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Actually, he directly advocates progressive taxes, specifically a progressive consumption tax.
Only because of the extremism and the belief in a one size fits all (extra small, in this case) model of government.Different states have different social, political and economic issues they are dealing with. What is right for Switzerland is not necessary right for Norway and is not necessarily right for Taiwan is not necessarily right for Somalia and not necessarily right for the US.Really, the dogmatic libertarian movement has more in common with dogmatic socialists and...
The economist is the only one that's any good. For longer articles, the Atlantic (monthly, though) is awesome and the New Yorker is definitely important, but not everything in it is interesting to everyone since it's NYC-centric and heavyish on the arts. Time, US News and Newsweek really are complete and utter shit. The benefit of getting something like the Atlantic or New Yorker in print is that it makes reading the longer articles much easier. Otherwise you need to...
Oh, snap. Not only does the AIP have ties to Iran, but guess how founder Vogler died? Vogler, who said "the fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government" and that he'd "fight them with any means at hand" was murdered while buying plastic explosives in 1993.
source among others
It's pretty lame how standard of living issues frequently just turn into debates about health care systems. It's really just one issue among many and there are a variety of health care systems to choose from when choosing to settle in any of the increasing number of places with a higher standard of living than even the best parts of the US. The biggest issue, IMO, is the double taxation on earnings over $85K that the US forces on citizens living abroad. Fuck that shit.
One correction/clarification: hyde park is not trendy. It's an old neighborhood. Despite the decline of surrounding neighborhoods (the neighborhood with the worst violence in Chicago starts two or three blocks west of Obama's house), it has kept its character largely due to the institutions it contains, most notably the University of Chicago. While there are a couple nice restaurants, it is actually relatively devoid of the kinds of shops and services you'd get in a trendy...
In that case, here's some valuable financial advice.
This is what scott refers to when he says the "Thug Squad comes out to intimidate the media"
Time out, everyone. Palin is not responsible for being unknowledgeable, uninformed and more incoherent than anyone you've heard speak in years (besides, arguably, ms south carolina). No, sirs, the "press" is, and you are all just a bunch of anti-religious bigots.
New Posts  All Forums: