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When will Apple learn on things like this. Ignoring a problem will not make it go away and ignoring it will harm their credibility. 
Nah no need for that edit.
 no thanks, i will just watch the documentary about it all on BBC One on Thursday. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04vs348 Oh and yes I own an iPad 1 and its great condition because I look after it really well.
 Yes, i follow you. My current iPod only had music and apps from iTunes these days.
Yawn. My device, my choice as to what music I put on it sure, and if I knew a software update would disrupt it, I would not install it. 
Can I ask a question? If I bought an iPod is it not up to me what music I put on it and from where? 
I still have the iPad 1 and I have no need to update it yet. 
 I personally use a variety of OS's in my day. I have a Windows machine at work (windows 7 through a cloud based system) My home PC is also Windows 7 but my laptop is Chrome OS. My MP3 is iOS and my phone is Android. We are all entitled to use whatever OS we want if it does the tasks we need it for. I think we should also have the right do that without being insulted for our choices. 
Please spare a thought for those of us who operate in both ecosystems (Android and iOS) when you spurt out insults. 
Is that correct or is that a typo and is meant to say...Challenges.
New Posts  All Forums: