use the line 'I'm a shareholder' as a troll device.
 never heard that one before.  Based on what are they getting those ages? Nothing in the bible points to those ages if I remember correctly. Another thing to keep in mind is people died alot earlier in the 1st century.  So it was very possible that it was the norm for girls to be married young and reproduce.
 Then they need to get their facts straight. This is a brilliant Public Relations move by Mr Cook.
 I said gay OR supports gay rights.
 I agree. Everything is calculated.  This is about MONEY. That what the clowns here need to realize.  
 explain yourself then.
 LOL. NO its much larger than that. I'd say at least 10-15% of the population is gay or supports gay rights.
 incest I get since there were only Adam/Eve and their children in the 'beginning' But pedophilia?  What 'righteous' man in the bible was a pedo?
 Who's to say that his stand won't generate more sales? If I was gay and were using an Android phone I'd probably be influenced to switch to Apple after hearing what Cook said.
 He's the CEO.   He can do whatever the Hell he wants.  If the shareholders hate it then they need to speak out and have the BOD vote him out. Till then take it like a man or sell your stock.
New Posts  All Forums: