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So you did. My apologies. 
 Sorry but that last line I find offensive. I may now use an Android device but I started out with the first 3 iPhones. My reasoning in changing to Android was features that were then lacking and some that still are from the iPhone and the greater choice and customisation available. I can afford any iPhone right now so brand anyone who buys anything but an iPhone as cheap is utterly wrong.
Many thanks indeed Eric.  I love my Chromebook. I like Windows 7 as well which runs my main computer but I find Chrome OS to be more user-friendly, uncluttered and simple to use.
I recently bought a Chromebook (HP 11 see photo below). I bought it because of a few reasons namely zero viruses and malware, it does all the things I need it to do (photos, music, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, email, Amazon and others) simply and without any unnecessary issues, virtually no bloatware, cost (£229). I just wondered what everyone else thought about this new OS.  
Personally I'd prefer it if we didn't denigrate company. 
Who is this ConradJoe
I'm not a tech expert. I just that seeing how efficient iOS is, I just thought it would be possible to run it on a similar platform.
I hope this doesnt get me into any bother or a load of nasty comments...my laptop is an HP 11 Chromebook. So yes it is already doable. ARM or Intel depends on battery life and performance I guess. 
Will you still say that if Apple brings out its first phablet with a 5" plus screen??
Without a fan? My current laptop doesnt have a fan at all and runs totally silent. Thats down to it using an ARM processor and and SSD. 
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