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Pacific Northwest, specifically.
Independent republic, if I understand correctly.
L'important n'est pas de gagner, mais de participer.
These arguments rely on an idealized fantasy world. I said it before and I'll say it again:
Um, no. With tech firms (Google, Apple and Yahoo being the highest profile), it's to make a statement that compensation is tied to performance. In Buffet's case, any salary is inconsequential, which is exactly his point when he discusses this issue.
FFS, McGreevey was a governor, not a legislator:Chicago Manual of Style
If you make $200K+ outside of a place like Manhattan, you absolutely do not need a budget in the way you do when you are making $20K. You will not run out of money paying for necessities with $200K+ the way you easily could with $20K. Someone at $20K could easily get absolutely screwed with some minor variations in expenses on basic necessities.That's bullshit. All sorts of factors play into it, including environment, upbringing, connections, access to capital, a...
A bigger rate on a larger income is by no means more painful. Once you hit a certain point you are just sugar coating your lifestyle.When you are making over $200K in many parts of the US, thinking about how much food costs is a luxury, and you don't even need to think about it at all if you don't care. When you are making $20K, it's a necessity and it'll determine where you shop and what you get because you need to watch out not to run out of cash for other stuff you...
So if the new, revised version of the argument now rests solely on the word "willing," what does that mean, how does it apply to each individual interested group and where is the proof? Arbitrarily statements that some unspecified group is "willing" to perform a specific set of actions in a specific situation with a specific context mean nothing. What are the economic forces and how do they affect each individual interested company and government? What are the political...
Ah, "spin"?The comment addresses the content of the post.But they aren't, and the evidence that argument relied on is not true.
New Posts  All Forums: