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 How do you know? They could easily release an iPhone 6C in Sept
 you can live in denial if you want...right next to Eric Schmidt
 many people won't report they were hacked.many have no idea they were hacked.
Stagefright has been around for FIVE YEARS.   I can't imagine how many people got hacked on Android devices since then.
 If you are correct than we won't see a plastic iPhone for the foreseeable future. 2015 - 6S/6/5S2016 - 7/6S/6 That would be crazy.  Being able to by the iPhone6 for $450 would be insane
 And you know this?  How?   People understand storage space.  They know it takes space to have photos, videos, apps, emails, ect.  The concept of storage space is burned in people's minds since windows95 days. But CPU speed? Camera? Forcetouch? Ram?  Most already think the current phones and camera are good enough already.  
 For some people the iPhone5 is too big.  So do you think Apple should have stuck to the 3.5 inch screen?  If so why not?  The 3.5 inch screen is more pocketable and easier to use with one hand.   The 6/6+ is selling 35-40% more units than the Phone 5S.  That's all the proof I need.   Yes we do.  The iPhone 6/6+ is destroying the record books on unit sales.  The iPhone 5S only had about 10% more unit sales than the iPhone 5.  It was obvious that the 4 inch form factor...
 I freakin hope so.  the iPhone4 is FIVE YEARS OLD
 No you are wrong Are those two phones the same? 
 regardless the 5C is NOT the 5. You said they ALWAYS use last years flagship as the midrange phone.  I said NO they don't. No matter how hard you try you cannot convience anyone these are the same phones. Just admit you got it wrong and move on. 
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