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Nice job.   Microsoft's check is in the mail.   Total and utter bullshit.  I've seen both and the Pro totally destroys the Surface screen.  I don't need some nerd in a lab to tell me what my eyes are seeing.
 This makes sense. $450 for an iPhone6 would be too dangerous
Both Microsoft and Google have higher profit margins than Apple.
 Apple's company wide profit margin is 25% In other words for every $1 they sell they get 25 cents of profit.  IMO, that is not charging too much.  Also keep in mind Apple has ridiculous revenue, at about $150 billion a year.  If they had less revenue their profit margin would be below 20%.  All those profits are needed to hire and retain top talent, R&D, new buildings, new products, and maintaining services and software.   Its not that Apple is making ridiculous profit....
 I meant it would destroy all of Androids profits. Any phone sold for under $350 is not making any profit. Companies are in the business of making money.  If you are not making money you are being 'destroyed'
These are high quality controllers.   I bought 2 of them. Sideloaded a NES/SNES/Genesis emulator. Fricken amazing.   Playing MarioKart, SuperMario Brothers, Streets of Rage, Street Fighter 2, Strider, Zelda, SuperMetroid, all on my TV with a nice controller and no need to have 3 systems connected to my TV.  This is old school gaming heaven.   Can't wait till they bring over a MAME and Nintendo64 emulator.
Not bad.   But I'm going to wait for the $100 gift card at Target.   $250 for an AppleWatch is amazing.
This is only the beginning.   I predict next year Apple will have more than 100% of the profits with a blitz.     1. iPhone 6 - $450 2. iPhone 6+ $550 3. iPhone 6s $550 4. iPhone 6s+ $650 5. iPhone 7 $650 6. iPhone 7+ $750 7. iPhone 6s Mini - $600 8. iPhone 5s - $350   Apple will own the entire segment of $350-$950 phones. They will dominate all screen sizes.   There will be no where for Android to hid. Having a 4.7 inch phone at $450 and a 5.5 inch phone...
 Now its up less than half a percent. Last week based on pure rumor that Apple was cutting orders the stock went down $10.00.This week HonHai reports strong orders from Apple for Dec Qtr and the stock is up $0.30Pathetic. A fake report based on pure speculation moves the stock 3000% more than actually FACTS from a reporting supplier.
IMO Apple should stop giving details for Wall street to manipulate. Apple should report just 3 segments: Hardware Software and sevices Accessories Thats it. The more detail you give Wall street the more they will nitpick at the single piece of weak data and ignore the 99 other strong data points. No other hardware builder reports unit sales so why should Apple?
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