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Case. In. Point. Awesome.
All of this, particularly the colorful condemnation of anything opposing your free market government model, very clearly assumes that there is one ideal "government" model for all "people." Obviously, the problem is that people have different ideas of what roles they want their government to play, and groups therefore have varying preferences when it comes to government and economic models.In the US, we have a 301,139,947+ people and a massive geographical area, and...
The two situations aren't comparable in any way beyond the grossly superficial.With WMD the issue was an existing reality known to many people. In this case, the issue is an unknown future reality.Not the sameThe obvious difference being that a situation could unfold that appears to confirm the position of some advocates without actually confirming it. You already see the tunnel visioned Austrian school dittoheads claiming that any and every development is confirmation of...
The person you are talking about is Deepak Chopra and the term in question is a common play on words used by english speakers to refer to concepts in some eastern religious and new age philosophies.
If it bothers you, tell them to stop. If that doesn't work, make a filter that sends all the email from that person to trash or spam.That's standard for most business emails that are anything less than highly formal. It'd be a good idea to get over it.
Indeed.It's simply a matter of common sense. An email should contain the information necessary for the exchange.However, insisting on or expecting a greeting is lame unless there is a reason, such as when emailing an account shared by multiple individuals and the email is intended for one of them. Also, more often than not, "thanks" emails are annoying and a waste of everyone's time. Anyway, all of this is email 101 shit.
Wrong. The important question is: can the boundary be crossed, and if so, what happens then? This is the problem of "boundary conditions''. One approach to induction is to develop a decision tree from a set of examples. When used with noisy rather than deterministic data, the method involve-three main stages—creating a complete tree able to classify all the examples, pruning this tree to give statistical reliability, and processing the pruned tree to improve...
Only very recently for Obama. And his home is still in a neighborhood McCain wouldn't have ventured into any time in the last few decades without a motorcade and heavy police protection.
Someone who lives in Hyde Park is "out of touch"? And, really, "the recipients of any number of blessings (security, accommodations, transport, etc.)"? For Obama, this has only been the case for the past couple years. He lived in a condo in the city in a neighborhood that many people would be concerned about living in and his current home is a nice urban house in the same neighborhood. The Obama's living conditions have basically the polar opposite of McCain's. It's...
The interesting assumption behind this post is that opinions are not expected to be based on facts.
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