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omg thanks for the insite everyone is so dum bcuz there saying thier is a pozitv shift witch meens they think al qyda luvs merika but you help us stay smart thanks pls tel us more infos
Your perspective.Plus, since we do have doctors, scientists, policy makers and philosophers, the issue is very much within the pay grade of many people.
Personhood: a philosophical issue with a whole range of perspectives that are debated in many areas of medicine, politics and beyond.That you believe that your interpretation on personhood is the only thing to consider: your perspective.That you believe that your beliefs about personhood and how they impact your beliefs about abortion makes you (or your beliefs) the final judge on the issue: your perspective.
That could only be possible if everyone viewed the issue through your perspective alone, which they don't ... which is kind of the point ... of everything.
"righteous indignation?" Don't worry, I don't find it insulting or unjust (?) that you are claiming some sort of unique expertise from having travelled outside of the US once.
It's very interesting that you assume that people here are not from, nor have been to, nor done business in ... CHINA. W.T.F.As for the general issue of third world countries, poverty and liberals, it would do you some good to recognize that just about every anti-poverty college-educated American has done their third world tour of duty. It's a fucking rite of passage for them. Hell, living in third world countries is what even mildly motivated high school drop outs have...
Sam/Joe was more than happy to talk about his personal life nationally before the debate. Here he is on fox early in the week talking about himself and his life in detail, even though a lot of what he's saying is, we now know, exaggerated.Sam/Joe made a national issue out of his own personal life. He is the one who repeatedly used his (exaggerated) personal details to push an agenda in the national press.Indeed. The title in the reddit submission before the debate:...
Nope. Before he went on fox to talk shit and before McCain dropped his name throughout the debate, the video was circulating around the internet (and praised by Obama supporters) as an example of the kind of respectful, adult policitian/citizen policy debate so sorely missing from the infantile republican party:http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/com...uestion_obama/
Your post:As you can see, the post that you typed is about the "quote from WB" and claims that "when taken in it's [sic] entire context" it supposedly shows that he "is not in favor of a progressive taxes." Unfortunately, its context is him arguing in favor of progressive taxes.Furthermore, he specifically states that he isn't talking about "loopholes," either. From the interview:In other words, your attempt to correct pfflam was just completely factually wrong on every...
iT's DiFfErEnT tHaN lOtS oF tHiNgS! Unfortunately, you said:which is wrong
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