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thank-you for the advice and willingness to work with me.
hahahaa....yes, I have problems with every site.  99% of the vids on a website I can not download.  People have been telling me that sites are now blocking people from downloading for free and forcing you to buy their own player system before you're allowed to download their vids.  All the vids are either mpg, avi or wmv files.  However, if this is true, then all these websites changed their policies in the last few months as I was able to download anything n everything...
Vids - short clips from current movies, updated vids on older clips.  Not a movie watcher online but do want to keep up to date on movies at theaters.  Also, the occasional adult clip and vids from places such as bestgore.com, etc....
I own a 24" iMac running Snow Leopard.  I am unable to download most vids or movies and I don't know why.  Do I need a codec?  The free codecs are only temporary.  I use QT or VLC to play vids  but currently, I can only download perhaps one out of 2,000.  Any ideas?
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