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  Which language do I have to say this in for you to get it? I do not believe the person who made the statement on behalf of Swatch is either lying or telling the truth as there is not enough information to prove either way. So saying you think its cute that I believe Swatch marketing is so full of crap that the crapOmeter needle is way past dangerously too full and is rapidly approaching cover your ears and run. 
 Sorry you will need more proof for me to believe it. That's all folks.
Go ahead and laugh at something you cant prove. I will sit back on the moral high ground.  If tomorrow some paperwork is leaked that clearly shows that Swatch was trolling Apple and its use of the slogan then I will quite happily join you. 
Again I ask you for proof that the statement from Swatch is the truth or a lie and you can not provide that so we are back to square one. You cant call him a liar based on nothing to dispute his statement. I never said I believed him or not. Without evidence I have to take it at face value.
If you read my reply I said " using an example of the simply obvious" this means something that its obvious and requires no proof because of common sense. But if someone made a comment about something and you have no way of proving what they said was fact or fiction then you cant call them a liar simply because you think they are. As for the dog s#1t, only an idiot would step in it to test if it was real. 
 Funny, you still haven't managed to do what I asked. Instead using an example of the simply obvious. The comment from Swatch is exactly that, a comment, so without knowing what is going on in the company you can not say with any accuracy that they are lying or telling the truth. NEXT...
I see a lot of you accusing the spokes person from Swatch of lying. Can any of you actually show any proof what so ever that Swatch is lying about the reason behind this patent application? Can you...step up now if you can. Innocent until proven guilty. 
whats that meant to be?
That's not a problem for me.
New Posts  All Forums: