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Thanks for the support guys and/or ladies!   I finally fixed the problem by backing up the phone on iTunes and restoring the whole thing... then restoring the backup. Didn't lose any information, and although it took three hours, the music is now back. And as an added extra, you CAN now delete individual tracks (at least I can!) from the music prog when all your music is on the cloud. Really strange Apple didn't advertise that, especially because it was one of the...
Thanks, I tried that, and my Music app now just tells me "No Music. You can download music from the iTunes Store". BTW, you're right, I meant iTunes Match, not iMatch!  Thanks for trying anyway! :) 
I just upgraded to IOS 6.1 on my iPhone and now the Music program doesn't recognize my iTunes Match account, which worked fine on the old OS. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a million! 
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