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  Thanks for your answer Marvin I've tried the suggestion you posted but unfortunately it didn't work for me. Although I may have found the solution to my problem. Because none of the solutions that I have tried worked for me I ended up recovering the whole Mac OS but even that didn't solve the problem.  Then I saw this post which may solve the problem: https://discussions.apple.com/message/15940863#15940863"]https://discussions.apple.com/message/15940863#15940863   The...
I tried to install Windows 8 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit on a seperat partition on My MacBook Pro 2011 15" using Boot Camp-assistant on Mountain Lion.  I got some errors like when rebooting and trying to enter the install-disk it says: "No bootable device ..."   I have already tried solutions with different flashdrives it did not work for me. I also tried with a optical drive - Windows 7 DVD install-disk - which also did not work for me.    It has worked for me...
Hi Marvin I am using a Kingston DataTraveler 8GB Flashdrive. I have seen this video and already tried with different flashdrives I even tried with a optical drive - Windows 7 DVD install-disk - that did not work either. Although earlier some time ago I have installed Windows 7 using a optical drive on my Mac. But that time I think I had Lion or Snowleopard installed on my Mac. Maybe its a bug with the new OS - Mountain Lion ?
Hi I have a problem with the Windows partition I made through Boot Camp-assistant. I have described my problem in details on  this site:  http://mac-how2.blogspot.dk/2013/02/bootcamp-windows-partition-problem.html   I hope someone can help me.  Thanks.
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